Agenda — March 13, 2014 — 3:15 pm

Kelsi Jurik called the meeting to order at 3:15.

Wayne Chizek moved and Nick Janzen seconded the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.

Micah moved and Jeff Rodda seconded the approval of the January 11, 2014 Board meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Financial and Membership Report:

Alissa reported that we have 209 members and a balance of 19836.19.

ICIT Committee Activities


Jeff Rodda reported that the second funnel is coming up. Several issues were reported: drone restrictions, drainage districts, broadband/expansion of the ICN.

Membership, Nomination & Awards

There was no report.

Education & Schools

Assessor joint training on CAMA with Vanguard

The committee would like suggestions for fall school.

On-Line Services

Scott reported that he is very close to getting the new site online. He would like feedback on the design.


There was no report.


The committee met recently. There were some issues with the conversion to a virtual environment but it is working now.

Software has been purchased to create training/help desk videos.

Mark Castenson is leaving the committee and a replacement needs to be appointed.

Information Security

There was no report.


Jeff Miller reported that the mid-year is pirate-themed, that the program is close to being completed and that half of the vendor booths have been purchased.

Organization Updates

ISAC Executive Board

The ISAC education foundation fundraising committee would like a representative from ICIT. The cyber security symposium will be held in Omaha in April. There will be two tracks, one for IT and one for administration-level. ISAC budget report included a dues increase, registration fees increase, and a 3% increase for personnel.


Education plan includes data collection profile of counties, cyber security webinars, use of technology. They will be including an article in the county magazine of best practices.

Bob Smith what is IT

Link from the ISAC website

Using ICIT and Costar together to provide information/training and not overlap services.

One option is a tech conference for management based on experience in Texas. At their conference attendees had a tech support person or “mentor” who would attend with someone less technical to explain general items. They will also have a survey for session topics. The Tech session was the highest-rated session at the last ISAC meeting. Scott Williams is the vice chair of the committee.

Scholarship Report

The scholarship committee awarded scholarships of $1,000 each to Alex and Jordan.

Iowa Land Records

Scott reported that organizational review


A presentation by DOT Google/DOT next flight 6-inch color DOT lease program to access data.

Counties can contract with Google on a 3-year cycle.

MAGIC conference in April

GIS training session

CIAO — Their next meeting will be held April 4.

EIGIS — Their next meeting will be held April 3 and will include a roundtable discussion.

Tech Team

An emergency response training is scheduled the Friday of the conference and will include a tabletop exercise. Tech Team would like to expand working with EMA.

They held a GIS training day at Kirkwood.

They are working on a video for training to be posted on YouTube.

Harrison County — Micah Van Mahan will be heading that team.

Wright County is a future project that will need to be approved by the board.

Page County received good referrals from counties that they worked with in the past.

Other counties have been in contact with Joel. They are looking for team members for future project.

Smokey D’s party room has been reserved for tonight. All ICIT members are welcome to attend.

ICIT Budget

ICIT does not have a formal budget. Our revenue is membership dues and conference profits. Alissa, Sean and Wayne have volunteered to work on a budget. Items that have been proposed for purchase include software for videotaping training, tools for the tech team and allocations for district meetings. It was approved at the last meeting to provide up to $22 per member per district for their individual meetings.

Unfinished Business

Paul Culver was appointed to represent District 5 on the ICIT Board.

Other Business

Looking Forward — What kinds of educational opportunities would members like to have?