President Ryan Eaton called the meeting to order February 18, 2016 at 10:34 a.m.

Minutes of the November 19, 2015 Board meeting were approved.

Agenda was approved.

ICIT Committee Reports


Jeff Rodda reported that there were 150 proposed bills.   The first funnel is February 19 and the second funnel is March 11.   A couple of the bills discussed were the non-partisan county offices and the reduction in the number of counties.   Also included in the agenda was a link to ISAC’s legislative priorities.


Jeff suggested that if you have any questions about any bills that you should contact him.

Membership, Nomination & Awards

Gabe was absent and no report from him.   Alissa provided her Treasurer’s report at this time.  There are 128 members and we have a balance of $24,982.34 in our checking account.


The ISAC spring school agenda is on the ISAC website.   Midyear reported at this time that they had 7 of 22 vendors registered.  The conference committee is using ISAC’s registration portal.  Attendee registration will be available soon.

A combined conference with ICIT and IGIC is being investigated.  Micah Van Maanen will be working with the IGIC group to look at the three hotels who replied to their RFP.  He will provide a proposal to the board once that has been completed.

On-line Services

Micah Van Maanen reported that he would like to replace the current software with something that more people are familiar with.  We still need to contact Scott Williams for assistance.  He suggested that we invest in Exchange and Active Directory.   Other options could be to have ISAC host our email.


We discussed that we would need to look at the bylaws to see who is supposed to be on the Audit committee.   We determined that Alissa could send the monthly statements to the board members for our review.   There had been a request for online payment from a vendor.     There was discussion on possible options.

GIS Data Repository

Micah Van Maanen reported that this is another Linux based application.  Johnson County may have staff that can work with us temporarily.   He will be researching long term options.   A survey will be sent out to the membership.  They would like to expand it beyond just GIS data.   There is $15,000 grant money for this project.

Information Security 

Colin from Des Moines County has been chair of the committee.  After discussion Shawn Olson moved that Joel Rohne take over as chair.  Seconded by Jeff Rodda, motion passed.

If anyone is interested in being on the committee please contact Joel.   Micah and Joel have been working with Jeff Franklin from the state on potential grant funding from Homeland Security.

Scholarship Committee

There were only two applicants this year.   One of which will be receiving one of the ISAC district’s scholarships.  Alissa and Kim interviewed the remaining applicant Harrison Helgevold.  After discussion about the current scholarship amount available it was decided that we award $1,500 to him.   Zetta did not participate.  We didn’t know if ISAC had a similar lack of applicants or not.  We will look at promoting our scholarship more next fall.   It is currently included in the form for the ISAC scholarship.  We will see about getting something in the County magazine about it.

Organization Updates

ISAC Executive Board 

Joel Rohne reported that there will be an increase in ISAC county dues.

Iowa Land Records 

Ryan Eaton reported he had attended the last meeting where the vendor presented that they were using a different approach to their maintenance by focusing on one project to completion before working on another request.   Ryan also reported that they voted to add doors to their offices.



They had recently held their quarterly meeting.   There was a presentation on the Nextgen 911 grant.   Jon Paoli talked about the Texas emergency responders.  The State has an RFP out for 1 meter aerial photography with one half of the state per year.


No report


No report

Tech Team 

Eric reported that there wasn’t a lot going on at this time.  He has plans to meet with the new IT Director in Wright County.   There had been some communication with Ida and Jackson Counties.

Shawn Olson suggested that ICIT could provide articles for the ISAC magazine for security best practices.

Ryan Eaton reported that there had been another request that ICIT help with HIPAA audits.  He informed them that ICIT would not be providing that service.

Michelle Fields reported that after a lot of effort she was able to get Tyler Technology to sign a HIPAA Business Agreement for Tyler counties.   Joel thanked her for her work on that.

Michelle also asked about the case for the display.   The last time it was used was at the ICIT Midyear Conference.   No one had any idea of where it is.    They were going to check again with who gave the remainder of the display equipment to Michelle but if they aren’t able to find it Shawn moved that it be replaced.


Joel provided some background on the COSTAR committee.   The wall still had the notes/suggestions from their last meeting.  The discussion is the potentially restructure of COSTAR and ICTS to be more effective.   One of the benefits of combining the two organizations would be that ICTS currently has 28E agreements with all 99 counties.   Eventually a proposal from the COSTAR board to the ISAC Board will be made with their suggestions.

Unfinished Business

The next step for the Adobe Licensing agreement is to meet with Executive Director Bill Peterson to discuss and, if he is supportive, present it to the ISAC Board.

Smart Connection

Joel is organizing the Smart Connection workshop to be held April 27, 2016 at the Airport Holiday Inn.

New Business

Shawn Olson suggested that the committee chairs send out an email to their committee members to confirm their interest in continuing to participate.  If necessary they could replace any inactive members.

Michelle said it would be her preference for Board meetings to be held in person.

There was general agreement that it would be preferred.

Derek reported that Region Two will be having a district meeting in Clarion.   A reminder that ICIT provides up to $200 for costs associated with district meetings.

Eric has been contacted by ZIX for potential software agreement with ICIT.   He will be sending an email to members.

Derek Olson moved for adjournment, seconded by Jeff Rodda motion passed.


Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary