Ryan opened the meeting at 3:33

Joel Rohne moved, seconded by Shawn Olson to approve the minutes, motion passed.

Treasurer: No report

Legislative: No report

Membership, Awards:  No report

Micah Cutler reminded Gabe that he should get started on awards and candidates for next year.  Micah Van Maanen will get the names of current members of that committee to him.

Education: No report

Online Services: Micah Van Maanen reported that they are researching alternatives for mailing list members.

Audit:  Micah reported that the Audit Committee is to be chaired by the vice-president.  The audit is to be performed at the Mid-year Conference.

GIS Data Repository:  Micah Van Maanen reported that they are researching locating the data at another location.  Rick Havel will send out a survey asking why or why not counties are using the repository.  The survey will also ask for suggestions for additional functionality.

Info Security:  Joel Rohne reported that there will a cyber security presentation tomorrow.   Please let Joel know if you would to participate on the Info Security committee.  The committee will be meeting with Jeff Franklin, State of Iowa Deputy CIO, to discuss potential county projects.   Tony Kava is participating again.

The Smart Connection workshop will be April 27.

Scholarship:  The $1500.00 scholarship was awarded to Harrison Helgevold from Wright County.    There was discussion about the limited number of applications this year.   Next year we will plan on promoting the scholarship.

ISAC:  Joel Rohne reported that the ISAC budget was approved at the general session.   There will be an increase county membership of $200.  There was discussion about the timing for future ISAC meetings.

Iowa Land Records:  Ryan Eaton reported that he had voted for “doors” for the offices at the last meeting.   He also reported that 32% of new filings are filed online.

IGIC:  Paula Lemke reported that there is a statewide aerial project.   It is a 2 ft. with the potential to buy up.  There are four companies that met the requirements and a decision should be made shortly.  This would be a three-year project.

CIAO: Matt Boeck – no report

Eastern Iowa GIS group met last fall.

Paula reported on the MAGIC conference in Overland Park, Kansas.  One of the workshops is Legal Issues for GIS.  There are grants for registration and classes are available.

Tech Team:  Eric Guth welcomed a new member to the group, Mike from Wright County.  Greene and Chickasaw Counties are potential candidates for an assessment.

Midyear Conference:  Micah Cutler reported that “save the date” postcards have been sent out.  Vendor registration is open.  Attendee registration will be open soon.   The conference committee will be using the ISAC software for the registration this year.

Micah Van Maanen reported that the plan is to have a joint midyear conference with IGIC next year.  The group is looking at the Sheraton in West Des Moines.  This hotel would have enough room to have five education tracks and up to 35 exhibitors.   The conference would be held a week later than normal.   Additional workshops would be offered on Tuesday.    Room rates would be $119.   If this goes well we would look at a three-year contract.   Revenue from the conference would be split between the two organizations.

Joel reported that possible changes may be taking place for Costar and ISAC in regards to technology.

At 4:34 Micah Cutler moved, Micah Van Maanen seconded to adjourn, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Secretary, Kim Veeder


President Ryan Eaton called the meeting to order February 18, 2016 at 10:34 a.m.

Minutes of the November 19, 2015 Board meeting were approved.

Agenda was approved.

ICIT Committee Reports


Jeff Rodda reported that there were 150 proposed bills.   The first funnel is February 19 and the second funnel is March 11.   A couple of the bills discussed were the non-partisan county offices and the reduction in the number of counties.   Also included in the agenda was a link to ISAC’s legislative priorities.


Jeff suggested that if you have any questions about any bills that you should contact him.

Membership, Nomination & Awards

Gabe was absent and no report from him.   Alissa provided her Treasurer’s report at this time.  There are 128 members and we have a balance of $24,982.34 in our checking account.


The ISAC spring school agenda is on the ISAC website.   Midyear reported at this time that they had 7 of 22 vendors registered.  The conference committee is using ISAC’s registration portal.  Attendee registration will be available soon.

A combined conference with ICIT and IGIC is being investigated.  Micah Van Maanen will be working with the IGIC group to look at the three hotels who replied to their RFP.  He will provide a proposal to the board once that has been completed.

On-line Services

Micah Van Maanen reported that he would like to replace the current software with something that more people are familiar with.  We still need to contact Scott Williams for assistance.  He suggested that we invest in Exchange and Active Directory.   Other options could be to have ISAC host our email.


