Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order at 5:13 pm.

Approval of minutes moved by Micah Cutler and seconded by Michelle Fields, motion carried.

Financial and Membership Report

Alissa reported that we have a balance of $28,135.31.   Alissa was not able to provide a membership report because of the website being down.

Kelsi suggested that the board review the strategic plan before we release it the membership.  Kim volunteered to summarize the report.  At the next meeting the board can review the plan and provide the report to the committees and the membership with proposed action steps.

As president Kelsi is able to create new adhoc committees and a new Communication committee was one of the priorities that came out of the strategic planning session.   Eric Guth volunteered to be the chair of the committee.   Eric has a degree in Communications.   Micah Cutler also volunteered to be on the committee.

Committee Reports:

Online Services

The discussion was that the Online Services should be more focused on the backend of the website.  Content and design would come from the Communication Committee.

Micah Van Mannen provided a report on the transfer of the websites from Marshall County to Sioux County’s server.

Pottawattamie County is providing email filtering which they will continue for the time being.


Micah Van Mannen and Joel Rohne were scheduled to present to the Board of Supervisor’s affiliate on Cybersecurity.   Since Joel Rohne is not able to attend the fall school Micah will not be presenting.

There are two tracks this year.   The GIS track will be held at the Polk County EOC.  It was suggested that we contact ISAC to see if it would be possible to have two rooms at the conference facility.


Jeff Rodda  and Micah Cutler reported that the legislative priorities were emailed to ISAC members.  The legislative package was approved at the general session without comment.


Vice President, Information Technology Advocate, ISAC Board Representative, and Districts 2,4 and  6 are up this year.


Kelsi will check on the audit process.

Information Security

Colin Gerst has indicated that he will step down from being chair.   Shawn Olson may take over this committee.   He suggested that we continue the blog.   He will have a committee meeting before the spring meeting.


Micah Van Mannen said the committee has sent out “save the date” postcards.  They also posted a survey asking for suggestions for the conference and for people to volunteer to be mentors.

ISAC: No report

Iowa Land Records: No report

IGIC: No report

Tech Team:

It was reported that there are a couple of assessments in the works.

Gabe Johanns reported that he attended a meeting with Jamie Cashman (ISAC), State Attorney, State CIO and State Archivist to discuss record retention. There will be additional meetings to continue the discussion.

Shawn Olson moved to adjourn the meeting, Michelle Fields seconded, motion carried

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary