Committee reports, GISDR update, policy discussion, 2008 Mid-Year update

ICIT Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes
9:30 a.m.  Friday January 25, 2008
ISAC Offices
501 SW 7th St, Suite Q
Des Moines, Iowa

ICIT Executive Board Members  (X – in attendance)

X  President:    Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Story)
X  Vice President:    Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)
X  Sec./Treas.:  Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren)
X  Past President:  Micah Van Maanen, IT Director (Sioux)
Tech. Advocate:   Kirby Winter, IT Director (Hardin/Franklin)
X  District 1 Rep:  Sandra Hunter, IT Director (Story)
District 2 Rep:  Joel Rohne, IT/GIS Director (Worth)
X  District 3 Rep:  Shawn Olson, IT/GIS Administrator (Plymouth)
X  District 4 Rep:  David Bayer, GIS Coordinator (Pottawattamie)
District 5 Rep:  Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
X  District 6 Rep:  Jean Schultz, IT Director (Johnson)

ICIT Committee Chairs

X   ISAC Board Representative: Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
Education and Schools:  Cory Hines (Linn)
X   Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X   Membership & Awards:  Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
X   On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
X   Cadastral:  Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
Web-User:  Mitch Tollerud (Scott)

X   ISAC Technology Project Manager:  Robin Harlow (ISAC)


1.  Call meeting to order
The meeting was called to order at 9:48 a.m.

a. Financial and Membership Report
Mark reported that there is $28,840.61 in the ICIT checking account.  There is 126 paid members.

2.  ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Scott reported that Kirby will not be here today.  Wayne reported that nothing has been done up to this point.  Matt opened it up to suggestions on what to do.  David Bayer mentioned that he could come up with a presentation.  Micah Van Maanen and Scott Williams mentioned they could come up with topics.

b. Legislative – Steering Committee Report
Jeff reported

c. Membership & Awards
Micah has nothing to report.

d. On-Line Services
Scott reported that he is waiting for Mid-Year information.

e. Cadastral
Jason reported that the committee met in October and they have created a draft document on Google website.  This way people can provide comments.  Mark Dupree from Sidwell was a help in the initial meeting.  The committee has not met since.

f. Web Technology
Mitch was absent.  Sandra was not sure what they have done.

3. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
Wayne reported the Leadership Conference was great and the excersise and role playing activities were beneficial.  Wayne also reported on the ETC Committee.  He is now the chair of this committee. The Comis project is now called the County CSN (Community Services Network) project.  Wayne also reported that the IDOT would like to have a county GIS contact to help out with their I-80 Corridor project.  Wayne recommended that Rick Havel be the contact.  Matt Boeck will talk with Rick Havel about this.

Wayne reported that the committee met yesterday and got alot accomplished.  There will be 4 folders, Open, Limited, Other (which can be aliased), and Restricted.  Users will be able to browse data, but not download unless they have priviliges.  The committee members hope to have data in their folders by the end of February.  Wayne also mentioned the committee is looking at creating a user guide to the website.  There might be a presentation on this at the Spring ISAC School.  Wayne also talked about the possibility of having contracts with counties or not having them at all.  The site will be able to handle .zip files and .pdf files.  The site will also look at .xml files as metadata files.  Jay Geisen from Johnson County  has developed an upload script.

c. E-Recording Committee
Scott reported that the committee recomended that the Recorders of each county put in their budgets in $3,000/year for maintenance of the website.  Scott mentioned there are negotiations with a few companies that are data mining from the Iowa Land Records Website.

Scott and Matt reported that the website is close to being made public.  The testing phase is very close.  The web services are ready to go for all the affiliates.

Matt reported they  have been working on the ROI project.  They are looking at helping out the have-not counties with GIS data.  There was also discussion on the NAIP photography.

Nothing to report.

Jason reported that they cancelled the January meeting and have rescheduled to April.

Nothing to report.

4.  ISAC Technology Advisory Board
Robin reported that they will be presenting  to the ISAC Board in February.  They will be going over the 6 goals of this advisory board.

5.  ICIT Policy Discussion
a. Payment for travel to ICIT Board Meetings
There was discussion on if any affiliates pay for travel expenses for their boards to meet.  The thoughts were that none of the other affiliates pay for travel expenses for their board meetings.  There was discussion on why people might not come due to financial hardship or time committment. The issue has been tabled until furhter information can be gathered.  Jean Schultz will be talking with the other affiliates.

b. Payment for speakers at Mid Year Conference
No action was taken.

c. GIS/IT Scholarships
Matt brought up the idea of should we keep doing this or not.  The consensus of the board was to keep this going.  Matt suggested that we put possible conference ideas along with the registration form.

6. Lunch
7. ISAC Leadership Conference
Wayne discussed the speakers at the conference and the fees associated as possible speakers at future ICIT conferences.

8. 2008 Mid Year update
Micah discussed the hapenings thus far for the upcoming Mid-Year.  There will be a meeting next week at Sioux City for the committee.  They have a speaker for the Mid-Year Conference.  They are working on registration gift.  They are also working on a flyer for the Spring School.  They are also looking at having another ice-breaker session/social session.

9. Old Business
Shawn talked about our last meeting when we discussed the idea of having a picture directory. There was much discussion on this.  Scott, Shawn and Sandra will be spear heading this.

10. New Business
Wayne mentioned that he sent out an email to District 1 in regards to next year’s Mid-Year Conference.

Scott mentioned that the Sleuth Conference will be the same time as the Spring School.

Wayne brought up the idea of having someone from the League of Cities to have a registration paid for at the Mid-Year Conference.  Mark made a motion to have ICIT sponsor one (1) registration to the ICIT 2008 Mid-Year Conference for the League of Cities.  Shawn seconded the motion.  Motion carries unanimously.

Jason mentioned that Linn County is going to PG Govern for their tax administration package.

Micah made a motion to give a $100 gift certificate from Lee Valley to Jerri Noboa for her retirement gift from ICIT.  Sandr seconded the motion.  Motion carries.

11. Next meeting and adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 1:46 p.m.