November 20, 2002 – ICIT Business Meeting
Minutes for business meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Wednesday, November 20th, at the ISAC Fall School, Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines.
Meeting agenda by Wayne Chizek with minutes by Ray Willis
1. Call the business meeting to order

2. Financial report – by Ray Willis, Polk County
Balance on 11/20/02 $2,467.39
The ICIT Board approved the commitment of $1,000 toward the efforts by IGIC to fund the salary of Alan Jensen, State GIS Coordinator.
A check for $500 was sent on 11/04/02 with an additional $500 to be sent in March, 2003
Anticipated expenses for hospitality room and supplies shouldn’t exceed $2,000
3. Committee reports
A) Education and Schools Committee – by Mark Castenson, Warren County
The committee is working on the agenda for Spring School
B) On-Line Services Committee – by Scott Williams, Marshall County
The on-line committee has been very busy with enhancements to the ICIT web site.
C) Business Continuation Planning Committee – by Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County
The committee is still working on getting permission to access the ICN
D) Legislative Committee – by Carl Wilburn, Carroll County
The legislative committee has contacted other ISAC affiliates to coordinate efforts but have not had any response. Wayne Chizek said that he had offered ICIT’s assistance to both ISAC and ISAC affiliates on any legislative efforts.
E) Membership and Nominating Committee – by Micah Cutler, Harrison County
Efforts to increase membership are ongoing, using e-mail to contact both existing and potential members. There are 87 paid members as of 11/20/02.
4. Finalize nomination list for state-wide positions

5. Finalize nomination list for district positions

6. Meet and get to know the candidates

7. Elections
A) State-wide positions
Motion by Micah Cutler, Harrison County, to finalize the nominations; seconded by Wayne Chizek, Marshall County
By unanymous vote the following people were elected
Wayne Chizek, President
Jim Rice, Vice President
Robert Canney, Past President
Ray Willis, Secretary/Treasurer
Randy Snyder, Technology Advocate
B) District positions
Motion by Theresa Wurth, Clay County, to finalize the nominations; seconded by Shawn Olson, Plymouth County
By unanymous vote the following people were elected
Scott Williams, District 1 Representative
Sara Zimmermann, District 2 Representative
Theresa Wurth, District 3 Representative
Micah Cutler, District 4 Representative
Pete Buckingham, District 5 Representative
Jason Siebrecht, District 6 Representative

8. By-law changes – presented by Micah Cutler
0. Propose addition to Article XII. Voting

Section 2. In order for any issue brought to a vote at a general meeting be approved, there must be a simple majority of “aye” votes by the active members present at that meeting, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws.
1. Delete Section 2 in Article XIV. Meetings

Section 2. In order to have a passing vote, there must be a sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present during any general meeting. There must be at least twenty (20) “aye” votes.
2. Propose addition to Article XIII. Committees

Section 1. d. Online Services Committee It shall be the duty of the Online Services Committee to consider all content and services provided over the Internet, and to insure that all online services are properly developed and maintained.
Motion by Randy Snyder, second by Jim Rice for items 1 & 2
Passed by unanymous vote
Motion by Robert Canney, second by Dean Neal for item 3
Passed by unanymous vote

9. New Business
A) Discuss need for Cadastral Committee – presented by Ray Willis
General discussion was that there should be a Cadastral Committee established. Wayne Chizek pointed out that, as president,he could establish an ad hoc committee. The following people volunteered to be part of the ad hoc cadastral committee:
Ray Willis, Polk County – Chair
Melanie Ewalt, Marshall County
Micah Cutler, Harrison County
Dean Neal, Woodbury County
Kim Veeder, Black Hawk County
Jerry Lawson, Shelby County
B) Discuss surveys / Data needed from Iowa Counties
C) Discuss possible ArcSDE training
D) Need for other training sessions?
E) Discuss vendor role in ICIT
F) Suggestions for the spring school
G) Thoughts on hosting a separate ICIT Mid-Year meeting
The general discussion was that a mid-year technical session is a good idea.
Mike Schonlau, Pottawattamie County volunteered to host the first meeting

10. Additional old business or new business
11. Next meeting date and Adjournment.


Includes committee reports & discussion of upcoming ISAC Fall School
Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Friday, October 25th, at the Polk County Administrative Building in Des Moines.

In attendance:
Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington County)
Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren County)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Randy Snyder, Data Processing Director (Warren County)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Meeting agenda by Wayne Chizek with notes by Ray Willis
1. Financial report
Ray – 10/25/02 balance $3,126.88
Known expenses: $1,000 commitment to fund state GIS Coordinator position through IGIC; first $500 due October 2002 and second $500 due in April 2003
Expected expenses: $1,495 – $1,695
Hospitality Room $170 (Including all taxes)
Food $375
Beverages $250
4 x $25 Gift cert. $100
Promo Items $600 – $800 (the big unknown)
Total cost $1495 – $1695

2. Committee reports.
A) Education & Schools – Report by Mark, the committee is putting together a CD that will include materials from the Fall School for later distribution
B) Legislative – No report
C) Membership & Nominating – Report by Micah and Ray, e-mail membership reminders sent with more to be sent prior to Fall School
D) Online Services – Report by Scott, continuing development using Plone
E) Business Continuation – Report by Jim, committee is still hoping to hear good news
about access to ICIN

