Agenda – June 11, 2014 –11:00 am

  1. Kelsi Jurek called the meeting to order
  2. Approval of March 13, 2013 minutes moved by Kirby Winter and seconded by Hank Mason, motion carried.
  3. Financial and Membership Report
    There are 23 new members since last June. The new members were introduced. There are 127 current members.
  4. ICIT Committee Activities
    1. Legislative – no report
    2. Membership, Nomination & Awards – no report
    3. Education & Schools – We will need a new chair of the Education and Schools Committee since Lindsay Bressler has a new job and will be resigning from that position.
    4. On-Line Services – Scott Williams reported that the new website is almost done. Scott reviewed the conference interactive agenda.
    5. Audit – no report
    6. GIS-DR – Jason Siebrecht reported that he will be scheduling a meeting soon to discuss ongoing projects including an update of the application and moving it to a virtual infrastructure
    7. Information Security – no report
    8. MidYear – Aarrh!
  5. Organization Updates
    1. ISAC Executive Board – Wayne talked about COSTAR and their plan to host a technology summit similar to one that several attended in Texas. At that conference IT members were partnered with elected officials and were available to answer questions that they had and explain terms etc.
    2. Iowa Land Records – no report
    3. IGIC – Joel talked about IGIC and reported on the GIS CORE group that helps with disaster assistance projects.
    4. CIAO – Matt reported that they had a presentation on the Parcel Fabric at their meeting in April. The next meeting will be held in September.
    5. EIGIS – no report
    6. Tech Team – Joel asked for volunteers to be on a tech team asking them to email him if they were interested in participating. It is a learning experience for everyone involved. GIS training was provided to the Assessor’s affiliate. Matt Boeck has been developing utube videos for GIS processes. The Friday presentations at the conference will be focused on disaster recovery. The Tech Team has been nominated for a technology
      award at the National Association of Counties. Joel also reported that they are working on coordinating an ELA for Adobe licensing.
  6. Other Business – none

Adjournment – Micah Cutler moved and Paula Lempke seconded adjournment, motion carried.
Respectfully submitted

Kim Veeder, Secretary