1. Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order
  2. Approval of  June 11, 2014 minutes moved by Wayne Chizek and seconded by Nick Janzen, motion carried.
  3. Approval of the agenda with amendments as proposed by Wayne Chizek, moved by Michelle Fields and seconded by Gabe Johanns, motioned carried.
  4. Financial and Membership Report

Alissa was not able to attend.  Her report was provided by Kelsi.  We have a balance of $52,626.28 with an outstanding $21,631 to be paid for the conference costs.   There are 119 members.

  1. ICIT Committee Activities
    1. Legislative

Wayne reported for Jeff Rodda who was unable to attend the meeting.   They are reviewing the Open Records laws based on current technology changes in the last decades.  The Iowa Newspaper Association will meet with the ISAC legislative committee, Wayne, and Kristi Harshbarger. Wayne would like additional representatives for the committee.  Joel Rohne is also on the committee.  Scott Williams commented on issues with providing data in its format.  The ISAC Legislative Committee will be meeting in August and September.

    1. Membership, Nomination & Awards – no report
    2. Education & Schools – Micah Van Mannen and Nick Janzen are Co-chairs of the Education Committee.  Fall ISAC meeting will be Thursday 8:30 to 4:00 and Friday 8:00 to 12:00.  Business meeting will be 8:30 to 10 on Thursday.  Friday morning they will be NIMS training 700 ICIS at the Armory.  Jon Paoli will also be presenting on the Web EOC.  ICIT will be providing presentations GIS for the Zoning group and Cybersecurity for Supervisors.  It was suggested that ICIT would meet jointly for that presentation with the Supervisors.

Mark Middleton provided an online presentation for an Adobe Enterprise ETLA and gave an overview on their proposal.  Additional information would be made available.  Comments included management issues, down grade rights, and cost comparisons.

Joel has been talking with ISAC Executive Director Bill Peterson and State CIO Jeff Franklin about the potential of Paying IT Forward in format like the state of Tennessee to provide IT support for counties.   Jeff Franklin was supportive and Bill Peterson would need additional information.  The proposed technology center would be a combination of staff and volunteers from ICIT.   Wayne Chizek has the contact information for the executive director for Tennessee

Joel also brought up COSTAR and ICIT working together.  Wayne reported that COSTAR has plenty of ideas but they need to prioritize them and work with ICIT to get them accomplished. Joel thought that ICIT should be the governing body to this new format for Paying IT Forward.  That it was going to be hard to keep it up without additional resources.  Scott Williams brought up the CREW project and issues with DAS.  That it needs to be county driven.

Next steps would be to develop a proposal of the structure to present to ISAC.   Wayne suggested a committee to document the tech team, licensing and possible Tech Center.   Bill Peterson will expect information about funding.

Micah Van Maanen volunteered to chair the committee.  He will set up a Google Doc to collect information.

VM Ware and CDW also provided a presentation for their proposed custom volume purchase buying program for the VM Ware products.

Scott Williams brought up the timing issue.   They would like to start this fall.  Some counties may have budgeted purchases for this fiscal year.   However, it is more likely there would be more funding in the next fiscal year.   Joel will survey counties for purchases this year and what might be potential purchases for the FY16 budget year.   VM Ware would provide a single page overview of their program for ICIT to distribute.

Back to Education Micah Van Maanen is looking for sessions for Thursday afternoon.  He also proposed having a hospitality suite at the fall school.  ISAC has a preferred vendor list that we could contact about providing food and beverages.  The hospitality suite costs $250. It was moved by Shawn Olson, seconded by Michelle Fields that ICIT sponsor a hospitality suite.  The motion passed.

Veteran’s Affairs is working on becoming an affiliate of ISAC.   Wayne reported that ISAC had some issues with their bylaws but that they had been updated.  They have asked to be included on the agenda for the business meeting.  At the spring school there will be a vote to determine if their organization can be an affiliate.