3. Discussion on Committee Chair term length – One year with probable extensions from
the newly elected president each year

4. Update on Business transacted via e-mail since 08-23-2002

A) State GIS Coordinator funding – Revised Motion 10/03/02 from Ray – I make a motion that ICIT pledge $1000 to fund the position of State GIS Coordinator and that the pledge be $500 payable in October of 2002 and $500 payable in April of
2003. Further, that this commitment is for this year only and does not commit ICIT to
any additional contributions.
The motion passed with 5 yes votes and 3 no votes.
B) What do we expect from State Coordinator
Discussion about the GIS Coordinator representing counties at MAGIC, and other national conferences. The board would also like to see Alan Jensen get more involved with county level GIS efforts. Micah made the suggestion that Alan be contacted about getting involved in the ISAC Spring School in March 2003.

5. Organization reports

A) IGIC update – Ray and Micah indicated that the state-wide digital orthophoto project by the DNR is progressing. The DNR has received 948 DOQQ’s mostly in eastern Iowa. They expect to have the finished orthophotos by April 1, 2003.
B) GMIS update – Randy was appointed by ISAC to an advisory committee on
the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

6. ICIT Hospitality room

A) Food & snacks (Pizza?)
B) Beverages, coolers & ice
a) Minimum 2 cases ea. Bud, Bud Light, MGD & Miller Lite
b) Minimum 3 cases assorted malt beverage products
c) Minimum 2 cases assorted wine coolers
d) Minimum 1 box ea. on 3 varieties of wine
C) Plates, cups, napkins, decorations, etc.

7. Update on ICIT Logo shirts and memory photo frame.
Jim brought the finished shirts for distribution. Board members will pay for their shirts/ embroidered logos themselves. Two additional shirts with ICIT logos were ordered and will be given away at Spring School. Wayne had a sample of the photo frame to be given away at Spring School.

8. Hosting an ICIT Social?
Discussion was that we should review the idea of an ICIT Social for Spring School.

9. Discuss vendor support of ICIT affiliation vote.
Wayne mentioned that a vendor had offered to put up a poster in their booth supporting ICIT’s efforts to become an ISAC Affiliate. We discussed whether to put a poster together but decided that we were not comfortable with asking vendors to display the poster at their booths.

10. Discuss what role vendors should have in ICIT (Develop proposal for Business Meeting?)
Micah offered to investigate what other ISAC affiliates had put in their bylaws about membership/ supporter status for vendors.

11. Quick review of ICIT Sessions for ISAC’s Fall School of Instruction.

A) Training County Employees: In-House or Outsource?
B) Privacy & Security in a Public Entity
C) ICIT Business Meeting
a) Financial Report
b) Committee reports
c) Know the candidates
d) Elections
e) By-law changes
f) New Business
1) Discuss need for Cadastral Committee
2) Discuss surveys / Data needed from Iowa Counties
3) Discuss possible ArcSDE training
4) Need for other training sessions?
5) Discuss vendor role in ICIT
6) Suggestions for the spring school
7) Thoughts on hosting a separate ICIT Mid-Year meeting
D) Color Infrared photography project/GIS Consortium proposal
E) E-Government for Counties, part 1, part 2 & part 3?
F) Promoting ICIT for a successful Affiliate status vote
G) Real Estate Workflow: How does it Work? (Understanding County real estate workflow processes)
H) ISAC Seminar – County Data: Do you sell it or give it away
I) Web page design panel with Engineer Affiliate
J) Management of GIS / Technology Session?

12. Additional old business or new business

13. Next meeting date and Adjournment.
No specific date set. We will set the next date sometime after the business meeting on Wednesday, November 21st.


Includes committee reports.
Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Friday, August 23rd, at the Polk County Administrative Building in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington County)
Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren County)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Denise Kalbus, DP Assistant Director (Warren County)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Randy Snyder, Data Processing Director (Warren County)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Wayne opened the meeting by asking Ray to summarize the financial report. ICIT’s current balance is $1,826.88 and Wayne reminded everyone that there would be a lot of expenses ahead concerning ISAC Fall School in November. Approximately 8 people have signed up for ArcGIS I in Des Moines the following Monday and Tuesday. Light turnout might be because counties haven’t converted to ArcGIS 8 and there is an ESRI presentation on Tuesday in Iowa City. Ray also reported that ProMap has expressed interest in participating in training workshops.

Mark and Denise presented the Education & Schools Committee report on their progress regarding the ISAC Fall School in November. They presented the schedule/agenda for the programs. They are trying to get other people from different departments to be on a panel about county data. Ray is chairing a panel on real estate workflow. Scott said that he was in touch with Mitch Tollerud (Scott Co.) about the e-government section. That topic will just touch on subjects and hopefully open the door to a full e-government workshop day. Peter from GeoAnalytics has expressed concern about the possibility of a low turnout on Friday morning. The Education Committee will send out a summary and get feedback ahead of time on who is planning to attend. The final agenda needs to be in to ISAC by September 3rd.

The Legislative Committee Chair was not in attendance; there was no report.

Micah reviewed the voting procedure for the Membership Committee. Wayne suggested voting on the officers all at once with one motion. The districts that do not have more than one candidate will discuss topics for ISAC Spring School in March 2003. Emails will be sent out to remind people that they have to pay for the ISAC Fall School in order to attend the ICIT meetings.

Scott reported that the Online Committee has been hard at work with a new content management system. A members-only portion of the website is now possible, although there is no content there as of yet. The software will allow Scott to delegate content control. Committee chairs will be able to edit their own pages and Ray will be able to post the minutes directly to the website. Everyone agreed that the website was looking very good and that we want to promote it as the center of ICIT activity.

Jim reported that the Business Continuation Committee had not done much. They were still waiting to hear on the progress for a statewide deal to use the ICN for emergency purposes. There were still contentious issues, such as using the ICN for daily back-ups.

Discussed ICIT business meeting at the ISAC Fall School. Ray will present the financial report, Chairs will present committee reports, and the candidates up for election will introduce themselves. Micah explained that sections in the by-laws concerning voting were confusing and proposed to bring these by-law changes before the entire membership organization.

1) Propose addition to Article XII. Voting

Section 2. In order for any issue brought to a vote at a general meeting be approved, there must be a simple majority of “aye” votes by the active members present at that meeting, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws.

Delete Section 2 in Article XIV. Meetings

Section 2. In order to have a passing vote, there must be a sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present during any general meeting. There must be at least twenty (20) “aye” votes.

Motion to approved by Jim, second by Randy, and passed by unanimous vote.

2) Propose addition to Article XIII. Committees

Section 1. d. Online Services Committee It shall be the duty of the Online Services Committee to consider all content and services provided over the Internet, and to insure that all online services are properly developed and maintained.

Motion to approved by Randy, second by Bob, and passed by unanimous vote.

3) Propose deleting portion of Article XVII. Amendments, Section 2

Upon a 2/3-majority approval by the Executive Board, the active members attending the Annual Meeting will vote on the proposed amendment to these by-laws. A sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present at the Annual Meeting is required to amend, alter, or repeal all or part of these by-laws. There must be at least twenty (20) “aye” votes.

Motion to approve by Wayne, second by Pete, and passed by unanimous vote. Micah will send out the changes to the Board by September 15th, and then to the general membership by October 15th. It was noted that there will need to be at least 20 members with an unanimous vote this fall to change the by-laws.

Preparations for promoting ICIT at ISAC Fall School were presented. The original idea of cozies was proving too expensive. The favorite idea for a promotional item was a “stress ball” shaped like a computer with ICIT written on it. The Education Committee is going to look into renting a hospitality room for two nights as the social area. It was also agreed to purchase 4-$25 gift certificates to give out at a raffle.

Discussed establishing a registration/refund policy. After discussing different procedures, Wayne proposed: a full refund will be given up to 10 full days before the event, 75% refund for 10 to 3 full days before, and no refund 48 hours before the event. Special exceptions may be presented to the Board. Randy moved to accept the proposal, second by Jim, passed by unanimous vote. A 30-day pre-registration discount for active members can be offered prior to each event. Those planning the event can set an appropriate amount.

Discussed creating a GIS/IT survey that people could fill out and update on the ICIT website. Micah said that she would like to see summaries, averages, and rankings, as well as a specific county’s results. Randy volunteered to work on a starting survey that will be presented to the members at the ISAC Fall School business meeting for more suggestions. Bob suggested getting ISAC involved because they have the staff and the interest in these results.

Discussed establishing a cadastral committee. Ray, as chair of the IGIC Cadastral Committee, discussed that not much had been done in that group but he hoped things would change in the future. Wayne expressed concern about ICIT taking too much on too soon. It was decided to just focus on the survey and collecting data.

There had been discussion in the spring about establishing a cooperative effort with organizations such at IGIC and the US Census. Since IGIC’s response has since been lukewarm, ICIT is going to table it for now.

The last schedule item on the agenda was ICIT shirts and logos. Jim showed the logo on some sample shirts and everyone agreed that it looked great. He is going to get prices for a white polo shirt, a tan polo shirt, and a long-sleeve denim shirt. It will be around $18/shirt. ICIT will plan to order extra to give away or sell at ISAC Fall School. We will also be able to send Jim a shirt to have embroidered with the logo.

Randy expressed an interest in having the Education Committee looking into putting together a day conference concerning IT and HIPAA regulations.

The next meeting was set for October 18th.

Meeting adjourned 1:45 pm.


Includes committee reports.
Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Thursday, May 23rd, at the Polk County Administrative Building in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington County)
William Buttrey, Deputy Assessor (Marion County)
Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren County)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Denise Kalbus, DP Assistant Director (Warren County)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Randy Snyder, Data Processing Director (Warren County)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Wayne opened the meeting with a brief summary of a phone conversation with Bill Peterson of ISAC about e-government. ISAC would like to organize an e-government committee made up of representatives from the ISAC affiliates. The board is in support of helping ISAC and the affiliates. Wayne will get back to Bill on our interest in being involved.

Wayne suggested that we might add some information to the ICIT web site on the issue of e-government. He thought that it might help other counties if we put together guidelines or a checklist of technology issues for counties investigating e-government such as county internet access, hardware, infrastructure, and county personnel training/ expertise requirements. The hot topic for Treasurers is paying taxes on-line. Micah mentioned that Iowa Interactive (www.iowai.org) is actively involved in e-government.

Mark and Denise presented the Education & Schools Committee report on their May 17th meeting. Discussion about the Engineer’s affiliate having a web page design at fall school; Scott and Randy plan to attend. The Recorders may ask for a panel discussing digital signatures. Wayne said that he thought that Utah had recently passed new legislation dealing with digital signatures. Discussion about holding a Friday morning ICIT session; all agreed that if we have an interesting topic we should put on a session and take the chance on getting a reasonable turn out. Wayne commented that any member of an ICIT committee is welcome to attend any of the board meetings.

Bill reported that the Legislative Committee had not met yet, but that they had heard from the Iowa Bar Association about their desire for a central filing system allowing digital filings. Bill will be in touch with other affiliates to get their feedback on legislative issues.

Micah reported that the Membership Committee had not met yet. Discussion about the fact that potential members may be waiting for the beginning of the new fiscal year to submit their membership dues.

Scott reported that the on-line committee had met and proposed to add committee areas to the web site. He is actively exploring portal development software that would allow ICIT members to post updates to the web site and allow setting secure areas on the web site for members who have paid dues. Discussion about putting on-line survey forms for frequently asked questions.

Jim reported that the Business Continuation Committee had not met yet. They currently have three members and Jim would like to have at least five. He would like to organize a workshop type meeting. Jim commented that Kingland Industries is continuing to work with the State on homeland security issues. Randy volunteered to help on the committee.

Wayne said that he had taken part in the ICN homeland security session. He said that they were emphasizing establishing good lines of communications between government agencies. He has sent a letter to Ellen Gordon, emergency management, describing ICIT and our efforts.

Ray reported that 57 members have paid dues as of Wednesday, May 22nd. After expenses for Spring School’s speaker room and check printing, the balance of the ICIT account is $ 1,234.17.

Discussion about approval process for ICIT expenses. Micah volunteered to prepare an “ICIT Claim Form”. Consensus of group was that a majority of the four current executive board members should approve claims over a certain dollar amount. Motion by Micah to set the limit at $50, second by Jim, passed by unanimous vote. Micah suggested that it would be interesting to see a thematic map showing the member distribution across the state.

Discuss ICIT sessions for ISAC Fall School. Jim mentioned that he was already working with the Recorder’s Records Modernization Committee and would find out from the committee if they want to do a joint session on digital signatures. At the ICIT Business session, we will include the voting and bylaw changes. Scott reminded everyone that we need to have proposed bylaw changes posted 30 days prior to the vote. Discussion about a “Best Practices” session leads to several suggestions and a consensus that this would be a good topic.

Discussion about hosting a ICIT Social, everyone agreed that we should have a social Wednesday afternoon and that it should be open to all ISAC affiliates.

Wayne brought up the suggestion from Barb Berquam, Black Hawk County, that the ICIT web site could link to other web sites and possibly act as a data warehouse. Scott said the portal development software he is exploring should allow for secure &\”behind the scenes” web content.

Discussion on establishing a Cadastral Data Committee. Board members disagreed on whether this should be a committee. Discussion in support was centered around giving “non- GIS” counties some guidelines for establishing mapping standards and a check-list for moving toward a GIS system. Discussion opposed raised the concern that ICIT not try to set “minimum standards” that a county would be required to meet. Wayne proposed bringing the Cadastral Data Committee issue up for a vote of the members at Fall School.

Return from lunch break and discuss data sharing between various levels of government agencies. Bob said that he is close to having a signed agreement between Black Hawk County and the U.S. Census Bureau for the sharing of the county’s cadastral data. Bob indicated that he felt that since the county expected to get better data back from the Census Bureau after the next census, the county would not charge their normal fees for the data they would be sending to the Bureau. Pete voiced concerns over the reaction of government agencies within Washington County if they found that he did not charge other government agencies for county data. There is a wide range of concerns over “cost recovery” between the counties represented on the ICIT Board. Wayne said he would be discussing this issue with ISAC at their next meeting on June 16th.

Discuss preparations for promoting ICIT receiving affiliate status. There was a consensus on not paying the fees to have a vendor booth but rather using the money on an “ICIT Social” activity on Wednesday afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00. Wayne will contact ISAC and possibly the hotel to determine options and associated costs for hosting a social in the Ambassador Room. Ray suggested giving out a brochure promoting ICIT becoming an ISAC affiliate along with a ticket for a drawing during the social as a way of encouraging people to stop in. Jim presented the cost estimates that he had received on getting the ICIT logo embroidered on shirts. Micah made a motion to have ICIT pay the initial $195 setup charge for the logo, seconded by Pete, passed unanimously. Jim will explore the various shirt types and prices so that the board members can order their own shirts; logo fee expected to be either $8.50 or $7.50 per shirt.

Meeting adjourned 2:00.


Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Wednesday, March 13th, at the Polk County Assessor’s office in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Ken Agey, GIS Manager (Polk)
Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Randy Snyder, Data Processing Director (Warren)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Ray reported that the bank account for the organization is established with a current balance of $ 84.25. Ray made a motion to name Wayne Chizek and Ray Willis as the members authorized to sign checks for the organization. Seconded by Jim Rice, passed unanimously. Wayne had an example of a registration form that he will modify for use as a membership form. We discussed the membership fee of $25 per person, per year and agreed that for the upcoming year any membership fees would be good from July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003. We also agreed that there would be no pro-rating the fees for portions of the year.

Wayne gave the group a summary of the presentation that was given to the ISAC Administrative Board at their meeting on Thursday, February 21st. The presenters were Wayne, Jim, Bob, Scott and Ray. We all agreed that Wayne’s presentation was well received. Patrick White, Johnston County Attorney, asked the presenters why our group was seeking affiliate status and asked us to give the Board reasons why they should act on our request. Wayne, Scott and Ray covered several of the reasons for our request and described the characteristics that make our group unique. We all felt that, other than Mr. White’s comments, the overall discussion went very well. The ISAC Board minutes for that meeting have not been posted as of March 15th.

Scott passed out copies of the ICIT flyer, titled “Everyone Needs Support Every Now And Then”, he had put together for us to distribute at the Spring School. Everyone agreed that Scott had done an excellent job and that the flyer looked very professional. Wayne and Scott were able to get 1,000 color flyers printed for something less than $ 30. General discussion by the group was about ideas for posters, setting up easels, and ways of drawing more people to our scheduled presentations. Wayne indicated that he had already contacted the Supervisors, Treasurers, Recorders, and Auditors associations about giving a short presentation on our group. The Supervisors felt that their schedule was too full for this session, but offered to have Wayne present at their meeting in November. Wayne said he will also be contacting the Engineers. Micah will contact the Conservation association, Jim the Emergency Management association, and Ray the Assessors association.

Wayne told us that Dean Neal had been having problems with office budgets getting cut and would not be able to travel to our board meetings. Apparently there is an effort to reorganize the mapping functions in Sioux County which will directly impact Dean.

Wayne had contacted two companies in Marshalltown to get prices on embroidered shirts using the ICIT logo. He had only gotten a quote back from one so far. $ 175 for the set-up of the logo and $ 15.50 per shirt. We all agreed that it wasn’t feasible to get shirts by next week. One suggestion was to print our logo on labels so that we could attach them to our ISAC name badges during the conference.

The nomination committee will take nominations from the ICIT Organization members during our business meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Nominations for the board positions currently stand at:

Past President (1 yr commitment) Robert Caney Black Hawk County
President (2 yr commitment) Wayne Chizek Marshall County
Vice President (3 yr commitment) Jim Rice Cerro Gordo County
Secretary/Treasurer (1 yr commitment) Ray Willis Polk County
Technology Advocate (2 yr commitment) Randy Snyder Warren County
District 1 (Central) (1 yr *commitment) Scott Williams Marshall County
District 2 (North East) (2 yr commitment) Leanne Satterthwaite Bremer County
District 3 (North West) (1 yr *commitment) Teresa Wurth Clay County
District 4 (South West) (2 yr commitment) Micah Cutler Harrison County
District 5 (South East) (1 yr *commitment) Pete Buckingham Washington County
District 6 (East) (2 yr commitment) Jason Siebrecht Linn County

*District Reps from the 1st, 3rd and 5th district will be elected for a two year term in November, 2003.

Discussion about standing and ad hoc committees; current standing committees are Legislative, Membership and Nominating, and Education and School. We will need to get volunteers at this Spring School for chairs of these committees. Also present the two new ad hoc committees Business Continuation and On Line Services to see if the membership wants to make these standing committees.


Minutes for meeting of the Iowa Counties Information Technology (ICIT) Interim Executive Board on Friday, January 11th, at the Polk County Assessor’s Office in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Pete Buckingham, GIS Support Specialist (Washington)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Randy Snyder, Director of Data Processing (Warren)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

This is our first meeting after the ISAC Fall School of Instruction. Initial discussion was about the successful ICIT portion of the program. Jim visited with Kay Mocha at the COZO booth and found that COZO had not gone to other affiliate meetings to introduce the COZO efforts in getting ISAC Affiliate status. Jim expressed his feeling that this is a good idea and volunteered to attend the Recorders’ and Treasurers’ association meetings.

Wayne has sent a copy of the revised bylaws to ISAC but hasn’t gotten any comments back yet. He suggested that we send a letter to the other ISAC affiliates offering to speak at their annual meetings this summer.

Discussion about an ICIT newsletter was that we all thought that it was a good idea. We decided that a bi-annual effort to start would be best. The initial newsletters would be sent out just prior to the bi-annual ISAC Schools. Randy volunteered to put the newsletter together with help from Micah on formatting and typing. Micah will put together a map of the districts and the list of representatives. Scott will clean up the contact list and Wayne will break it down into a regional list. The purpose of the regional list is to make it easier for each board member to contact county representatives in their district.

For the upcoming spring school, Jim suggested that we should look into getting some promotional items made up to hand out to attendees. He suggested pens, pencils, shirt pins or something else that could have our groups name. Micah suggested that we could include our web address. Wayne will check with Jerri Noboa on any cost associated with having a booth at the Spring School promoting ICIT as an ISAC Affiliate.

Wayne suggested voting on dues as the Spring School so that we could get a budget established for operational and promotional expenses. There was general agreement that the current board members would be willing to pay dues in advance with the expectation that the general membership will agree on dues. The pre-paid dues would give us a budget to work with for expenses incurred for the first newsletter and ISAC booth and promotional expenses.

Wayne said that he is hoping to get invited to the ISAC board’s February meeting to discuss the affiliate status.

Conference call with Kay Mocha, Pottawattamie County Planning & Zoning to discuss COZO’s experiences in getting ISAC Affiliate designation: COZO did pay for their booth at the fall school but she didn’t know the actual fees. She thought that Kim Johnson, past COZO treasurer would know the cost. She said that Doug Woods, Humboldt County (515-332-4809) and Doug Bird, Brehmer County (319-352-0332) had given the original presentation to ISAC. Carl Wilburn, President and Tim Huey, past President gave a presentation at the Supervisors’ affiliate meeting at Spring School 2001. ISAC then decided to put the issue on the ballot for the fall school. COZO members didn’t do any other presentations or lobbying other than at their home counties.

Kay thought that the controversy over land use (hog lots) being so fresh in the minds of the Supervisors may have helped to gather support for COZO’s efforts to get affiliate designation. She suggested that in our presentations to ISAC, ICIT should focus on how our group interrelates to so many other county offices. She said that she had received some negative feedback at the COZO booth, but most of the responses were positive. A big difference between ICIT and COZO is that COZO has been an independent group for several years, holding its’ own fall and spring conference. They charge $20 per person for annual membership with a separate fee of $65 – $75 per person at their conference. The conference fees cover the rooms, breaks, conference rooms, and lunches. They have 60+ members and between 30 and 45 people attend their conferences.

Discussion about our programs lead to a suggestion from Randy that we have a “high tech” format in the fall and a “low tech” format in the spring. After further discussion, Wayne recommended that our group concentrate our efforts on the ISAC Fall and Spring schools rather than trying to start an independent conference.

We discussed the issue of county budget problems leading to travel constraints such as Bob Canney’s. Wayne made a motion to allow the board to have on-line discussions and board meetings rather than requiring face-to-face meetings, Jim seconded the motion, and there was unanimous agreement. It was suggested that we require 48 hours for members to discuss issues before calling for a final vote and that one of the chairs be required to call for the vote. The 48 hour period would start at the time of the second to the motion. Jason moved to amend the time to 24 “business” hours and the amendment passes unanimously.

Ray will investigate the process for establishing our group as a not-for-profit organization and establishing a business checking account. The suggestion was to have two names on the account, president and secretary/treasurer. Since Wayne is closer to Des Moines than Jim, he thought that we should start off with Wayne and Ray as the two names on the account.

Discussion of dues of $25 per person: Jim liked the idea of $75 max per county. Micah made a motion to set the fee at $25 per person per year starting on July 1, 2002. We discussed the issue to whether to allow prorating of fees if a new member wanted to join mid-year or giving refunds if a person left the county mid-year. Unanimous agreement was that the $25 fee would not be prorated. Wayne made a motion that we start accepting fees immediately and have those fees apply to the July 1st, 2002 through June 30th, 2003 year;

there was unanimous agreement.

For the upcoming spring school, Wayne suggested that fill the Wednesday sessions with educational topics and use the Thursday session for business and possibly a shorter educational topic. Micah volunteered to do a “How to” session on converting CAD files to use in GIS. Jim offered to use a presentation he had already developed for “County Disaster Recovery “. Ray suggested a presentation on grant applications and GIS funding sources. Wayne said that he was impressed with a presentation that was given at last falls’ ITECH conference on viruses.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00.


Notes from ISAC’s 58th Fall School of Instruction & Policy Setting Conference
The Technology Agenda was not included in the ISAC conference brochure that was given to registered attendees but was printed on a separate flyer. Our group all agreed that this may have actually worked to our advantage as it tended to call more attention to the ICIT programs.

First session, Wednesday 9:00 – 11:45 – Round Table discussion of the formation, objectives, by-laws of a Technology Organization for county personnel moderated by Jim Rice. Roughly 34 people attended the first session and 41 after the break, including the ICIT board members. There was general agreement from those in attendance that our group is headed in the right direction is it’s efforts in creating bylaws, establishing ourselves as a not-for-profit organization and attempting to get the group designated as an ISAC affiliate.

Jim and Wayne Chizek went over the proposed bylaws that the organizational committee had prepared up to that point. Micah Cutler had been keeping track of the modifications and changes to the bylaws prior to the conference and she made additional modifications as various points were discussed. The issue of whether to have district representation on the board was well received and the attendees all agreed that using the same 6 districts as those used by ISAC made the most sense.

District 1 – Central 16 counties – currently represented by Wayne Chizek (Marshall), Scott Williams (Marshall), Ray Willis (Polk), Ken Agey (Polk)

District 2 – North Eastern 18 counties – currently represented by Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)

District 3 – North Western 16 counties – currently represented by Dean Neal (Woodbury)

District 4 – South Western 18 counties – currently represented by Micah Cutler (Harrison)

District 5 – South Eastern 17 counties – currently represented by Pete Buckingham (Washington)

District 6 – Eastern 14 counties – currently represented by Bob Canney (Black Hawk), Jason Siebrecht (Linn)

At Large – representing any county that might not have an “IT” or “GIS” person within that county’s organization – currently represented by Randy Snyder (Warren)

Greg Davis of Solutions, raised the question of “vendors” being members of the group. The discussion was that since we were aspiring to get “ISAC Affiliate” designation, the current organizational board did not feel that we could accept “vendors” as members since they would not meet the definition of “county employee and/or any member of any board the the Board of Supervisors has appointed or is a member of” as defined in Article 6 Membership. The suggestion was made that we might give “vendors” a non-voting membership status. No motion was made to modify the current bylaws to include a non-voting membership.

Discussion about the role that ICIT should play in monitoring, proposing and either supporting or opposing proposed state legislation lead to a general agreement that ICIT should take an active role. The group agreed that there should be a standing “Legislative Committee” within ICIT.

Several proposed names for the group were discussed and the votes were mixed. The majority voted for “Iowa Counties Information Technology Organization”.

Theresa Wurth (Clay) moved to approve the proposed bylaws as ammended, seconded by Pete Buckingham (Washington), passed unanimously.

Carl Wilburn (Carroll) moved to implement the organization and move forward with the duties of the organization, seconded by Bill Buttrey (Marion), passed unanimously.

The list of candidates will be submitted at the ISAC Spring School in March and any additional nominations will be taken at that time. We expect to hold the first election of ICIT officers at the ISAC Fall School next fall. The issue of whether to vote for a person to fill the office of Past President was left undecided. Wayne Chizek will contact the ISAC board to continue the group’s efforts in getting “Affiliate” status.

Second session, Wednesday 1:00 – 2:30 – Digital Government Update, Ken Adrian & Kip Peters, IA Department of Technology and Marie Hubbard, Information Security Office

Third Session, Wednesday 3:00 – 4:30 – Digital Government Update continued, Kay Arvidson of Iowa Interactive

Fourth session, Thursday 1:30 – 2:30 – What is GIS? Micah Cutler & Pete Buckingham

Fifth session, Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 – If GIS is where it’s at, How do we get there? Wayne Chizek


Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) group (proposed new ISAC Affiliate Group) on Thursday, October 18th, at ISAC office in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Dean Neal, Deputy Auditor/Recorder (Woodbury)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Dave Vestahl, legal council for ISAC, started the discussion with some comments about the issue of incorporating. He pointed out that, of the 13 current ISAC affiliates, only 3 are incorporate. Neither the Supervisor nor the Auditor affiliates are incorporated. He said that the main reason that groups decide to incorporate is to limit liability to the corporation and protect the board and any members from personal liability. He pointed out that typically organizations that could distribute their assets by passing a box of financial documents from one secretary/treasurer to the next, would not have enough assets to be worth suing. Dave mentioned that we might find some financial advantages to incorporating in 504A of the Iowa Code.

Dave said that because our organization is in essence a governmental organization, filling out the application for a Federal Tax ID would grant us the non-profit, tax-exempt status. Jim asked if Dave had any comments on whether the secretary/treasurer should be one position or two and Dave thought that the only issue would be one of workload.

Dave passed around a list of “General comments” about the proposed bylaws. Most of them dealt with clarifying the sections. He suggested that we need to include sections on the powers of the organization, dues, and dissolution. He also suggested that we register the group’s name with the Secretary of State but didn’t see any conflict if our acronym is used by another group. He also confirmed that if we do receive affiliate status with ISAC, our representative on the ISAC board can serve multiple terms.

Wayne distributed maps of Iowa showing the six Engineer Association Districts and the six ISAC Districts. All the other ISAC affiliates that have districts follow the ISAC district boundaries and the group agreed that, since we expect to hold our meetings at the ISAC conferences, it would be logical to follow the ISAC districts.

For the fall school presentations, we will agreed that we should have two projectors and two easels. Jim thought that we should have a suggestion box in the rooms for anyone who might be too timid to share their ideas and comments in a group setting. Scott and Micah will work on a “membership interest” form that can be distributed at the sessions. Micah suggested that, rather than trying to set up a booth, we should have a table in the rooms with information, copies of the proposed bylaws and a list of current members.

The issue of dues bought out several ideas. Scott noted that we wouldn’t have enough time before the fall school to get a Federal Tax ID, so we won’t be able to collect any dues or registration fees to cover any expenses. Most of the discussion about dues centered on the issue of group membership dues versus individual membership dues. Wayne suggested $100 per county or $40 per individual. Bob thought a $75 / $25 split might be better. The consensus was that this is another issue should be discussed at the round table session.

Scott brought a list of proposed names and acronyms for the group. The two that he liked best were COGITA County Government Information Technology Alliance and CITRIC Coalition of Information Technology Representatives of Iowa Counties. There was general agreement that we liked the connotation of the word alliance better than association. Ray noted that any doubts about the issue of Iowa County Information Technology referring to one county could be eliminated by substituting Counties.

Since the name for the group is still up in the air, we agreed to put the logo on hold and not try to purchase special shirts to identify the current board members at fall school. We agreed that name tags with a unique color or ribbons would work better.

Finished meeting with additional revisions to the bylaws. Micah will distribute her most recent version.


Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) group (proposed new ISAC Affiliate Group) on Friday, September 21st, in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Ken Agey, GIS Coordinator (Polk)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Wayne reported that the “introduction” letter had been sent to 95 counties, of those, 38 counties had more than one contact. Scott said that there had been several new people sign up on the IGIC mailing list and that there had been several people updating their accounts. We discussed the issue of mailings that the group might send out to County Supervisors and possibly others about the IGIC group and Ray volunteered to handle the first few rounds of mailings. Wayne agreed to forward the original “introduction” to the existing board so that they could forward it easily through e-mail.

