President Kelsi requested a conference call board meeting at 1:30 November 6, 2014.

The following persons participated:

Kelsi Jurik, Paul Culver, Micah Van Maanen, Alissa Julius, Michelle Fields, Shawn Olson, Wayne Chizek, and Kim Veeder

Kelsi asked Wayne Chizek and Micah Van Maanen to update the board on the status of the ICIT website.  It is currently being hosted by Marshalltown and with staffing changes at that county it will be necessary to host our website at a different location.   Micah will be working with Jonathan Baily to transfer it to Sioux County temporarily.    Micah reported that we will need to purchase DNS hosting for the ICIT domains.  He estimated the amount for that will be $30.00 annually.   Micah said that once Jonathan packages the site to be transferred to him the website and email will be down until Micah is able to bring them up on their servers.   Long term we will need to find a permanent location for hosting the website.   Wayne is checking to see if we could piggy-back on a contract that ISAC has with their website.   Micah identified some of the work that needed to be done before the website would be functional again.

Wayne also mentioned that the GIS Data Repository had purchased Solar Winds software to analyze network traffic in coordination with Marshall County.  At the time of purchase Marshall County expected to pay maintenance costs.  The contract was with Marshall County and Wayne is working with the vendor to get that contract switched to ICIT.

Shawn Olson moved that ICIT fund the DNS hosting costs for the ICIT domain names at approximately $30.00 per year.  Michelle Fields seconded the motion.  Participants voted individually to approve the action.

Wayne suggested that Kelsi send out an email to the membership letting them know that the website will be down during the time that it is being transferred to a new location.  He also suggested that contact information be provided to Kelsi so that she is able to communicate with the board members during this time.   Micah said that he could generate a list of the emails that could be provided to the members.

Kelsi would like to have a board meeting prior to our ISAC business meeting next week.   It is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 12 at 4:00 in the hospitality room.


Kim Veeder, Secretary