    1. On-line Services -Scott Williams reported that October is Cybersecurity Month.  He had already volunteered to make the NACo presentation and was looking for someone to replace him.  Environmental Health Public Health will be meeting in Marshalltown.   Joel volunteered.  Scott indicated that he could continue to work on the website.  He would need to be replaced as the committee chair.  Shawn Olson volunteered to be his replacement as chair.   Scott is working on migrating the remainder of the relevant content to the new website.
    1. Audit committee – no report
    1. GIS-DR – Jason Siebrecht provided a financial report.  That they had purchased software for Matt Boeck, Solar Winds is a virtualization monitoring software that can report on actual resource usage.  Jason was researching the cost of an external host for the data repository.   They currently have a balance of $39,169.72.   He also reported that they have set up a quarterly schedule for meeting dates.   Scott Williams could continue to work on outstanding tickets and development.  There is an open position on this committee.  Jason suggested James Quinn.  Wayne Chizek moved and Shawn Olson seconded James Quinn’s appointment to that committee, motion passed.


    1. Information Security – Scott Williams is currently the owner of the blog and will switch that over so that they can ramp up content for Cybersecurity month in October.   Kelsi will contact Colin Gerst about his participation in this committee.
    1. Mid Year – It was questioned where we were at with who was involved with the 2015 Mid Year committee..
  1. Organization Updates
    1. ISAC Executive Board – Wayne Chizek will be retiring sometime in the last half of 2015.  He indicated that a replacement for him on the ISAC board should be made in January.   Joel Rohne indicated that he might be interested in the position.
    1. Membership, Nomination & Awards -Wayne reported that Amy Satthoff could replace Mark Castenson as the third member of the Scholarship Committee.  Joel Rohne moved, Shawn Olson seconded that Amy be appointed to the Scholarship Committee, motion passed.
    1. Scott Williams is also a member of the CoSTAR committee.  He has been talking to Hank Mason about replacing him on the committee.  Hank would be interested but would need to talk to his Board about his participation before he could commit.
    1. Amy Satthoff is willing to serve on the ETC Advisory Committee.
    1. Wayne provided information about the Kansas Leadership Center training.   Bill Peterson has had several staff attend the training.
    1. ICIT will look into another Strategic Planning Session. It was beneficial to have a trained facilitator.   It was suggested that it could be held in the Des Moines/Ames area this fall or possibly in March.  Kim and Joel will get some information from the group that worked with ISAC.
    2. Iowa Land Records – Scott Williams currently represents ICIT on this committee.  He has talked to Jon Lubke about it and Jon would be willing to serve on that committee.   Kelsi will need to send a letter to the Recorder’s association proposing Jon’s appointment to that committee.
    1. IGIC will be having their conference in Iowa next year.
    1. CIAO will be meeting in September.
    1. EIGIS – Eastern Iowa GIS group will be meeting November 6.  Jason also indicated that the sixth district GIS managers group was planning a meeting.  That is would be a smaller group to give everyone a chance to talk about their projects.
    1. Tech Team – Joel reported that the National Association of Counties meeting was a great experience.   Congratulations again for the excellence award!

John Fitzgerald from SANS will apply for the SC Magazine award.   Wayne Chizek worked on the application for the Harvard Excellence in Technology.   The top prize for this award is $100,000.

Micah Van Maanen will be attending the MSISAC meeting with Jeff Franklin.

Nick Janzen reported that GIS training is being provided to the Assessor’s affiliate in early September.  There will be intermediate and beginner training levels.   They could still use some floaters to assist the training.  There will also be GIS training provided to the Zoning group at the fall school.

Page County had an abbreviated session.

Wright County is looking at IT now and later possibly hiring a GIS coordinator later.

Other counties that are in progress include Poweshiek and Mahaska.   Greene County requested input on server replacement.   Warren County is another potential visit.

  1. Unfinished Business – James Nehring arrived late and indicated that he was working on getting candidates for the positions that would be voted on at the fall school.
  1. Adjournment – Shawn Olson moved and Michelle Fields seconded to adjourn the meeting, motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 1:15.

Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary