Ryan opened the meeting at 3:33

Joel Rohne moved, seconded by Shawn Olson to approve the minutes, motion passed.

Treasurer: No report

Legislative: No report

Membership, Awards:  No report

Micah Cutler reminded Gabe that he should get started on awards and candidates for next year.  Micah Van Maanen will get the names of current members of that committee to him.

Education: No report

Online Services: Micah Van Maanen reported that they are researching alternatives for mailing list members.

Audit:  Micah reported that the Audit Committee is to be chaired by the vice-president.  The audit is to be performed at the Mid-year Conference.

GIS Data Repository:  Micah Van Maanen reported that they are researching locating the data at another location.  Rick Havel will send out a survey asking why or why not counties are using the repository.  The survey will also ask for suggestions for additional functionality.

Info Security:  Joel Rohne reported that there will a cyber security presentation tomorrow.   Please let Joel know if you would to participate on the Info Security committee.  The committee will be meeting with Jeff Franklin, State of Iowa Deputy CIO, to discuss potential county projects.   Tony Kava is participating again.

The Smart Connection workshop will be April 27.

Scholarship:  The $1500.00 scholarship was awarded to Harrison Helgevold from Wright County.    There was discussion about the limited number of applications this year.   Next year we will plan on promoting the scholarship.

ISAC:  Joel Rohne reported that the ISAC budget was approved at the general session.   There will be an increase county membership of $200.  There was discussion about the timing for future ISAC meetings.

Iowa Land Records:  Ryan Eaton reported that he had voted for “doors” for the offices at the last meeting.   He also reported that 32% of new filings are filed online.

IGIC:  Paula Lemke reported that there is a statewide aerial project.   It is a 2 ft. with the potential to buy up.  There are four companies that met the requirements and a decision should be made shortly.  This would be a three-year project.

CIAO: Matt Boeck – no report

Eastern Iowa GIS group met last fall.

Paula reported on the MAGIC conference in Overland Park, Kansas.  One of the workshops is Legal Issues for GIS.  There are grants for registration and classes are available.

Tech Team:  Eric Guth welcomed a new member to the group, Mike from Wright County.  Greene and Chickasaw Counties are potential candidates for an assessment.

Midyear Conference:  Micah Cutler reported that “save the date” postcards have been sent out.  Vendor registration is open.  Attendee registration will be open soon.   The conference committee will be using the ISAC software for the registration this year.

Micah Van Maanen reported that the plan is to have a joint midyear conference with IGIC next year.  The group is looking at the Sheraton in West Des Moines.  This hotel would have enough room to have five education tracks and up to 35 exhibitors.   The conference would be held a week later than normal.   Additional workshops would be offered on Tuesday.    Room rates would be $119.   If this goes well we would look at a three-year contract.   Revenue from the conference would be split between the two organizations.

Joel reported that possible changes may be taking place for Costar and ISAC in regards to technology.

At 4:34 Micah Cutler moved, Micah Van Maanen seconded to adjourn, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Secretary, Kim Veeder