1. Call meeting to order

Ryan Eaton called the meeting to order at 11:08

2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes

Jeff Miller made the motion to approve the minutes with the change of the date of the smart connections conference.  Eric Guth seconded.  Motion passed.

3.       Approval of Agenda

Shawn Olson made the motion and Derek Olson seconded. Motion passed

4.       ICIT Committee Activities

a. Legislative – Jeff Rodda had nothing to report.

b. Membership, Nomination & Awards – Alissa reported that there are 122 members and $35373.35

c. Education & Schools

Jesse reported they are working on the schools.  Cody no longer works for the county so looking for another GIS person to be on the committee.

d. On-Line Services

Micah suggested Blue Lake Website work.  Derek Olson made the motion to get a quote and Eric Guth seconded.

Mailing Lists are running but still no solution to replace it.

e. Audit

Vice President Derek will perform the audit at the Midyear Conference

f. GIS Data Repository

Discussion on options for a new location for the repository but will continue to research options and costs associated with them.

g. Information Security

Micah and committee members will be meeting with Jeff Franklin (State of Iowa Deputy CIO).   Micah talked about the solutions that the state is currently offering to counties.  Security is one of  the governors priorities.

h. Scholarship – no report

5. Organization Reports

a. ISAC – no report

b. Iowa Land Records – no report

c. IGIC – no report

d CIAO – no report

e. Eastern Iowa GIS – no report

f. Tech Team.

Eric reported that Haley from Benton County had requested assistance in replacing their current IT vendor.   They need to have a replacement by August 2.   Joel has sent a scope of work to the county.  After we have received the approval of the scope of work the board would need to approve the project,

ICIT/IGIC Conference Update

Micah reported that the name for the ICIT/IGIC joint conference is Information Technology and Geospatial Conference or ITAG.

The larger facility will allow for five tracks and more exhibitors.   They are planning on having additional training on Tuesday with the conference starting on Wednesday.

A joint account to support shared costs and revenue will need to be set up.  The treasurers for ICIT and IGIC will have access to the account.   Shawn moved that we deposit $2,500 in the new account, seconded by Eric, motion passed.

Districts 5 and 6 will be asked to help with the conference.

The goal is to promote the new conference format at this year’s conference.

Midyear Update

Don reported that the conference plans are going well.  We currently have 65 registered attendees.  We have room for one more vendor.  If you have any suggestions please let the committee know.


Eric Guth reported that he is optimistic about the potential for a new direction for this organization.  He stressed the importance of developing a document that outlined the values, mission and goals for the organization.  That COSTAR is being a connection point between ICIT and the other ISAC affiliates.

Derek reported on his experience with KnowBe4 phishing testing and security education.  A promotion for counties will be available through the end of June.

Unfinished Business

Other Business

Accounting Software:

Alissa requested that ICIT purchase the Freshbook software.  It was moved by Gabe and seconded by Don that we purchase the software.  Motion passed.

Jeff Miller reported that the ICIT bi-laws will need to be updated to reflect the changes associated with the ISAC spring and fall meetings.  We will replace any language to simply meeting.   Since this is a minor change it can be changed by board motion.  We will not change the ICIT conference logic at this time.  This motion was moved by Eric, seconded by Shawn, motion passed.

At 12:25 Eric moved for adjournment, Jesse seconded, motion passed.

Kim was delayed by a detour on interstate.  Alissa took minutes until she arrived.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder