ICIT Spring School Business Meeting Agenda/Minutes
12:30 p.m. Monday, March 19, 2007
Room 308, Renaissance Savery Hotel
Des Moines, Iowa

ICIT Executive Board Members  (X – in attendance)

X   President:   Micah Van Maanen, IT Director (Sioux)
X   Vice President:   Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Story)
X   Sec./Treas.:  Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren)
X   Past President:  Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator (Linn)
X   Tech. Advocate:   Kirby Winter, IT Director (Hardin/Franklin)
District 1 Rep:  Sandra Hunter, IT Director (Story)
X   District 2 Rep:  Joel Rohne, IT/GIS Director (Worth)
District 3 Rep:  Shawn Olson, IT/GIS Administrator (Plymouth)
X   District 4 Rep:  David Bayer, GIS Coordinator (Pottawattamie)
X   District 5 Rep:  Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
X   District 6 Rep:  Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

ICIT Committee Chairs

X   ISAC Board Representative: Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
X   Education and Schools:  Cory Hines (Linn)
Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X   Membership & Awards:  Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
X   On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
Business Continuation:
Cadastral:  Ray Willis (Polk)
X   Web-User:  Matt Emerson (Story)

Robin Harlow (ISAC)

1. Call meeting to order
The meeting was called to order by Micah Van Maanen at 12:34 pm.

2. Financial and Membership Report
Mark reported  that there is a little under $23,000 in the check book and 110 members.

3. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Cory mentioned that this will be the last school he will be heading up.

b. Legislative Steering Committee Report
No report given.

c. Membership & Awards
Jason mentioned he will be conducting his part of the group later in the business meeting.

d. On-Line Services
Scott mentioned that he has moved all of the ICIT infrastructure to their own servers, still owned by Marshall County.  Registration is up for the Mid-Year Conference and he is almost ready for the ESRI Training courses to be offered.

e. Cadastral
No report given.

f. Web user group – ACTION ITEM
Micah mentioned that this is to be an action item.  Matt Emerson also discussed the purpose of this user group.  Mitch Tollerud talked about having an assessment of what is going on in the state in relation to web, and legal issues.  This will reflect what needs are out there for the counties in Iowa.  There was a motion by Randy Snyder to add the web technology group as a committee under ICIT.  Seconded by Kirby Winter.  Motion carries.

4. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
Wayne Chizek brought up the happenings of the ISAC Board.  He mentioned that they have been dealing with the ISAC budget.  The lease of ISAC’s offices is up in 2009 and looking at possibly moving due to lack of space.

Wayne metioned that not much has happened since September.  Wayne would like to meet with this committee to meet after this meeting.

c. E-Recording Committee
Scott mentioned that he is the ICIT appointee on the Recorder’s governing board.  Scott would like to thank them for this.  Scott mentioned that Iowa is ahead of every state in the nation in regards to e-recording.

d. Iowa Real Estate Online Committee  (Formerly known as CREEGAC)
Matt Boeck mentioned that they got a grant from Iowa Access for about $140,000 to develop the website.  Ken Kline is going around the state to show what the website will do.  They are also trying to get approval from the 4 main affiliates to go ahead with the web portal.  Scott mentioned that there is an opportunity to provide links back to the county websites through the CREEGAC web portal.

Micah Cutler mentioned that their conference is in April and will be in Sioux City.  ESRI will be there in full force offering many training course opportunities.  Early registration ends end of March.  She also mentioned the GIS Software RFP process is under way and in the final stages.  The RFP is written in a way to be multi-awardee oriented.  She also mentioned that the LiDAR project is underway and 2 counties were flown this past fall in NW Iowa.    The project does not include aerial photography, but they are looking at other alternatives to fund aerials.  She reported that USGS has awarded Iowa $200,000 for aerial photography and will fly the state for that money.  IGIC has received a CAP Grant from the FGDC to develop a plan to get GIS in the counties that do not have it.

There is nothing to report from this organization.

Jason reported that the next meeting is April 11 @ Wickiup Hills in Linn County.  They are looking at involving the local community.

5. District Representative meetings and nominations
Jason reported that there are 2 nominations for VP, Randy Synder, Warren County and Pete Buckingham, Washington County.    Mark Castenson is also nominated for Sec/Treasurer.  Mary made a motion to accept the nominations as presented.  Second by Wayne Chizek.  Motion Carries.   Pete Buckingham made a motion to accept the nomination of Mark as Sec/Treasuer.  Second by Wayne Chizek.  Motion carries.
District 1 has nominated Sandra Hunter
District 3 has nominated Shawn Olson
District 5 has nominated Gina Erickson

6. ESRI Summer Training Courses
Mark reported that there are 12 courses that we would like to offer.  He will be working with Scott to get the info to the ICIT website.

7. Mid-Year Conference 2007 update
Pete mentioned the happenings of the Mid-Year Conference proceedings.  Registration has opened online.  You can register online at the ICIT website.  Pete mentioned that Wed will be a fun, get to know you day.  Thursday will be the educational day.  Friday will be a fun hands on day.  There will be 4 tracks offered.  2-IT and 2-GIS tracks.  Some tracks will be combined. The Conference will take place at the new Riverside Casino.  Friday there will be a competitive Geocache.

8. GIS and IT Conference Scholarship Drawing
Jason did a drawing for the GIS and IT scholarship.  The winner for the GIS Scholarship is Suzanne McCollough from Winnebago County.  The winner for the IT Scholarship is Steve Troester from Linn County.  Congratulations to them both.

9. Old Business
10. New Business
Wayne mentioned that ICIT has awarded a $2,000 scholarship to Maggy Smit from Wellman, Iowa.  Her dad works for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  Wayne mentioned her activities and awards she has participated in.  Congratulations, Maggy!  She plans to attend Iowa State University.

Micah Cutler mentioned that IGIC will be doing a workshop on Intro to GIS.  It is not an ESRI-sponsored class.

11. Next meeting and adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 1:37 pm.