9:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Veeder Conference Room, ISAC Offices
Des Moines, IA

ICIT Executive Board Members (X – in attendance)

X President: Kim Veeder, Black Hawk County
X Vice President: Joel Rohne, Worth County
X Sec/Treasurer: Mark Castenson, Warren County
X Past President: Matt Boeck, Story County
Technology Advocate: Kirby Winter, Hamilton County
District 1 Rep: Sandra Hunter, Story County
X District 2 Rep: Jon Lubke, Winneshiek County
District 3 Rep: Shawn Olson, Plymouth County
District 4 Rep: Anthony Kava, Pottawattamie County
X District 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, Des Moines County
X District 6 Rep: Jean Schulz, Johnson County
X ISAC Board Representative: Wayne Chizek, Marshall County
X Robin Harlow, ISAC


1. Call meeting to order
The meeting was called to order at 9:44 am.

2. Financial and Membership Report

a. Mark reported that there is over $28,200 in the ICIT checking acct.
b. There are 102 paid members.

3. ICIT Committee activities

a. Education & Schools Wayne mentioned that it was stressful to get the spring school agenda together. He also mentioned that Micah Van Maanen was interested in a leadership role with this committee. Anything the board would like at either of the schools would be appreciated.

b. Legislative – Steering Committee Report Jeff reported that the 2nd funnel was last week and the ICN bill will have to wait until next year. The recorders bill was deferred until next year.

c. Membership & Awards

d. On-Line Services Scott reported that he has been working on the midyear website.

e. Cadastral Jason reported that they have met and are working on a framework document of guidelines. It is a work in progress. They are looking at having some sessions at the Mid-Year Conference.

f. Web user group

g. Information Security

h. ICIT Technology Scholarship Report Kim mentioned that her and Matt had forgot to mention the scholarship at Spring School. Kim was looking for direction from the board. The issues was decided to be tabled.

4. Organization updates

a. ISAC Executive Board Wayne reported that David Vestal has resigned April 1. Wayne also mentioned that Matt Boeck, Kim Veeder and himself attended to the County Day at the State Capitol. Wayne mentioned what they displayed at their table. They met a lot with county officials as well as legislators. It was good exposure for the organization and technology. Wayne also mentioned that ISAC is looking at where counties will be in 2020.

b. GIS Data Repository Wayne reported that Scott is rewriting the application. Scott mentioned why he is rewriting due to the other developer not meeting our specifications. Scott is now developing the site in Python. He has a few things that need to be done before publishing the new rewritten site. Wayne mentioned there might be some training at the midyear conference. Wayne is also looking at hiring an intern with half time going toward the GIS Data Repository.

c. E-Recording Committee Scott mentioned that they met last Wednesday. They selected a redaction company (CSI). They are out of Florida. Ray McDonald, Luann Schmitt and Scott were on this committee to look over the RFP’s. There were 4 companies they looked at and CSI was chosen. There also looking at having a private and public site for recorded documents. The private site would not have any redacted data and would be in a tiff format. The public site would have redacted images and be in .pdf format. The redaction process is subject to funding. The funding would come from a $2 charge on recorded documents. Legislation is pending.

d. CREEGAC/CREW Scott mentioned there was a meeting the day before Spring ISAC. Ken Kline gave an overview of the site. The treasurers are moving forward with the project. Ken is project manager of the project. There is another meeting on the 24th of April. Their website is crew.iowa.gov.

e. IGIC Their conference is next week in Waterloo.

f. CIAO They met last month.

g. EIGIS They cancelled their meeting last week due to the IGIC conference. Their next meeting date will be in July.

5. Laptop replacement for Secretary/Treasurer
Mark mentioned that the laptop for ICIT is running 6 years old and getting out of date and should be replaced. There was a motion from Joel to spend up to $1,200 for a new laptop for ICIT. Second by Jon Lubke. Motion carries.

6. County Parcel Count Survey
Wayne mentioned that Ray Willis talked to him about a survey of the counties and their parcel count. Ray would like to have this information posted on the ICIT website. The survey was conducted recently.

7. 2009 Mid-Year Conference update
Wayne mentioned the planning is going great. There is some concern about the number of exhibitors due to the economy. We will be sending out more emails and reminders of the conference. The agenda and sessions are coming along great. We will be having some good speakers/entertainment as well as education sessions. We have scaled back on a lot of things due to the economy and numbers. Wayne went over the food in general. Matt went over the agenda for the conference.
Wayne also mentioned that the CTC committee has decided to come up with funds to send up to 30 individuals and for up to $100 to the mid-year conference for one day. Wayne mentioned that Thursday would be the day for them to come for one day to the conference. These individuals that would come would be from counties that do not have or not much of a technology presence in their respective counties. Gina made a motion to waive the $25 membership fee for those individuals who would attend the conference from CTC funds and to pay the mailing costs of ICIT brochures to nonmember counties. Second by Jean Schulz. Motion carries.

8. Future Conference Locations discussion Kim brought up discussion on the future ICIT Mid-Year Conferences.
Kim asked the district reps to bring any responses from their districts. Most of the responses were to have the conference in a central location. There was responses to have the conference in all districts and much discussion on what type of facilities could host the conference. There was discussion on getting more people involved in ICIT and having district meetings.

9. ICIT Organization Strategic Plan Wayne brought up discussion on the idea of having an organization strategic plan. ICIT has accomplished a lot in its short life.
Wayne discussed that ICIT should look at more of a leadership role than support role. Wayne discussed the idea of having a 2 day retreat to discuss where ICIT will be in 5 years. He also suggested that we use the $2,000 that normally would be used for conference scholarships be used toward a 2 day retreat.
Joel made a motion to have a 2 day organization strategic plan retreat to include board members and committee chairs and other members who have had leadership roles determined by the board in September. Matt Boeck seconded the motion. Motion carries unanimously.

10. CTC Committee Report
Robin Harlow reported that 2 counties are looking at Citizen Action Request where citizens can send requests to the counties. He also reported that the committee is working with those counties that do not have a website. The committee is changing its name from CTC to Co-STAR (Counties Strategic )

11. Broadband Initiative
Robin also discussed the broadband initiative that it is going on nationally as well. There has been $350 million dollars allocated nationwide to map broadband access by state at the street level. 12. ICIT mailing to counties without current ICIT membership

13. Old Business

14. New Business

15. Next meeting and adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 2:44 pm.