President Gabe Johan called the online Board Meeting to order at 3:08.

District 4 representative still hasn’t been determined.   We will need to fill that position at the spring school.  Jeff Miller reported that the bi-laws provided for appointment to unfilled positions.  There are a limited number of members in that district.

Minutes from the previous meeting moved by Joel Rohne and seconded by Paul Culver, motion passed.


Agenda approved as proposed.

Committee Reports:

Legislative:   Jeff Rodda reported that there are 13 bills that would be of interest to ICIT.   Among them the broadband bill and open record changes.  Jeff will be sending the list of the items to the board for their input as to which ones he should follow up on.

Education:  Spring School schedule is finalized.  Gabe asked how having co-chairs for that committee is working.  Jesse indicated that he thought that it is easier to divide the work of getting speakers.

Midyear:  Micah reported that the agenda was close to being completed.   Vendors are anxious to get registered.  Attendee registration should be available in early March.   The Membership and Awards committee should be contacting the midyear committee about scheduling the presentation.

Jeff Miller reported that Mark Castenson was being replaced by Ray McDonald as the Sixth district representative on the Membership and Awards committee.

Organization Updates:

Amy Saathof and Kim Veeder reported on the ICIT Scholarship.   Andrew Ware and Josiah Anderson were each awarded $1000.    All of the applicants were very impressive and it was a hard decision.  This is the last year for which the scholarship was approved.   It will need to be discussed in order to be continued.   Kim thinks that ISAC will be providing press releases for the scholarship winners but she will check with Tammy Norman to be sure.  If they do not she will take care of it.

GIS Data repository:

The committee met to discuss long term goals.   They will be working on finding a location for the host of the data in the next two months.

Land Records Representative:    Gabe will contact Jon Lubke to verify that he had volunteered to be the ICIT representative.

Tech Team: Eric has been working with Joel on the Tech Team projects.   Bill Peterson asked Janine, ISACA Technology Manager, to contact ICIT to have an audit completed.  ISAC staff is primarily working with software.  The Engineer Service Bureau staff has been maintaining the servers.   A retirement will cause some changes in the Engineer Service Bureau staff.  This audit will be focusing on hardware and cabling.  Gabe requested that Eric provide a statement of work to the Board.   The audit can be approved with an email vote.

Ida County has inquired about an audit.  Eric provided the pre-project survey.   They will need to get Board approval before proceeding.  He will follow up with them.

Gabe reported that he will be meeting with Wright County to provide assistance in hiring the IT technician.

Website/Mailing List:   The Communication Committee (Eric and Micah) is going to work on content but they would not be updating the mailing list.   Scott Williams and Jonathan Bailey are the only ones that have administrative access to maintain the website.  Micah Van Maanen will be getting in touch with Scott to update the Midyear website.   Micah will talk to him about updating the mailing list.  He should also get the administrative login for future changes.  Eric also asked about the procedures for approving changes to the website.

ISAC Report:  Joel attended the ISAC board meeting and ETC/CSN meeting.  ETC/CSN is in the process of strategic planning sessions.  Potential exists to have a technology service bureau as part of ISAC.

Gina Erickson’s son Cole received one of the ISAC scholarships.

ISAC has been creating videos on the legislative initiatives.  Joel said the gas tax one was well done.

Robin Harlow has applied for a grant to access Tableau software for an ISAC project.

The Smart Connections Conference is scheduled for April 30.  It is targeted for elected officials and requires ICIT participation.

Strategic Planning report should be condensed to one or two pages.


There was a request for a more specialized HIPAA audit.    Gabe expressed his concerns with the liability of completing a HIPAA audit.   Joel suggested that we table this discussion until Spring School.

Michelle Field announced that she has scheduled a district meeting March 24.


Eric Guth moved to adjourn, seconded by Joel Rohne, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary