President Kelsi Jurik called the ICIT Board Meeting to order January 31, 2014 at 9:00 at the ISAC Offices.

The following persons were in attendance: Kelsi Jurik, Gabe Johanns, Alissa Julius, Joel Rohne, Micah Cutler, Shawn Olson. Lindsay Bressler, Jeff Rodda, Scott Willams, Jason Siebrecht, Wayne Chizek, and Kim Veeder

Shawn Olson moved the approval of previous meeting minutes with correction of spelling error of Jeff Rodda’s name, seconded by Jeff Rodda, approved unanimously,

Kelsi requested that we amend the agenda to include the replacement of District 5 representative.
Jordan Scupien informed the Board that he will need to resign from the board as he will be leaving his position in Wapello County.

Shawn Olson moved and Joel Rohne seconded the approval of the agenda with that addition.

Financial and Membership Report
Alissa Julius reported that there are currently 110 members and a balance of $22,699.39.
She also provided detailed payment reports for 2012 and 2013.
Shawn Olson suggested that we include payment history in our approval of the Financial Report. The Audit should have been done at the fall ISAC meeting. It was not.
Shawn Olson moved, Joel Rohne seconded approval of the Financial Report, approved unanimously.

Wayne suggested that we discuss having an archive of documents to make it easier to access historical information.

ICIT Committee Activities
Legislative – Jeff Rodda and Micah Cutler
Study bills on taxes
Gas tax
Access of ICN – ICN use is a policy statement in the ISAC package
Jeff Rodda and Micah Cutler access the Legislative tracking application/ISAC updates to keep on track of legislation

Membership, Nomination & Awards – James Nehring was not present

Education & Schools – Lindsay Bressler
The Spring ISAC schedule is due today.
The schedule has ICIT meeting at the EOC in Johnston on Friday. Wayne said that since we weren’t able to switch our lunch he suggested that ICIT get lunch from the nearby Radisson catering. Meal options would be $11-12. That to simplify the payment we charge attendees $10.00 and supplement the remainder of the cost for lunch. Depending on how early the program started we might want to have something for breakfast.

Shawn Olson moved that ICIT cover anything over the $10.00. Upon further discussion Shawn rescinded his motion.

Gabe Johanns moved that ICIT cover the entire amount. Micah Cutler seconded the motion, approved unanimously. Jason suggested that we should require registration to the ISAC to attend Friday’s training.

National Association of Counties IT contact, Bert Jarreau will be meeting with ICIT at the ISAC meeting.

There will be a meeting with the Supervisors to discuss expansion of broadband

There will be presentations in the morning and a table top exercise in the afternoon Friday at the EOC. Micah suggested that we proved specific information about the program to members. It will include NIMS and Incident Commander training. Shawn and Joel are planning the event.

Gabe reported that he had more than enough volunteers for the County Day event. Gabe was looking for any handouts. Joel indicated that we have used all of the security pamphlets. Kim will see if she has a copy of the ICIT pamphlet. It would need to be updated with current board information.
Gabe will get cookies.

On-Line Services – Scott Williams
Scott has been working on the Mid-year conference registration.
Scott expects that he should have the new site ready by spring School. He reported that uploading content will be easier in the new site. He had some concerns on the search function.

GIS-DR – Jason Siebrecht

Jason will be scheduling a meeting to discuss their budget (potentially before the spring ISAC meeting). Funding options include training on how to upload data to the repository. It was suggested that Matt Boeck work on a video for that process. Wayne suggested that they fund a programmer to create scripts for counties. Infrastructure needs to be addressed. Jason suggested that imagery could be included if the data was stored in the cloud.

Information Security
Kelsi suggested that we should discuss the possibility of replacing Colin Gerst. After discussion Kelsi will contact Colin to see if he is still interested and if necessary replace him. Potential replacements include Chopper or Micah Van Maanan

Jason reported that we were on schedule with conference preparations.

Organization Updates
ISAC Executive Board – Wayne Chizek
The ISAC Board added two previous past presidents to the board to add continuity. This was driven by turnover of affiliate representation on the board.

CoStar budget committee will be meeting next week.

Co-star $10,000 budget committee
Education CoStar, ISAC members, Pay it Forward group will meet next week to discuss
Education committee working on a plan, data collection, survey, cyber security, webinar templates column in the ISAC magazine
All day tech conference for county officials – providing a mentor for that day

Jon Lubke and James Nehring have asked to be removed from the CoStar board.
Kelsi Jurik and Scott Williams volunteered to be their replacements.

Wayne asked if we were going to have a Hospitality Room at the Spring ISAC meeting. In the past we paid for the hotel room and a vendor supplied the beverages and food. Micah V. offered to contact IP Pathways to see if they would support a hospitality room. Alliance Technology might be another potential vendor

Joel Rohne moved to pay for the hotel hospitality room with a vendor funding the drinks and food. Seconded by Gabe, approved unanimously,

Kelsi will send an email to the vendors to give equal opportunity to fund the hospitality room.

Wayne reported that the ICIT gadget presentation got the best survey results

Iowa Land Records – Scott Williams
Scott Williams reported that submissions were down.

Scott reported that there will be a reimbursement of maintenance fee to counties project funds from the fees sliding fee based on the percentage of esubmissions. There will be a minimum reimbursement amount for each county.
Surveyors are pushing to see the improvement of images and indexing.

IGIC – Micah Cutler
Presentations from the last meeting:
Jason Dolf and David Crowell – US National Grid
Google imaging program – DOT
Leasing 6 inch color 1 meter – contacted them as a county
The Geology department is being eliminated at the University of Iowa. Jim will begin working at the ISU extension.

The MAGIC Conference is in April 2014, Joel and Micah will be presenting

EIGIS – Jason Siebrecht
The next meeting is scheduled in April. ESRI presented at their last meeting. Jason reported that ESRI Steve Kinzey retired.

Tech Team – Joel Rohne
Shawn/Wayne approval the forms that were Joel with Kristi’s input the volunteer agreement and
Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plan.

Upcoming projects:
Harrison Co – Jeremy/Micah February
Wright Co – Gabe will be heading
Poweshiek Co – James is scheduling with county
Page Co – possibly as late as June
Cerro Gordo Co – meeting with Andy (Scott, Gabe, Micah, and Joel) just a day
Clark Co – possible later this year
Wapello Co– have hired staff as a result of tech evaluation

The last GIS training day was attended primarily by assessors. Micah reported that it was helpful that they could tailor their examples to their requirements.

The next training is scheduled for March 20 at Kirkwood Community College. It will be advanced GIS topic.

Joel provided a list of items that the Tech Team could use for their technology evaluations and training.

Software cost for developing the video
Camstudio recording – free
Camtasia recording/post production
Moviemaker post production – free

Jason might be able to provide infrastructure/ESRI licensing starting in July.

Another resource request would be software for tech team reporting.

Scott has talked to the vendor about CJWDEV licensing for multiple users

Micah Cutler and Joel Rohne provided their proposal for 3 workshops for a total of $1,800.

Shawn asked about how they advertised their sessions. Micah said that they have used the GIS user training group and the ISAC mailing lists sending it to affiliate presidents/school education chair. Other affiliates have been the audience for this training in the past. The next scheduled training will be advanced GIS topics.

Joel suggested ISAC go to meeting training, outreach and education. There is a charge for us to use – CoStar could support expense.

The EVMS project is funded through 2015. Another option could be Landguard – vulnerability tool/patch tool – 30 day free trials for counties, more in depth, can provide daily reports. HIPAA reports are available.

Allison is able to schedule a five minute video “Securing the Human”.

Shawn concerns on limited use by select individuals for the purchased software.

Joel suggested that the Tech advocate could distribute what the tech teams would need for their evaluation project. It could be an issue who has what when and where.

Joel asked if ICIT could pay the expenses for team members who are job shadowing.
Scott said that the evaluated county should pay for all of the project team. That everyone has a contribution. The consensus is that the county should pay for everyone that participates in the evaluation.

Joel suggested that ICIT could provide regular security information updates. Possibly emails from ICIT, Co-Star, or Robin. Additionally have a regular column in the ISAC County magazine.

Wayne presented the 2013 Mid-Year Profit distribution proposal by the Mid-year Committee.

Distribution of funding by person for the district meeting
$3000 for current ICIT members training

We discussed having a formal budget for known expenses. In reviewing the payment report provided by Alissa the following items were listed:

Website costs – $120
Scholarship – $2000
Quicken Books
ISAC fees $390 for conference for screens/sound system
District meetings $1200
Board meeting expenses $80 a meeting
Hospitality room expenses

Jason suggested that the district meetings would encourage participation in ICIT
Wayne, Alyssa, Shawn agreed to be a work on preparing a budget for fiscal year.
Budget to be available at the midyear conference

Micah moved no more than $600 for food for Advanced GIS training March 2014. Start with ICIT membership list Joel seconded, motion approved, Shawn dissenting

Wayne moved to approve additional funding $1200 for district meeting for a total of per person for each district $22.00 to be completed by June 30. Gabe seconded, motion was approved unanimously.

By the end of the fiscal year we would have the financial results of the ICIT conference.

The ICIT Scholarship has been approved through 2015. Wayne reported that we have four interviews scheduled on February 12. Mark Castenson has been on the committee with Wayne and Kim for the past several years. He will be unable to participate this year. Wayne asked if anyone would like to be another judge.

We discussed creating a subcommittee to organize an archive of ICIT documents.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:18