Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order at 8:35 pm.

Approval of minutes moved by Shawn Olson and seconded by Don Kampman, motion carried.

Financial and Membership Report

Alissa reported that we have a balance of $28,135.31.   Alissa was not able to provide a membership report because of the website being down.

Committee Reports:


Micah Van Mannen thanked everyone that helped with the successful ICIT Hospitality room the night before.  There are two tracks in the afternoon for IT and GIS.   The GIS track will be held at the Polk County EOC.  Since Joel Rohne is not able to attend the fall school Micah will not be making the Cybersecurity presentation to the Board of Supervisors.  In their place a representative from NACo  Emilia Istrate will be doing a presentation on the data provided on their website.

Information Security:

Shawn Olson will be the new chair.  He will be scheduling a meeting before the spring school.


Micah Cutler reported no changes.

GIS Data Repository:

Wayne Chizek reported that this committee will be meeting November 20.   He thanked Micah Van Mannen for Sioux County and his work in moving the application to their servers.   The GIS Data Repository group had already been researching a different permanent hosting location.  Micah is also getting  quote for a hosted service.

NACo Excellence in Action Award.

Micah Van Mannnen reported that a group of the Tech Team attended the NACo Conference in New Orleans to receive the award.  The Tech Team won over 70 plus submissions.  The framed certificate was displayed at this meeting and at the ISAC general Session meeting.

Iowa Land Records:

Jon Lubke agreed to represent ICIT on this committee.  There was no report.


Matt Boeck is the current chair.   The 2015 IGIC Conference is scheduled for April 7-9 at Central College in Pella, Iowa.


Matt Boeck reported that CIAO is partnering with ISU for their GIS day activities.   The activities will be in Durham Hall.  They will also be webcasting the presentation.  Speakers include Joe Eckman (ESRI) and  Doug Tonnemacher (Pictometry).



The meeting in November had several speakers

Online Services

The discussion on the Online Services should be more focused on the backend of the website.  Content and design would come from the Communication Committee.

Kelsi and Wayne reported on the ICIT Strategic Planning session held in October.  ICIT hired Jeff Schott from the University of Iowa to facilitate the strategic planning session.  One of the priorities is   to improve communication with the membership.  A new committee is being created to work on this priority.   After the board finishes their review of the first draft of the report has been completed it will be distributed to the membership.


Vice President, Information Technology Advocate, ISAC Board Representative and well as the 2, 4 and 6 District Representatives are up this year.  We also need to replace Micah as the Education Chair.  We would like to have co-chairs one from IT and the other GIS.

James Nehring reported that Joel Rohne is interested in being the ICIT representative on the ISAC board.

James Nehring nominated Eric Guth to the Information Technology Advocate position, seconded by Shawn Olson.   Close of nominations..  Motion approved.

Celia Roberts nominated Ryan Eaton for Vice President, seconded by Don Kampman.  Close of nominations. Motion approved.

District Representatives were reported by their district.

District 2 – Amy Saathoff

District 4 – to be determined

District 6 – Jeff Miller

Cody Barrett agreed to be the GIS Education Co-chair.  Micah Van Maanen will continue to work getting someone to take on the IT Co-chair.


Micah Van Maanen reported that the theme of this year’s conference is Bond-James Bond.  The committee sent out a survey asking for input for the conference and asking for mentors for new ICIT members.

Wayne reminded that the training to be held Friday morning at the Camp Dodge.  If you haven’t already signed up you need to give your name to Wayne.   It was decided that it was not necessary to provide any food at the training.

The Veteran’s Affairs group did not attend the meeting.

Michelle Fields moved to adjourn the meeting, Shawn Olson seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary