1. Gabe Johanns called the meeting to order at 12:43 and appointed Michelle Fields to take minutes. New members were introduced.  They included Heather from Jackson County, XX from Emmet County and Travis from Franklin County.
  2. Joel Rohne moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Micah Van Maanen seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.
  3. The agenda was modified to include elections for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and reps for Districts 1, 3 & 5 and to discuss a request from the Treasurer’s Affiliate.  Micah Van Maanen moved to approve the agenda with the additions.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.
  4. ICIT Committee activities
    1. Legislative – the legislative priorities for the year include distracted driving, mental health funding, delinquent court debt and E911 funding for dispatch.
    2. Membership, nomination & awards – we have 117 members, no nominations or awards
    3. Education & schools – Kuddos to Jesse Huisman and Don Kampman for great topics.  They will also put together the program for Spring School and would welcome any suggestions for topics.
    4. On-line services: Servers still running but looking to find a non-Linux option for supporting the mailing list
    5. Audit – no report
    6. GIS Data repository – Jason Siebrecht stepped down from the role as manager.  Jon Lubke is filling in the interim.  Usage is declining and the board is meeting less and less frequently.  Much more effort will be needed to keep the program alive.  Around $15,000 is still left from the original grant to update tools.  Rick Havel will take over the program.
    7. Information security – COSTAR will be hosting another Smart Connections event on April 28th at the Airport Holiday Inn.  Joel Rohne is looking for ideas.
  5. Organization updates
    1. ISAC executive board – The board approved the plan for a network project estimated at $150,000.  It will be for CSN and internal uses with the potential to move some ICIT functions onto the network as well.
    2. Iowa Land Records – Jon Lubke is resigning from the CLRIS board.  Ryan Eaton will replace him.
    3. IGIC – Rick Havel is the chair this year.  Jon Paoli will be sending out an RFP for 1’ pixel statewide imagery acquisition with the opportunity for local governments to buy up to 6”.  The state will be flown over 2 years, east half first, then west.  Up to $5,000 in grants is available for GeoMentoring.
    4. CIAO – no meeting
    5. EIGIS – met on 11/13 with about 40 people present.  ESRI gave a presentation on ArcGIS Pro.  2015 NAIP is available now as a service and will soon be available to download at 1m resolution.
    6. Tech Team – Not a lot of activity at the moment.  Suggestion to tackle only 2 big projects a year and try to get in front of supervisors again and present at ISAC University.
    7. No progress made on having a joint IGIC\ICIT conference in 2017.  Both sides seem to be in agreement, just need to start having joint meetings.  (From the previous meeting minutes the Micah Van Maanen, Paul Culver, Joel Rohne and Gabe Johanns will represent ICIT, but we haven’t heard who will represent IGIC).
    8. The Treasurer’s Affiliate asked for assistance from ICIT for their online services.  Alissa will think about helping them
  6. Elections
    1. VP – Nominations included Derek Olson.  Jesse Huisman moved to close nominations.  Don Kampman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Derek Olson as VP.
    2. Secretary – Nominations included Kim Veeder.  Joel Rohne moved to close nominations.  Don Kampan seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Kim Veeder as Secretary.
    3. Treasurer – Nominations included Alissa.  Don Kampman moved to close nominations.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.  All ayes to elect Alissa as Treasurer.
    4. District Reps
      1. District 1 – Michelle Fields
      2. District 2 – Amy Sathoff has resigned and Travis Gerrish will replace her
      3. District 3 – Sean Olson
      4. District 5 – Paul Culver
  7. No unfinished business
  8. Other business included a short discussion on First Net which is being implemented to comply with a federal law to create a public cellular network for EMS.
  9. Alissa moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:26.  Jesse Huisman seconded the motion which carried with unanimous ayes.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Fields, substitute Secretary