We discussed that we would need to look at the bylaws to see who is supposed to be on the Audit committee.   We determined that Alissa could send the monthly statements to the board members for our review.   There had been a request for online payment from a vendor.     There was discussion on possible options.

GIS Data Repository

Micah Van Maanen reported that this is another Linux based application.  Johnson County may have staff that can work with us temporarily.   He will be researching long term options.   A survey will be sent out to the membership.  They would like to expand it beyond just GIS data.   There is $15,000 grant money for this project.

Information Security 

Colin from Des Moines County has been chair of the committee.  After discussion Shawn Olson moved that Joel Rohne take over as chair.  Seconded by Jeff Rodda, motion passed.

If anyone is interested in being on the committee please contact Joel.   Micah and Joel have been working with Jeff Franklin from the state on potential grant funding from Homeland Security.

Scholarship Committee

There were only two applicants this year.   One of which will be receiving one of the ISAC district’s scholarships.  Alissa and Kim interviewed the remaining applicant Harrison Helgevold.  After discussion about the current scholarship amount available it was decided that we award $1,500 to him.   Zetta did not participate.  We didn’t know if ISAC had a similar lack of applicants or not.  We will look at promoting our scholarship more next fall.   It is currently included in the form for the ISAC scholarship.  We will see about getting something in the County magazine about it.

Organization Updates

ISAC Executive Board 

Joel Rohne reported that there will be an increase in ISAC county dues.

Iowa Land Records 

Ryan Eaton reported he had attended the last meeting where the vendor presented that they were using a different approach to their maintenance by focusing on one project to completion before working on another request.   Ryan also reported that they voted to add doors to their offices.



They had recently held their quarterly meeting.   There was a presentation on the Nextgen 911 grant.   Jon Paoli talked about the Texas emergency responders.  The State has an RFP out for 1 meter aerial photography with one half of the state per year.


No report


No report

Tech Team 

Eric reported that there wasn’t a lot going on at this time.  He has plans to meet with the new IT Director in Wright County.   There had been some communication with Ida and Jackson Counties.

Shawn Olson suggested that ICIT could provide articles for the ISAC magazine for security best practices.

Ryan Eaton reported that there had been another request that ICIT help with HIPAA audits.  He informed them that ICIT would not be providing that service.

Michelle Fields reported that after a lot of effort she was able to get Tyler Technology to sign a HIPAA Business Agreement for Tyler counties.   Joel thanked her for her work on that.

Michelle also asked about the case for the display.   The last time it was used was at the ICIT Midyear Conference.   No one had any idea of where it is.    They were going to check again with who gave the remainder of the display equipment to Michelle but if they aren’t able to find it Shawn moved that it be replaced.


Joel provided some background on the COSTAR committee.   The wall still had the notes/suggestions from their last meeting.  The discussion is the potentially restructure of COSTAR and ICTS to be more effective.   One of the benefits of combining the two organizations would be that ICTS currently has 28E agreements with all 99 counties.   Eventually a proposal from the COSTAR board to the ISAC Board will be made with their suggestions.

Unfinished Business

The next step for the Adobe Licensing agreement is to meet with Executive Director Bill Peterson to discuss and, if he is supportive, present it to the ISAC Board.

Smart Connection

Joel is organizing the Smart Connection workshop to be held April 27, 2016 at the Airport Holiday Inn.

New Business

Shawn Olson suggested that the committee chairs send out an email to their committee members to confirm their interest in continuing to participate.  If necessary they could replace any inactive members.

Michelle said it would be her preference for Board meetings to be held in person.

There was general agreement that it would be preferred.

Derek reported that Region Two will be having a district meeting in Clarion.   A reminder that ICIT provides up to $200 for costs associated with district meetings.

Eric has been contacted by ZIX for potential software agreement with ICIT.   He will be sending an email to members.

Derek Olson moved for adjournment, seconded by Jeff Rodda motion passed.


Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary


  1. Gabe Johanns called the meeting to order at 12:43 and appointed Michelle Fields to take minutes. New members were introduced.  They included Heather from Jackson County, XX from Emmet County and Travis from Franklin County.
  2. Joel Rohne moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Micah Van Maanen seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.
  3. The agenda was modified to include elections for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and reps for Districts 1, 3 & 5 and to discuss a request from the Treasurer’s Affiliate.  Micah Van Maanen moved to approve the agenda with the additions.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.
  4. ICIT Committee activities
    1. Legislative – the legislative priorities for the year include distracted driving, mental health funding, delinquent court debt and E911 funding for dispatch.
    2. Membership, nomination & awards – we have 117 members, no nominations or awards
    3. Education & schools – Kuddos to Jesse Huisman and Don Kampman for great topics.  They will also put together the program for Spring School and would welcome any suggestions for topics.
    4. On-line services: Servers still running but looking to find a non-Linux option for supporting the mailing list
    5. Audit – no report
    6. GIS Data repository – Jason Siebrecht stepped down from the role as manager.  Jon Lubke is filling in the interim.  Usage is declining and the board is meeting less and less frequently.  Much more effort will be needed to keep the program alive.  Around $15,000 is still left from the original grant to update tools.  Rick Havel will take over the program.
    7. Information security – COSTAR will be hosting another Smart Connections event on April 28th at the Airport Holiday Inn.  Joel Rohne is looking for ideas.
  5. Organization updates
    1. ISAC executive board – The board approved the plan for a network project estimated at $150,000.  It will be for CSN and internal uses with the potential to move some ICIT functions onto the network as well.
    2. Iowa Land Records – Jon Lubke is resigning from the CLRIS board.  Ryan Eaton will replace him.
    3. IGIC – Rick Havel is the chair this year.  Jon Paoli will be sending out an RFP for 1’ pixel statewide imagery acquisition with the opportunity for local governments to buy up to 6”.  The state will be flown over 2 years, east half first, then west.  Up to $5,000 in grants is available for GeoMentoring.
    4. CIAO – no meeting
    5. EIGIS – met on 11/13 with about 40 people present.  ESRI gave a presentation on ArcGIS Pro.  2015 NAIP is available now as a service and will soon be available to download at 1m resolution.
    6. Tech Team – Not a lot of activity at the moment.  Suggestion to tackle only 2 big projects a year and try to get in front of supervisors again and present at ISAC University.
    7. No progress made on having a joint IGIC\ICIT conference in 2017.  Both sides seem to be in agreement, just need to start having joint meetings.  (From the previous meeting minutes the Micah Van Maanen, Paul Culver, Joel Rohne and Gabe Johanns will represent ICIT, but we haven’t heard who will represent IGIC).
    8. The Treasurer’s Affiliate asked for assistance from ICIT for their online services.  Alissa will think about helping them
  6. Elections
    1. VP – Nominations included Derek Olson.  Jesse Huisman moved to close nominations.  Don Kampman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Derek Olson as VP.
    2. Secretary – Nominations included Kim Veeder.  Joel Rohne moved to close nominations.  Don Kampan seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Kim Veeder as Secretary.
    3. Treasurer – Nominations included Alissa.  Don Kampman moved to close nominations.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Alissa as Treasurer.
    4. District Reps
      1. District 1 – Michelle Fields
      2. District 2 – Amy Sathoff has resigned and Travis Gerrish will replace her
      3. District 3 – Sean Olson
      4. District 5 – Paul Culver
  7. No unfinished business
  8. Other business included a short discussion on First Net which is being implemented to comply with a federal law to create a public cellular network for EMS.
  9. Alissa moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:26.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Fields, substitute Secretary


President Gabe Johan called the Business Meeting to order at 12:00 pm.

Approval of the minutes was moved by Micah Van Maanen and seconded by Michelle Fields.

Approval of the agenda was moved by Micah Van Maanen and seconded by Paula Lempke.

Legislative Update:  Jeff Rodda reviewed legislation that was approved but has not been signed by the Governor.  He suggested that members access the ISAC tracking tool.   On June 22, ISAC will be providing a summary of legislation passed that would be important to county government.

Membership:  No report

Education:  Jesse asked members for ideas for the fall school.   Ideas can be provided to Jesse Huiseman, Don Kampman, and Cody Barrett.

Online services:  Micah reported that the website is working for what it needs to do.   It will be updated in the next few months.

Audit: No report

GIS Data Repository:   Wayne Chizek reported that the committee has recently met.    The committee is looking at current and future use.   It will be discussed at the GIS round table Friday morning.   A survey will be distributed at that time.

Jason Siebrecht informed Gabe that he will be stepping down from being chair of that committee.   Contact Gabe if you are interested in that position.

There has been some discussion about combining the GIS Data Repository and the Online Services committee.

Information Security:  No report

Organization Updates

ISAC Board Report:  Joel was unable to attend the May meeting.   He reminded members about the ISAC Golf tournament in September.   The Technology evaluation was completed and the resulting report would be provided to ISAC June 25.

IGIC: Matt Boeck reported that the IGIC conference was held in April in Pella.   Jim G. will be taking a new job in Wisconsin.  Patrick Wilke-Brown has been selected to be the State GIS Coordinator.

CIAO:  Matt Boeck reported that the next meeting will in the fall.

EIAGIS:  Rick Havel reported that they will also be meeting in the fall.  He also discussed that a focus on mentoring education in coordination with IGIC.

Tech Team:  Eric Guth reported that they completed the ISAC audit and other projects.

Micah Cutler provided a report on the Commercial Business Property Credit GIS work group.  The committee is working on standards for the GIS component of the Department of Revenue audit function.

Kim moved that the ICIT scholarship be extended for another 3 years.  Micah Cutler suggested that it would be appropriate to increase the amount of the scholarship.   Micah made that the increase to $3000 as an amendment to that motion. Michelle Fields seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Unfinished Business: None

At 12:30 pm Lempke moved to adjourn the meeting, Eric Guth seconded, motion passed.


ICIT Business Meeting 

Downtown Marriott, Des Moines, Iowa

March 12, 2015

President Gabe Johan called the Business Meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

New ICIT members were introduced.

The February 19 Board meeting was held online and comments indicated that it was a successful meeting.

The minutes were posted on the ICIT website as well as the condensed report from the Strategic Planning session.

Joel Rohne moved and Jeff Rodda seconded the approval of the minutes of February 19, motion passed.

Approval of the agenda with the addition of the Scholarship report was moved by Amy Saathoff, seconded by Paul Culver, motion passed.

Financial and Membership:   Alisa Julius reported that we have a balance of $24,361 and 126 members.   There are six new members.

Legislative:  Jeff Rodda reported that the first funnel has occurred.   Open records, E911 Funding, Broad Band, County publication requirements, and Local Public Safety access to the ICN made it past the funnel.   For those interested in getting additional information about these and other proposed legislation Jeff will be emailing the membership links to information.

Gabe reported that he represented ICIT at the County Day at the Capital.

Membership and Awards:  no report

Education:  Jesse requested that if anyone had any suggestions for the topics to please send them to education committee.

Scholarship:  Wayne Chizek reported that Gina Erikson’s son Cole received the District 5 scholarship of $2,500.  The ICIT scholarship was divided between Andrew Ware (Wapelllo) and Joshiah Anderson (Washington).   The committee Wayne, Amy Saathoff, and Kim Veeder were impressed with the applicants.  Wayne also reported that ICIT would need to approve continuing to awarding the scholarship.   Gabe suggested that it be included on the agenda for the business meeting at the Mid-Year Conference.

Online Services:  Micah Van Maanen reported that ICIT will be completing a technology audit of ISAC at the end of the month.  ISAC may be a potential location to host our website.   Micah has been making updates to the ICIT mailing lists.

Audit:  We need to research who is responsible to complete and when is it to be performed.

Information Security:  no report

ISAC is hosting a workshop on cyber security called Smart Connections on April 30.  Wayne will be providing additional information during his presentation tomorrow.

GIS Data Repository:

The GIS Data Repository is also looking for a new location to host the data.  ISAC is a potential location.

Land Records Representative:    Jon Lubke reported he and Micah Van Maanen are assisting with Kelly Wallace’s RFP to replace their storage infrastructure.   The Recorders are also trying to get additional funding for back scanning.  The other big news is that Hardin County is finally participating.

Mid-year: Micah and Joel reported that there are twelve vendors already registered.  Attendee registration should be open next week.   The agenda will be available soon.   They are still looking for GIS presentation.

Jamie Petersen from Pottawattamie County has agreed to be the District Four representative.