Most of the meeting was spent “fleshing out” and revising the proposed by-laws. We all agreed that the intent of Article V, “Membership” is to include county employees from any county office including the assessor’s office that are involved in technology or GIS. We also agreed that we don’t want to offer membership to technology vendors. Further discussion centered on the issue of defining what constitutes an “active member”. Membership dues, attending the general meeting, and renewing e-mail subscription were all brought up as possible indicators of “active member”. We did agree that only “active” members should be able to vote at the general meetings. The issue of “absentee” ballots came up, but we dismissed that as too difficult to administer.

The discussion of Article VI, “Officers” quickly came down to three key positions, President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The position of “Past President” had considerable discussion about the duties and voting rights on the executive board. The consensus was that the Past President” would have the most experience on several fronts and would be the best suited for chair of a nominating committee, possibly the best candidate for appointment to the ISAC board, and could act as an advisor to the executive board. The concern over requiring a three-year commitment to the board was also discussed, with the problem of the past president and possibly the secretary/treasurer being spread too thin at multiple meetings. The idea of “impeachment” proceedings for board members who don’t remain active was brought up but not resolved.

Wayne suggested that the executive board should have either 7 or 9 members, made up of the 4 officers and either 3 or 5 additional elected members. We discussed the issue of equitable representation across the state and talked about the idea of dividing the state into districts with the executive board having at least one member from each district. Ken suggested following the legislative district boundaries. Wayne wanted to take time to examine the existing districts from the other ISAC affiliates. We all agreed that we like the concept of having one board member represent those counties who have no existing IT/GIS personnel.

Article VII, “Duties of Officers” continued the discussion about the Past President position and brought up the issue of the Secretary/Treasurer possibly being an appointed position. Wayne suggested that David Vestal might have some suggestions about the pro’s and con’s of incorporating. The issue of dues might be resolved if the ICIT group receives ISAC Affiliate status.

We returned to the issue of “membership” and agreed that we do want to include some groups that are not paid by the county board. Along with the assessor’s employees, we want to include county emergency management personnel and members of the county conservation commission and their staff. Jim said that “membership” would be one of the points for discussion at the round-table session.

Wayne suggested that we should consider sending out “teaser” mailings to let county board members and other county officials know about the ICIT program schedule for the ISAC School of Instruction.


Minutes for first meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) group (proposed new ISAC Affiliate Group) on Monday, August 27th, in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Dean Neal, Deputy Auditor/Recorder (Woodbury)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Wayne started the meeting with a discussion about the need for an extension for the group name; organization, group, association for example. Jim liked “.org” to go along with a future web site. Everyone agreed that “organization” seemed to be the best choice.

Wayne reminded of the timetable for the fall ISAC conference – deadline for sessions is next Friday, September 7th. The final write-up for the conference is October 22nd. The ISAC staff said that they would provide the conference breaks, 2-2:30 Wednesday with all registered getting a ticket for pop & the vendor area.

Bob reported that he had been in touch with Kay Arvidson, with Iowa Access, and she had met with the State IT group to put together a session program. Iowa Access wants to spread out into counties. The company that contracts with the State is looking to partner with counties and cities in this effort. Discussion about which session to fill with the State IT/Iowa Access presentation lead to picking the Wednesday afternoon spot.

Scott visited with Dan Combs in the State IT department who is interested in presenting on their online Return on Investment (ROI) program. He will be doing a 1 – hour presentation at GMIS on October 17th & 18th.

Jim’s roundtable discussion on the proposed ICIT bylaws will be Wednesday morning from 9 till 11:30 with a  hour break.

Discussion about the issue of allowing vendors to become members of ICIT. CMS has expressed an interest in being a member of ICIT. By unanimous agreement, we decided that membership should be restricted to county employees only.

Micah presented a 1st draft version of the proposed ICIT bylaws. Entire group worked on modifications to the draft. Discussion about the term of the current board lead to the decision that this board should continue through December 31, 2002. The board will meet Wednesday November 14th between 4:00 and 8:00PM to review the results of the roundtable discussion and further refine the bylaws. We should expect to be ready to present to the ISAC Board whenever they give us the opportunity.

Wayne suggested that the board should consider buying polo shirts with our proposed ICIT logo so that other attendees easily identify our board members at the conference. Micah volunteered to develop some potential logos.

Discussion about how to staff an ICIT information booth; Ray suggested that new ICIT members might be willing to help with the booth as a way of getting involved.

After lunch break; continuing discussion on objectives. Also further discussion on whether the name of our group should be “Iowa County Information Technology” organization or “Iowa County Integrated Technology” organization. The board agreed that “Information” would be more universally recognized and understood, but also agreed that the issue should be one of the points of discussion during the roundtable session.

Reviewed sample articles of incorporation and discussed whether to establish “districts” so that representatives on the ICIT board could be chosen from each district. The idea was discussed of establishing a “jurisdiction size” formula so that smaller jurisdictions would have equal representation on the board. The board structure was discussed, in particular the number of executive board members our group should have. Examples of other organizations include president, past president, vice president, 2nd vice president, and secretary. The group agreed that the issue of incorporating and many other issues still need further discussion.

Next meeting 9:30am, Friday September 21st in the Polk County Administrative Building, Assessor’s office.