President Gabe Johan called the Business Meeting to order at 12:00 pm.

Approval of the minutes was moved by Micah Van Maanen and seconded by Michelle Fields.

Approval of the agenda was moved by Micah Van Maanen and seconded by Paula Lempke.

Legislative Update:  Jeff Rodda reviewed legislation that was approved but has not been signed by the Governor.  He suggested that members access the ISAC tracking tool.   On June 22, ISAC will be providing a summary of legislation passed that would be important to county government.

Membership:  No report

Education:  Jesse asked members for ideas for the fall school.   Ideas can be provided to Jesse Huiseman, Don Kampman, and Cody Barrett.

Online services:  Micah reported that the website is working for what it needs to do.   It will be updated in the next few months.

Audit: No report

GIS Data Repository:   Wayne Chizek reported that the committee has recently met.    The committee is looking at current and future use.   It will be discussed at the GIS round table Friday morning.   A survey will be distributed at that time.

Jason Siebrecht informed Gabe that he will be stepping down from being chair of that committee.   Contact Gabe if you are interested in that position.

There has been some discussion about combining the GIS Data Repository and the Online Services committee.

Information Security:  No report

Organization Updates

ISAC Board Report:  Joel was unable to attend the May meeting.   He reminded members about the ISAC Golf tournament in September.   The Technology evaluation was completed and the resulting report would be provided to ISAC June 25.

IGIC: Matt Boeck reported that the IGIC conference was held in April in Pella.   Jim G. will be taking a new job in Wisconsin.  Patrick Wilke-Brown has been selected to be the State GIS Coordinator.

CIAO:  Matt Boeck reported that the next meeting will in the fall.

EIAGIS:  Rick Havel reported that they will also be meeting in the fall.  He also discussed that a focus on mentoring education in coordination with IGIC.

Tech Team:  Eric Guth reported that they completed the ISAC audit and other projects.

Micah Cutler provided a report on the Commercial Business Property Credit GIS work group.  The committee is working on standards for the GIS component of the Department of Revenue audit function.

Kim moved that the ICIT scholarship be extended for another 3 years.  Micah Cutler suggested that it would be appropriate to increase the amount of the scholarship.   Micah made that the increase to $3000 as an amendment to that motion. Michelle Fields seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Unfinished Business: None

At 12:30 pm Lempke moved to adjourn the meeting, Eric Guth seconded, motion passed.