IGIC:  Paula Lemke reported that their conference is April 7-9 and will be held at Central College in Pella.  Paula reviewed workshops that are add-ons to the conference.    She also talked about grants MAGIC awarded and suggested that ICIT consider a similar project.

Eastern Iowa GIS User Group:   no report

CIAO: no report

ISAC Board:  Joel Rohne reported that the ISAC budget was approved at the general session.  Electronic Transaction Clearinghouse is reinventing itself.   ISAC is creating videos to promote legislative priorities.  He requested that members forward them to others.   NACo President Riki Hokama presented at general session.  NACo Annual Conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Joel and others attended last year and he thought that it was worthwhile.   He is planning on attending this year.

Gabe reported that ICIT has been requested to perform a HIPAA audit.   He expressed his reluctance based on the liability issue.   That was the general feeling of the group.

Micah Van Maanen suggested that we form a committee to negotiate a new contract for the conference location at this time.   We have one year (2016) left on our contract with the Marriott.

At 2:35 pm Michelle moved to adjourn, Paul Culver seconded, motion passed.


President Gabe Johan called the online Board Meeting to order at 3:08.

District 4 representative still hasn’t been determined.   We will need to fill that position at the spring school.  Jeff Miller reported that the bi-laws provided for appointment to unfilled positions.  There are a limited number of members in that district.

Minutes from the previous meeting moved by Joel Rohne and seconded by Paul Culver, motion passed.


Agenda approved as proposed.

Committee Reports:

Legislative:   Jeff Rodda reported that there are 13 bills that would be of interest to ICIT.   Among them the broadband bill and open record changes.  Jeff will be sending the list of the items to the board for their input as to which ones he should follow up on.

Education:  Spring School schedule is finalized.  Gabe asked how having co-chairs for that committee is working.  Jesse indicated that he thought that it is easier to divide the work of getting speakers.

Midyear:  Micah reported that the agenda was close to being completed.   Vendors are anxious to get registered.  Attendee registration should be available in early March.   The Membership and Awards committee should be contacting the midyear committee about scheduling the presentation.

Jeff Miller reported that Mark Castenson was being replaced by Ray McDonald as the Sixth district representative on the Membership and Awards committee.

Organization Updates:

Amy Saathof and Kim Veeder reported on the ICIT Scholarship.   Andrew Ware and Josiah Anderson were each awarded $1000.    All of the applicants were very impressive and it was a hard decision.  This is the last year for which the scholarship was approved.   It will need to be discussed in order to be continued.   Kim thinks that ISAC will be providing press releases for the scholarship winners but she will check with Tammy Norman to be sure.  If they do not she will take care of it.

GIS Data repository:

The committee met to discuss long term goals.   They will be working on finding a location for the host of the data in the next two months.

Land Records Representative:    Gabe will contact Jon Lubke to verify that he had volunteered to be the ICIT representative.

Tech Team: Eric has been working with Joel on the Tech Team projects.   Bill Peterson asked Janine, ISACA Technology Manager, to contact ICIT to have an audit completed.  ISAC staff is primarily working with software.  The Engineer Service Bureau staff has been maintaining the servers.   A retirement will cause some changes in the Engineer Service Bureau staff.  This audit will be focusing on hardware and cabling.  Gabe requested that Eric provide a statement of work to the Board.   The audit can be approved with an email vote.

Ida County has inquired about an audit.  Eric provided the pre-project survey.   They will need to get Board approval before proceeding.  He will follow up with them.

Gabe reported that he will be meeting with Wright County to provide assistance in hiring the IT technician.

Website/Mailing List:   The Communication Committee (Eric and Micah) is going to work on content but they would not be updating the mailing list.   Scott Williams and Jonathan Bailey are the only ones that have administrative access to maintain the website.  Micah Van Maanen will be getting in touch with Scott to update the Midyear website.   Micah will talk to him about updating the mailing list.  He should also get the administrative login for future changes.  Eric also asked about the procedures for approving changes to the website.

ISAC Report:  Joel attended the ISAC board meeting and ETC/CSN meeting.  ETC/CSN is in the process of strategic planning sessions.  Potential exists to have a technology service bureau as part of ISAC.

Gina Erickson’s son Cole received one of the ISAC scholarships.

ISAC has been creating videos on the legislative initiatives.  Joel said the gas tax one was well done.

Robin Harlow has applied for a grant to access Tableau software for an ISAC project.

The Smart Connections Conference is scheduled for April 30.  It is targeted for elected officials and requires ICIT participation.

Strategic Planning report should be condensed to one or two pages.


There was a request for a more specialized HIPAA audit.    Gabe expressed his concerns with the liability of completing a HIPAA audit.   Joel suggested that we table this discussion until Spring School.

Michelle Field announced that she has scheduled a district meeting March 24.


Eric Guth moved to adjourn, seconded by Joel Rohne, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary


Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order at 8:35 pm.

Approval of minutes moved by Shawn Olson and seconded by Don Kampman, motion carried.

Financial and Membership Report

Alissa reported that we have a balance of $28,135.31.   Alissa was not able to provide a membership report because of the website being down.

Committee Reports:


Micah Van Mannen thanked everyone that helped with the successful ICIT Hospitality room the night before.  There are two tracks in the afternoon for IT and GIS.   The GIS track will be held at the Polk County EOC.  Since Joel Rohne is not able to attend the fall school Micah will not be making the Cybersecurity presentation to the Board of Supervisors.  In their place a representative from NACo  Emilia Istrate will be doing a presentation on the data provided on their website.

Information Security:

Shawn Olson will be the new chair.  He will be scheduling a meeting before the spring school.


Micah Cutler reported no changes.

GIS Data Repository:

Wayne Chizek reported that this committee will be meeting November 20.   He thanked Micah Van Mannen for Sioux County and his work in moving the application to their servers.   The GIS Data Repository group had already been researching a different permanent hosting location.  Micah is also getting  quote for a hosted service.

NACo Excellence in Action Award.

Micah Van Mannnen reported that a group of the Tech Team attended the NACo Conference in New Orleans to receive the award.  The Tech Team won over 70 plus submissions.  The framed certificate was displayed at this meeting and at the ISAC general Session meeting.

Iowa Land Records:

Jon Lubke agreed to represent ICIT on this committee.  There was no report.


Matt Boeck is the current chair.   The 2015 IGIC Conference is scheduled for April 7-9 at Central College in Pella, Iowa.


Matt Boeck reported that CIAO is partnering with ISU for their GIS day activities.   The activities will be in Durham Hall.  They will also be webcasting the presentation.  Speakers include Joe Eckman (ESRI) and  Doug Tonnemacher (Pictometry).



The meeting in November had several speakers

Online Services

The discussion on the Online Services should be more focused on the backend of the website.  Content and design would come from the Communication Committee.

Kelsi and Wayne reported on the ICIT Strategic Planning session held in October.  ICIT hired Jeff Schott from the University of Iowa to facilitate the strategic planning session.  One of the priorities is   to improve communication with the membership.  A new committee is being created to work on this priority.   After the board finishes their review of the first draft of the report has been completed it will be distributed to the membership.


Vice President, Information Technology Advocate, ISAC Board Representative and well as the 2, 4 and 6 District Representatives are up this year.  We also need to replace Micah as the Education Chair.  We would like to have co-chairs one from IT and the other GIS.

James Nehring reported that Joel Rohne is interested in being the ICIT representative on the ISAC board.

James Nehring nominated Eric Guth to the Information Technology Advocate position, seconded by Shawn Olson.   Close of nominations..  Motion approved.

Celia Roberts nominated Ryan Eaton for Vice President, seconded by Don Kampman.  Close of nominations. Motion approved.

District Representatives were reported by their district.

District 2 – Amy Saathoff

District 4 – to be determined

District 6 – Jeff Miller

Cody Barrett agreed to be the GIS Education Co-chair.  Micah Van Maanen will continue to work getting someone to take on the IT Co-chair.


Micah Van Maanen reported that the theme of this year’s conference is Bond-James Bond.  The committee sent out a survey asking for input for the conference and asking for mentors for new ICIT members.

Wayne reminded that the training to be held Friday morning at the Camp Dodge.  If you haven’t already signed up you need to give your name to Wayne.   It was decided that it was not necessary to provide any food at the training.

The Veteran’s Affairs group did not attend the meeting.

Michelle Fields moved to adjourn the meeting, Shawn Olson seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary


Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order at 5:13 pm.

Approval of minutes moved by Micah Cutler and seconded by Michelle Fields, motion carried.

Financial and Membership Report

Alissa reported that we have a balance of $28,135.31.   Alissa was not able to provide a membership report because of the website being down.

Kelsi suggested that the board review the strategic plan before we release it the membership.  Kim volunteered to summarize the report.  At the next meeting the board can review the plan and provide the report to the committees and the membership with proposed action steps.

As president Kelsi is able to create new adhoc committees and a new Communication committee was one of the priorities that came out of the strategic planning session.   Eric Guth volunteered to be the chair of the committee.   Eric has a degree in Communications.   Micah Cutler also volunteered to be on the committee.

Committee Reports:

Online Services

The discussion was that the Online Services should be more focused on the backend of the website.  Content and design would come from the Communication Committee.

Micah Van Mannen provided a report on the transfer of the websites from Marshall County to Sioux County’s server.

Pottawattamie County is providing email filtering which they will continue for the time being.


Micah Van Mannen and Joel Rohne were scheduled to present to the Board of Supervisor’s affiliate on Cybersecurity.   Since Joel Rohne is not able to attend the fall school Micah will not be presenting.

There are two tracks this year.   The GIS track will be held at the Polk County EOC.  It was suggested that we contact ISAC to see if it would be possible to have two rooms at the conference facility.


Jeff Rodda  and Micah Cutler reported that the legislative priorities were emailed to ISAC members.  The legislative package was approved at the general session without comment.


Vice President, Information Technology Advocate, ISAC Board Representative, and Districts 2,4 and  6 are up this year.


Kelsi will check on the audit process.

Information Security

Colin Gerst has indicated that he will step down from being chair.   Shawn Olson may take over this committee.   He suggested that we continue the blog.   He will have a committee meeting before the spring meeting.


Micah Van Mannen said the committee has sent out “save the date” postcards.  They also posted a survey asking for suggestions for the conference and for people to volunteer to be mentors.

ISAC: No report

Iowa Land Records: No report

IGIC: No report

Tech Team:

It was reported that there are a couple of assessments in the works.

Gabe Johanns reported that he attended a meeting with Jamie Cashman (ISAC), State Attorney, State CIO and State Archivist to discuss record retention. There will be additional meetings to continue the discussion.

Shawn Olson moved to adjourn the meeting, Michelle Fields seconded, motion carried

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary


President Kelsi requested a conference call board meeting at 1:30 November 6, 2014.

The following persons participated:

Kelsi Jurik, Paul Culver, Micah Van Maanen, Alissa Julius, Michelle Fields, Shawn Olson, Wayne Chizek, and Kim Veeder

Kelsi asked Wayne Chizek and Micah Van Maanen to update the board on the status of the ICIT website.  It is currently being hosted by Marshalltown and with staffing changes at that county it will be necessary to host our website at a different location.   Micah will be working with Jonathan Baily to transfer it to Sioux County temporarily.    Micah reported that we will need to purchase DNS hosting for the ICIT domains.  He estimated the amount for that will be $30.00 annually.   Micah said that once Jonathan packages the site to be transferred to him the website and email will be down until Micah is able to bring them up on their servers.   Long term we will need to find a permanent location for hosting the website.   Wayne is checking to see if we could piggy-back on a contract that ISAC has with their website.   Micah identified some of the work that needed to be done before the website would be functional again.

Wayne also mentioned that the GIS Data Repository had purchased Solar Winds software to analyze network traffic in coordination with Marshall County.  At the time of purchase Marshall County expected to pay maintenance costs.  The contract was with Marshall County and Wayne is working with the vendor to get that contract switched to ICIT.

Shawn Olson moved that ICIT fund the DNS hosting costs for the ICIT domain names at approximately $30.00 per year.  Michelle Fields seconded the motion.  Participants voted individually to approve the action.

Wayne suggested that Kelsi send out an email to the membership letting them know that the website will be down during the time that it is being transferred to a new location.  He also suggested that contact information be provided to Kelsi so that she is able to communicate with the board members during this time.   Micah said that he could generate a list of the emails that could be provided to the members.

Kelsi would like to have a board meeting prior to our ISAC business meeting next week.   It is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 12 at 4:00 in the hospitality room.


Kim Veeder, Secretary