Includes committee reports, discussions with Auditor’s affiliate, CREEGAC update

ICIT Executive Board Meeting
10:00 a.m. Thursday, January 26, 2006
ISAC Office
501 SW 7th St, Suite Q- Conference Room
Des Moines, Iowa

ICIT Executive Board Members

X  President:  Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator (Linn)
X  Vice President:  Micah Van Maanen, IT Director (Sioux)
X  Sec./Treas.:  Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren)
X  Past President:  Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
X  Tech. Advocate:  Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Mahaska)
X  District 1 Rep:  Sandra Hunter, IT Director (Story)
X  District 2 Rep:  Jon Lubke, GIS Coordinator (Winneshiek/Fayette)
X  District 3 Rep:  Shawn Olson, IT/GIS Administrator (Plymouth)
X  District 4 Rep:  Jerry Lawson, GIS Coordinator (Shelby)
X  District 5 Rep:  Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
X  District 6 Rep:  Kim Veeder, Systems Analyst (Black Hawk)

ICIT Committee Chairs

X  Education and Schools:  Cory Hines (Linn)
X  Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X  Membership & Awards:  Micah Cutler (Harrison)
X  On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
X  Business Continuation:  Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)
X  Cadastral:  Ray Willis (Polk)


X  ISAC Executive Board Representative:  Wayne Chizek, (Marshall)
X  Steve Cunningham: (Polk)
X  Randy Snyder: (Warren)
X  Robin Harlow: (ISAC)
X  Marsha Carter: (Shelby)
X  Ken Kline: (Cerro Gordo)

(X – in attendance)


1. Call meeting to order
The meeting was called to order at 10:01 am.  Introductions were made for the first meeting of 2006.

2. Financial and Membership Report
Mark discussed the financial report and there is $16,472.19 in our checking account.  There are 109 paid members with 6 paid associate members.
a. Discuss Credit Card
Discussion on the possibility of credit card.  Wayne discussed the security/liability features of debit vs. credit cards. There was a discussion on limit of purchases.  Motion by Pete that ICIT allow Mark to get a bank card or credit card from WestBank.  Second by Shawn.  Motion carries unanimously.
b. Discuss supply purchases
Discussion by the board on the ability to purchase office supplies.  There was discussion on that was already discussed at previous meetings.  Mark will look into previous minutes about this issue.   Scott brought to attention that previous minutes (May 23, 2002) stated that $50 is allowed as discretionary spending.

3. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Cory passed around the agenda for the 2006 Spring School.  He mentioned he is still waiting on the sheriff’s affiliate for a response for a joint presentation.  He is also trying to be in contact with Campbell Consulting about a possible IT presentation on blade servers.  Also, looking at a LiDAR presentation, possible contact with Chris Ensminger at Iowa DNR.  The deadline for the agenda to be into ISAC is Feb. 8th.  Cory asked if there are any suggestions to the agenda.
i.    Enterprise Resources Program (ERP) – Randy Snyder
Randy discussed ERP more in detail.  NACo is also discussing the issues of ERP programs.  There is a possibility of having a session on ERP programs Wednesday following Spring ISAC.  Randy is looking for ICIT direction on whether it should be ISAC driven, ICIT driven, county driven, or other possibilities.  He also brought up that Iowa is unique in the fact that it uses the Iowa Manual for real property assessment valuations.  The Iowa Manual is up for revisions in the very near future.  Pinellas County, Florida is willing to share their intellectual property and also willing to come up for a meeting.  Microsoft is willing to facilitate the possible meeting on Wednesday after ISAC.   There was talk about what are the standard CAMA packages, such as, Marshall Swift and Beck.  There was talk of having the Iowa Dept of Rev and Finance create an electronic module of the Iowa Manual.  There was discussion of having ICIT sponsor this meeting.  ISAC would be willing to provide a room, but there would be a cost to providing food.  There was a motion by Shawn to have Randy go ahead and reserve a room for this meeting for up to $500 and have a ERP discussion/forum and have ICIT sponsor this meeting and Second by Jon.  Motion carries unanimously.
ii.   ESRI Course sponsorship – Ray
Ray discussed Polk County’s transition to ESRI products for cadastral management.  He also brought up the quotes for ESRI training and the training could be at Polk County Admin Building for up to 12 students.   There was discussion on deadline for cancellation.    Ray is looking to see if ICIT will sponsor this training instead of having Polk County sponsor this training.  There was also discussions of when to have the training.  There was a motion by Micah V to have ICIT sponsor ESRI training at Polk County, second by Jon Lubke.  Motion carries unanimously.

b. Legislative – Steering Committee Reports
Jeff discussed the legislative issues going on this year.  Jeff praised ICIT for their help in the discussions in regards to LiDAR to give to the supervisors’ lobbyists and they are going to support the Iowa LiDAR project.  Jeff also mentioned the ISAC bill tracking website and also provided a handout of “how-to” instructions.  ISAC has asked ICIT for their input on various bills throughout the legislative session.  Jeff also went over the General Assembly timeline for the 2006 session.  Jeff also mentioned some of the ISAC priorities of various bills for the 2006 session.
c. Membership & Awards – County survey online database
Micah C is contacting the members of this committee to make sure we have the right people.  The president’s plaque will be done in November instead of in June.
d. Business Continuation
Nothing to update.
e. On-Line Services
Not much activity.
f. Cadastral – discussion of committee’s future
Ray mentioned that Steve Cunningham has found a website, Oregon Cadastral Map Standards  (www.ormap.org)  Ray went over the chapters associated with this website.  Jeff mentioned that we should look into others as well and choose the best one.  Ray was going to bring this up at there next meeting.  There was a discussion as to what would be next after we suggest a standard.

4. ISAC Technology position introduction and vision (shooting for 10:45)
Robin Harlow introduced himself and gave a little background information about himself.  There was discussion on his role at ISAC and his relationships with the other affiliates.
5. Organization updates
        a. ISAC Executive Board
                i.    Future Make-up of ISAC Meetings
Wayne went over the minutes of the last ISAC board meeting.  Wayne pointed out there will be a change in the format of the Spring and Fall schools.  Also, after 2007, ISAC will not be at the Marriot/Savery in downtown Des Moines. They are looking at moving the Fall School around the state as well as moving the dates.  Spring school will most likely to stay in the Des Moines area and are looking at changing the format of the agenda.  Wayne has asked that ICIT give input to ISAC in regards to the spring school change in format and there was discussion that followed.  There was a recommendation that ISAC be a two day, without a Sunday, and at least a day to day and a half of affiliate sessions.   Wayne mentioned that ISAC has a formal policy on how to handle differences of opinion between affiliates.
                ii.    LiDAR Project
Wayne discussed the talks with the Iowa DNR and LiDAR.  Micah discussed the meeting at the natural resources subcommittee.  There was a lot of interest at this meeting. The time frame of this project is to obtain LiDAR data over 4 years with the possibility aerial photography.  There was talks about possibly having 2 foot pixel resolution statewide if photography is involved.  The project would create 2 foot contours derived from the LiDAR data, but will not meet FEMA flood mapping standards.
        b. GISDR
Jerry Libold is continuing on programming and we are receiving invoices.  www.iowagisdata.org/gisdr   Work is continuing on the project.  Scott mentioned that in the next few weeks there should be more on the registration process.
        c. E-Recording Committee
Scott mentioned that he is the ICIT representative to the Recorders affiliate’s committee.  30 counties are now able to e-record.  Objective is to have 90 counties by March.  By July they are wanting to have land records be able to be e-recorded.  There was also a discussion on CLRIS and some counties are having problems accessing records.
        d. Iowa CIO Summit
Wayne discussed the summit that was held in late November.  There were 70 people at the meeting and it was at the Holiday Inn Airport.  Wayne mentioned that there could be a meeting held in Johnston next time they met.  Wayne is looking to the board if this summit is something ICIT wants to sponsor.  There was a motion by Micah C to have ICIT sponsor food costs at the next summit meeting up to $1,000, second by Kim V.  Motion carries unanimously.
        e. IGIC
Micah C mentioned they  had a board meeting last week and focused on statewide coordinator and LiDAR.
        f. CIAO
Mark stated the next CIAO meeting will be in the next few months.
        g. EIGIS
Jason gave an update and said they met yesterday.  Had 80 people showed up.  Their next meeting is April 13th.

6.  Discuss County Real Estate Electronic Government Advisory Committee (CREEGAC)
a. Future of financial/real estate management systems
Scott went over how this committee was formed and gave an update on this committee.  There was a discussion on ICIT’s role for this committee.  They are exploring the possibility of having two non-voting members added to this committee.
7. 12:00 – Lunch  (continue above discussion through lunch if necessary)

8. 1:00 – Iowa County Engineer’s Service Bureau – 30 minutes
They informed the board that they will not be presenting today due to scheduling conflicts.
9.  ICIT Sponsorship to ESRI Conference and National IT Conference (during lunch if time is available)
There was discussion to see if ICIT wants to sponsor someone to the ESRI conference as well as an IT conference.  Micah V mentioned there is a reputable IT conference in March.  There was discussion on what the requirements would be, how to select the recipient, and costs associated.  There was discussion to give the responsibility of this sponsorship to the Membership and Awards Committee.  There was a motion by Mark C to have ICIT sponsor someone from the ICIT membership for 2 $1,000 scholarships, one to the ESRI Conference and the other to an IT conference approved by the ICIT Board.  Second by Kim V. Motion carries unanimously.
10. Mid-Year Conference 2006 update
Jim discussed the happenings of the planning of the 2006 Mid-Year Conference and the meeting of the committee last week.  The conference will be held at NIACC in Mason City.  Jim showed the bag that will be given to each registrant.  There will also be a little portable radio given as well.  Jim mentioned what will be provided for food during the conference including the banquet dinner.  Jim mentioned that he is looking to the ICIT Board for direction of the food to have on late Wed. afternoon.  Jim passed out the layout of the breakout rooms and the exhibit areas.  Jim also informed the committee of the entertainment for the conference.  Jim also let the board know about the computer rooms that are available on Friday for possible training opportunities.  There was discussion on how much to use the computer labs during the conference.  There was also a discussion on the prizes during each break.  There was a discussion on the possibility of paying the next year’s membership during registration for the conference.
11. Auditor Affiliate discussion (Ken Kline 2:00)
Ken introduced himself to the board.  Ken discussed the makeup of the CREEGAC committee and will be asking to add two members to the committee at the CREEGAC meeting tomorrow.  Ken mentioned the committee met last fall and came up with a vision for a county real estate portal.  He then explained in detail the idea behind the portal.  Ken stated the Auditor’s affiliate is going to be building an independent website, which will include real estate data and possibly transfer book data.  Ken informed the board that the link between the assessor, auditor, and treasurer would most likely be by parcel number.  Ken is looking to ICIT for any direction if any to help the Auditor’s affiliate with their website.  ICIT is very willing to help out the Auditor’s affiliate in their process.  There was also a discussion on the assessor’s affiliate developing a website to retrieve assessor’s data.
12. Old Business
13. New Business
Shawn brought to the attention of the board about the use of the forum instead of using email.  There was a discussion on increasing the usage of the forums.  Educating the membership of ICIT is important to making this happen.
14. Next meeting and adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 2:47 pm. Next meeting date to be determined.