President Ryan Eaton opened the meeting at 10:10 am.

Joel Rohne moved, seconded by Micah Van Maanen by to approve the minutes, motion passed.

ICIT Committee Reports

Legislative: Jeff Rodda reported that the objectives were going to be a repeat of last year’s.   The next meeting will be September 29. There are no IT/GIS issues so far.

Membership:  114 members with $27,132.58 in the bank.   $4,911.25 has been moved to a new shared account for the ITAG Conference.

Education:   Jesse reported that the ISAC Fall Conference agenda is due at the end of the September.   Heather Skidmore is working on GIS sessions.  ISAC requested that ICIT provide a “basic technology” session as one of the general education sessions.   Micah and Joel will organize.   Eric Guth volunteered to help.

Online Services: Micah Van Maanen reported that everything was still working.   He had a quote for the development of a new website.   Blue Lake Website estimated that the development would be $1,300 to $1,500.  It would be $100 a year to host the website.

Micah moved that we approve up to $1,500 for Blue Lake Websites for the development of the ICIT website, seconded by Paul Culver, motion passed.

Audit:  Derek reported that Alissa has been doing a wonderful job as treasurer.  It would be useful to have a procedure for the audit.   Financial and bank account statements are provided to the board. Eric Guth volunteered to get suggestions for the audit process.  Alissa and Eric will work on documenting procedures to discuss at the next board meeting.

GIS Data Repository:  Jamie Petersen reported that he had been talking to Patrick Wilke-Brown.  A pilot project using Amazon webserver blending open source and back end power is in the works.   It would be strictly for geospatial data.  ICIT has $15,000 from a grant designated for the repository.

Info Security:  Joel Rohne reported that he and Micah will be presenting at the League of Cities.  Derek wrote an article on security for the Iowa County Magazine.   Ryan and Micah will be attending the MS-ISAC conference in San Antonio.  The Info Security committee will be meeting with Jeff Franklin to discuss the Heat product.

Scholarship:  Ryan Eaton reported that we will be promoting the scholarship.


ISAC:  Joel Rohne reported the ISAC Board retreat will be in September.    Meeting will be discussing legislative issues and the budget.    ISAC has produced three new videos on voter registration, absentee voting and voting on election day.

Iowa Land Records:  Ryan Eaton reported that Iowa Land Records has processed their millionth document.   Phil requested an RFP for IT services.    IGIC:   Joel reported that Rick Havel is promoting GIS mentoring project.

CIAO:   No report.

Eastern Iowa GIS:  They will be having a meeting on November 3.

Tech Team:  Eric Guth reported that Benton County has decided to hire a director.   ICIT will be helping with the interview process.  Winneshiek County has requested an audit.    The board would need to formally approve a tech team assessment.   Cerro Gordo County is another county that may be interested in an assessment.   Eric participated in the National Association of Counties CIO panel representing small counties.

ITAG Conference report:  Micah reported that they conference committee had set the registration fees for an attendee at $225 with student registration at $75.00.   ICIT and IGIC have deposited equal amounts in a separate account for conference costs.    They are talking to ESRI about providing their learning labs.   Additional workshops will be held on Tuesday.   They will be sending out a pre-conference survey.   To encourage participation they will be having a drawing for a door prize from the survey entries.  The new hotel will allow for additional vendors.  One of the suggestions for sessions was lightning rounds of 10-15 minutes on a specific topic.   There was discussion about the pros and cons of a single-day registration.

COSTAR:  Eric Guth reported that COSTAR will be sending out a survey.   There was a discussion concerning the development of their values statement, mission and goals for the future.

Other Business:  Bill Horning has contacted Ryan about the ADA website requirements that the Department of Justice had sent out.   It was suggested that we to talk to Kristi Harshbarger, General Counsel of ISAC about the issue.

Alissa moved for adjournment and seconded by Eric Guth, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Secretary, Kim Veeder