Committee Reports, Elections, Report from scholarship winners

ICIT Business Meeting Minutes
12:30 p.m  Thursday November 30, 2006
Waterloo Room, Des Moines Marriott
Des Moines, Iowa
ICIT Executive Board Members  (X – in attendance)

X  President:  Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator (Linn)
Vice President:  Micah Van Maanen, IT Director (Sioux)
X  Sec./Treas.:  Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren)
X  Past President:  Micah Cutler, GIS Coordinator (Franklin/Hardin)
Tech. Advocate:  Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Story)
X  District 1 Rep:  Sandra Hunter, IT Director (Story)
District 2 Rep:  Jon Lubke, GIS Coordinator (Winneshiek/Fayette)
District 3 Rep:  Shawn Olson, IT/GIS Adminstrator (Plymouth)
District 4 Rep:  Jerry Lawson, GIS Coordinator (Shelby)
X  District 5 Rep:  Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
X  District 6 Rep:  Kim Veeder, Systems Analyst (Black Hawk)
ICIT Committee Chairs

Education and Schools:  Cory Hines (Linn)
X  Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X  Membership & Awards:  Micah Cutler (Harrison)
X  On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
X  Business Continuation:  Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)
Cadastral:  Ray Willis (Polk)

X  ISAC Affiliate Representative:  Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)

1. Call meeting to order
Jason called the meeting to order at 12:37 p.m.

2. Financial and Membership Report
Mark gave the financial report.  He reported that there is $25,585.97 in the ICIT account.  There are 100 paid members, as well as 4 sustaining associate members.

3. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Cory was absent.  He is still looking for ideas for the spring school and will be working with the Mid-Year committee.  Wayne asked if there were any training ideas for the future.  David Bayer mentioned that Pottawattamie county has 2 ArcGIS certified instructors.  Theresa mentioned it would be good to continue on what we had last year in regards to the ESRI training.  ArcGIS Server was mentioned as a possibility.  Also, the idea of transitioning to ArcGIS Server (SDE & IMS).  Jason mentioned the possibility of having the GIS users group, Eastern Iowa & Central Iowa.

b. Legislative Steering Committee Report
Jeff mentioned the ISAC legislative priorities and encouraged everyone to look at the technology parts.  Jeff has not heard of any specific bills to be up at the Hill.

c. Membership & Awards
Micah reported that they will need to have people on the awards committee.

d. Business Continuation
Jim suggested to change the name of the committee to HIPPA.  Jim also mentioned that someone will need to chair this committee as he is retiring.  He went over what the committee has done and what would be expected for the committee, and also mentioned it is not a big time committment.

e. On-Line Services
Scott mentioned that the ICIT website will have its own dedicated server.  Scott mentioned that there will be a search engine for mailing list archives as there has been much discussion on this lately.  Scott also has installed a spam filter on the mailing list server to block spam.  There will be some more functionality with registration for the next Mid-Year conference.

f. Cadastral
Ray is absent.  Nothing to report.

4. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
Wayne went over his report.  He mentioned that we should look at affiliate interaction, especially with coordinating agendas.  Wayne also mentioned of utilizing technology to building relationships.  Other affiliates are looking at getting more people to ISAC meetings.

b. GIS DR-ArcGIS Server Grant
Wayne mentioned that the site is now up and already looking at uploading test data.  Wayne also mentioned that we also applied to an ESRI grant with the Engineer’s affiliate for funding for the DR, however, we were not accepted as a recipient.

c. E-Recording Committee
Scott went over the E-Recording report.  He mentioned that 91 counties are now online as e-recording.  They did sign contracts with big national e-recording companies.  He said the project is successful.  Jeff mentioned that the CLRIS site might be higlighted as a national standard.

d. Iowa Real Estate Online Committee  (Formerly known as CREEGAC)
Jim mentioned that the committee has been meeting for awhile.  He went over what the committee is doing.

e. ISAC – County Technology Committee
Micah mentioned that they met face to face for the quarterly meeting.  The next conference will be in Sioux City with Jack Dangermond.  Ashley Super with DAS is working on the ESRI Master Purchase Agreement.  The State of Iowa is requiring a RFP and they will honor ESRI pricing until the RFP is done.  The RFP could include other GIS vendors as well as ESRI.  This temporary fix only applies to existing clients, not new clients.  Micah mentioned that the LiDAR project is underway and will start in western Iowa this spring.  Micah also mentioned that IGIC is looking at other funding alternatives for acquisition aerial photography.

Nothing to report.

Jason reported that they are meeting on Jan 25th in Cedar Rapids.

i. Web User Group (Introducing and describing)
Matt Emerson talked about starting a collaborative effort for webmasters.  He also mentioned having the internet being the 1st point of contact in regards to folks who are new to technology.  Mitch Tollerud also talked of having an assessment done in each county to determine needs.

5. Conference Scholarship presentations
a. IT-   Tony Kava & Tom Crimmins (Pottawattamie County)
They mentioned that they went to DefCon 14.  It is a security conference.  There were 3 tracks of sessions with 10 sessions each.  They went over what they learned from the conference.

b. GIS- Carl Wilburn (Carroll County)
Carl mentioned that he went to Nashville and the URISA 911 Public Safety Conference.  There was a lot of discussion about Hurricane Katrina. There was talk of addressing ordinances.

6. 2007 Mid Year update
Pete mentioned the conference will be at the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Riverside, IA.  There will be 3 tracks, possibly 4 tracks.  There will be a GIS, IT, and a beginner GIS track.  It will be June 6-8, 2007.

7. Elections
a. Officer VP, Sec/Treasurer, Tech Advocate
Current candidate for VP is Matt Boeck,  Current candidate for Sec/Treasurer is Mark Castenson.  Current candidates for Tech Advocate are Kirby Winter, Hardin County, and Lawrence Hartpence, Jasper County.
Wayne made a motion for a unanimous approval for the VP and Sec/Treasurer candidates, seconded by Mary McLaughlin.  There was a vote for Tech Advocate and the winner is: Kirby Winter, Hardin County.
8. District meetings
a. District ( 2,4 & 6) Elections
District 2 elected Joel Rohne, Worth County.     District 4 elected David Bayer, Pottawattamie County.   District 6 elected Kim Veeder, Black Hawk County.

9. Real Estate Users Guide to county information
Jeff went over the users guide that he created for the Bar Association.

10. Old Business
11. New Business 1 known item
Paula mentioned that there is a project out there to find out what each county has for aerial photography.

12. Next meeting and adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 2:41 p.m.