ICIT Business Meeting 

Downtown Marriott, Des Moines, Iowa

March 12, 2015

President Gabe Johan called the Business Meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

New ICIT members were introduced.

The February 19 Board meeting was held online and comments indicated that it was a successful meeting.

The minutes were posted on the ICIT website as well as the condensed report from the Strategic Planning session.

Joel Rohne moved and Jeff Rodda seconded the approval of the minutes of February 19, motion passed.

Approval of the agenda with the addition of the Scholarship report was moved by Amy Saathoff, seconded by Paul Culver, motion passed.

Financial and Membership:   Alisa Julius reported that we have a balance of $24,361 and 126 members.   There are six new members.

Legislative:  Jeff Rodda reported that the first funnel has occurred.   Open records, E911 Funding, Broad Band, County publication requirements, and Local Public Safety access to the ICN made it past the funnel.   For those interested in getting additional information about these and other proposed legislation Jeff will be emailing the membership links to information.

Gabe reported that he represented ICIT at the County Day at the Capital.

Membership and Awards:  no report

Education:  Jesse requested that if anyone had any suggestions for the topics to please send them to education committee.

Scholarship:  Wayne Chizek reported that Gina Erikson’s son Cole received the District 5 scholarship of $2,500.  The ICIT scholarship was divided between Andrew Ware (Wapelllo) and Joshiah Anderson (Washington).   The committee Wayne, Amy Saathoff, and Kim Veeder were impressed with the applicants.  Wayne also reported that ICIT would need to approve continuing to awarding the scholarship.   Gabe suggested that it be included on the agenda for the business meeting at the Mid-Year Conference.

Online Services:  Micah Van Maanen reported that ICIT will be completing a technology audit of ISAC at the end of the month.  ISAC may be a potential location to host our website.   Micah has been making updates to the ICIT mailing lists.

Audit:  We need to research who is responsible to complete and when is it to be performed.

Information Security:  no report

ISAC is hosting a workshop on cyber security called Smart Connections on April 30.  Wayne will be providing additional information during his presentation tomorrow.

GIS Data Repository:

The GIS Data Repository is also looking for a new location to host the data.  ISAC is a potential location.

Land Records Representative:    Jon Lubke reported he and Micah Van Maanen are assisting with Kelly Wallace’s RFP to replace their storage infrastructure.   The Recorders are also trying to get additional funding for back scanning.  The other big news is that Hardin County is finally participating.

Mid-year: Micah and Joel reported that there are twelve vendors already registered.  Attendee registration should be open next week.   The agenda will be available soon.   They are still looking for GIS presentation.

Jamie Petersen from Pottawattamie County has agreed to be the District Four representative.

IGIC:  Paula Lemke reported that their conference is April 7-9 and will be held at Central College in Pella.  Paula reviewed workshops that are add-ons to the conference.    She also talked about grants MAGIC awarded and suggested that ICIT consider a similar project.

Eastern Iowa GIS User Group:   no report

CIAO: no report

ISAC Board:  Joel Rohne reported that the ISAC budget was approved at the general session.  Electronic Transaction Clearinghouse is reinventing itself.   ISAC is creating videos to promote legislative priorities.  He requested that members forward them to others.   NACo President Riki Hokama presented at general session.  NACo Annual Conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Joel and others attended last year and he thought that it was worthwhile.   He is planning on attending this year.

Gabe reported that ICIT has been requested to perform a HIPAA audit.   He expressed his reluctance based on the liability issue.   That was the general feeling of the group.

Micah Van Maanen suggested that we form a committee to negotiate a new contract for the conference location at this time.   We have one year (2016) left on our contract with the Marriott.

At 2:35 pm Michelle moved to adjourn, Paul Culver seconded, motion passed.