Minutes including nomination for Districts 1, 3 & 5 representatives; CLARIS update; IOWAGISDATA.ORG & COUNTYGISDATA.ORG domains; committee reports; Attached Legislative report by Jeff Rodda

        9:30 a.m. Friday, February 4, 2004
    ABC Virtual Communications, West Des Moines

X Present
X    President: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
X   Vice President: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator (Linn)
X    Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
X   Past President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
X    Tech. Advocate: Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator, (Mahaska)
X   District 1 Rep: Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
X    District 2 Rep: Sara Zimmerman, Network Admin., (Butler)
X    District 3 Rep: Micah Van Maanen, Director of IT (Sioux)
X    District 4 Rep: Mike Schonlau, GIS Director (Pottawattamie)
X    District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS Coord., (Washington)
X    District 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, Systems Analyst (Black Hawk)

X    Education and Schools: Mark Castenson (Warren)
    Legislative: Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X    Membership, Nominating and Awards: Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
X    On-Line Services: Scott Williams (Marshall)
X    Business Continuation: Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)
X    Cadastral: Ray Willis (Polk)
HIPPA: [AdHoc] Randy Snyder (Warren)

1. Call meeting to order – Micah
Discussion about setting up a petty cash fund for board meetings
with members contributing cash to cover lunch expenses and the
“extra” being held for future meetings.
Motion by Jim, Sara 2nd, passed unanimous

2. Financial and Membership Report – Ray
Current balance $13,106.52, no expenses anticipated until ISAC
Spring School; Active membership is now 118, expecting 3 new
registrations from Polk County soon

3. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools – Mark (chair) commented that the agenda
for Spring School is light, business meeting will be Wednesday,
March 16th, from 1:30 to 2:45. Discussion about having an ICIT
hospitality room both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  All
agreed that it would be better to have the room open Tuesday
rather than Thursday evening
b. Legislative – Jeff (chair) *see written report at the end of minutes
c. Membership, Nominating & Awards – Jim (chair) nothing to
report, no meeting yet by the awards committee.  Will put in extra
effort to bring in people from counties with no representation in
ICIT. Nominations for Districts 1,3,5 Scott Williams, Micah
VanMaanen, Pete Buckingham, VP, is open, Sec/Treas, Ray Willis.
Scott said that he would like to nominate Jeff Rodda (Polk) for an
for his efforts in helping get the CLARIS project this far along in
such a short time.  He thought that Jeff’s expertise on land
records very deserving of a nomination, and went on to say that
Jeff had been the “MVP” for the committee.  Wayne, suggested
take nominations from each district, maybe a technology person
of the year.  Jim – question of a budget for awards; Wayne
recommend that awards have a budget of up to $100 per award
(wall plaque); Jim said the treasurers have both a traveling award
and an individual award.
Jim – motion , Micah 2nd – unanimous vote to set the budget for
awards at $100 and establish a traveling award that will have
recipients names engraved.
d. On-Line Services – Scott (chair) Working on the on-line vendor
registration form for the mid-year, then on the member on-line
form, two parts to the vendor, one for the company and one for
the participants; he has been asked to do a GIS survey in web
form. ICIT now owns the domain for the GIS repository named
.NET for administrative; 10 year registration cost of $248.  Scott
has also reserved another domain for COUNTYGISDATA.ORG,
.NET and .COM for the same 10 year period.
He also purchased a managed DNS service allows up to 50
domains for $29.95/year provided by DNS Made Easy.  This
should allow http re-directs for any county that wants to add
their name to the domain list.
e. Business Continuation – Jim (chair) now combined with HIPPA
Security – pretty well wrapped up with the ISAC efforts; both
security and business continuation available on the ISAC web
site, may be asked to provide training.  After April the HIPPA
portion of the committee will become inactive, may want to
split business continuation back out.
f. Cadastral Committee – Ray (chair)
Just getting reorganized
Current members: Dean Neal (Woodbury), Karen Fouts (Sidwell),
Melanie Ewalt (Marshall), Mark Penkert (Polk), Terri McDermott
(Polk) Mike Schonlau, Kim Veeder (Black Hawk); past members
Jerry Lawson (Shelby) and Jon Lubke (Winneshiek) may still be
interested. Micah Cutler will be acting as the liaison between
ICIT and IGIC. IGIG would like to have the ICIT Cadastral
Committee help with topics for a 4 hour wor kshop during their
next conference at the end of
August. Their suggestions for topics:
Discussion on workflows
Traditional vs. Tagged Model – Pros and Cons
Managing ROW acquisitions on transportation projects
Maintenance discussion/ideas
Geodatabase design
Hints, editing tools, etc.
Integrating survey info in parcel data model
Parcel data models, maintenance techniques and procedures
What’s new in parcel mapping?
How to do it and know it is correct

4. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board – Wayne, ISAC grant for position now
approved and money is available, have not yet advertised for
position.  Last Friday met with Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice,
Louis A. Lavorato, who talked about the Iowa court budget
problems; Gov. Vilsak spoke to the board about education, next
big push is going to be on governance – governance committee
structure – want to allow any level of government to rethink how
services are provided.  Iowa is the 10th highest in the nation for
ratio of public employees to population, Iowa #1 in the nation
for ratio of public employee salary to private; both numbers need
to be taken in context.  ISAC looking at support documentation
for these figures.  Comparing to salary levels for industry, State
at 146%, all local government at about 110%, Governor  pushing
for March deadline on putting together proposals. Key is to
reexamine how we provide services.  If you are going to ISAC,
second session in the morning will be on this issue.
b. E-Recording Committee – Scott, CLARIS went live January 31st;
demonstrations to the legislature last Monday and Tuesday and
was well received – payment engine not yet ready should be
within the next couple of months, land records primarily no vital
statistics records. Jim is in charge of working with those
recorder’s who have “in house” systems.  The goal is to have all
99 counties on by next January 31st.
Scott – the current ICIT members on the CLARIS committee are
Mitch Tollerude (Scott), Kathy Bloomquist (Dallas), Jeff Rodd
(Polk), Stott Williams (Marshall), Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo),  project
team now consists of 12 recorders and 5 ICIT representatives.
The board agrees that we want a continuing ICIT presence
(discussion by Wayne about how many ICIT reps should be
involved to provide continuity – maybe the ICIT board could
send a message of support).
c. GIS Data Repository- Wayne, check is now in hand, accounts are
set up, January committee meeting – how to handle the sharing
agreements, disadvantage with 28E agreements is that would
require each county to have agreements with each adjoining
county. David Vestal suggested to contract with ICIT who would
at most have 99 contracts. Data will be stored at 3 levels;
participants are agreeing to post minimum data to level 1 (10
layers), level 2 could put out additional data, level 3 secure data
for emergency people only.  The grant will fund the project for 2
years. Motion by Ray second by Jim 2nd – unanimous vote that
the ICIT Board appoint Wayne to work with David Vestal in
drafting a contract for participants in the data repository.
Discussion about the concept of ICIT entering into a contract
to provide services: concern about liability; Scott – each
participant can determine what data goes into each directory and
who has access by level – funds are there for project coordinator
(administrator), part time scheduled sessions with other affiliates.
There will probably be 5 committees; policies, educational, data
standards, IT, and public relations.  There will probably be a need
for a Project Coordinator position.
d. IGIC – Micah – created GIS data CD’s for distribution to those
counties that do not have GIS data – have asked Matt Boeck to
champion these efforts; Alan Jensen will be at our ISAC board
meeting on Wednesday.  Discussion about the State GIS
Coordinator position; Micah, Ray and Wayne now a committee
to develop a “expectation” list for Alan Jensen.
The committee will send GIS Coordinator list of expectations.
Matt Boeck will talk with Alan about CD of data for those counties
without data.
e. CIAO (Central Iowa ArcUsers Organization) – Mark – met on 20th
that was basically an SDE meeting – next meeting on the 3rd
Thursday of April in Clive.
f.  EIGIS (Eastern Iowa GIS group)- Jason – also met on the 20th all
day, 50 people, introductions, Jim Gigliarano did a web
presentation, ESRI architect, data sharing and data costs
discussion by Jason

5. Bob Rafferty (former technology coordinator at ISAC) suggested
that ICIT members should consider providing “services” to other
counties and/or organizations. Scott – no one got involved in the
CLARIS project knowing that they might get paid.  Bob’s idea is
that counties or county employees be allowed to contract for
services to other organizations; maybe set up an ICIT Marketplace
for services and allow advertising for services needed – a county
office could contract to provide the services through their
employees.  This topic could be a discussion session at the
Mid-year conference.

6. ISAC Spring School – Mark – copy of the agenda
a. Hospitality Room in Marriott – for Wednesday and Thursday
evenings ($175/day) discussion about getting the room for
Tuesday and Wednesday instead – food Pizza and Pop – bring
your own beer. Vendors will only be there on Thursday.
b. Nominations –
District 1- Scott Williams (Marshall)
District 3- Micah VanMaanen (Sioux)
District 5- Pete Buckingham (Washington)
VP – open
Sec/Treasurer – Ray Willis (Polk)

7. Mid-Year Conference – Jason
a. Theme – Technology Expedition, Kim and Melanie working on
decorations and theme.  Barb Berquam had the winning theme
and will receive a one year free ICIT membership. Pricing for
conference: 2 breakfast, breaks, 2 lunches, banquet Wednesday
evening food costs about $125/person, (estimating 150
registrations and 20 vendors) should be nearly break even –
vendors $400 registration + $125 for additional people;
registration will cover 3 tickets for parking – vendors can
sponsor breaks for $400 and possibly $400 for parking.  Wayne –
suggestion to host Past Board members and 1 guest for the
evening banquet. Discussion about pricing additional banquet
tickets for guests/ spouses at $20.
b. Registration dates – pending web page registration. Conference
dates: 15th – 17th June

8. Old Business – none

9. New Business – none

10. Next meeting and adjournment – board meeting in 2nd week of
April in Cedar Rapids or possibly at ABC Virtual from 10:00 – 2:00
*Legislative report by Jeff Rodda

Sorry I missed the meeting Friday.  I hope you all enjoyed meeting the gang at ABC Virtual.  I will touch base with Ray later this week for an update on your activities. 
I have prepared a list of legislative actions through 2/5/2005 listed by ISAC.  The  The spreadsheet attached begins with a list of those bills that I feel may be of interest to ICIT members.  Following worksheets are simply copies of the ISAC spreadsheet.  If you wish to track these on your own or view other bills, I highly suggest visiting http://www.legis.state.ia.us/Legislation.html and checking out the tracking and review capabilities. 
I have highlighted 5 bills, 3 of which deal with changes in how property that is annexed is taxed.  The changes on these 3 bills would require some innovative changes in current tax systems so I thought you may wish to review them. 
House Study Bill #1015 is about creating a criminal penalty for unauthorized collection and disclosure of personal information by computer that I know will interest many of you. 
I ask that you all review House Study Bill #55.  It is promoted by the Recorder’s Association and they have asked our help on this before.  Micah and others provided good reference information last year concerning pricing by other states. 
Specifically, they are asking for our assistance in determining the methodology to identify costs related to technological operations in providing public record information. 
Iowa Code 22.3A (2a) “… a.  The amount charged for access to a public record shall be not more than that required to recover direct publication costs, including but not limited to editing, compilation, and media production costs, incurred by the government body in developing the data processing software and preparing the data processing software for transfer to the person. The amount shall be in addition to any other fee required to be paid under this chapter for the examination and copying of a public record. If a person accesses a public record stored in an electronic format that does not require formatting, editing, or compiling to access the public record, the charge for providing the accessed public record shall not exceed the reasonable cost of accessing that public record. The government body shall, if requested, provide documentation which explains and justifies the amount charged. This paragraph shall not apply to any publication for which a price has been established pursuant to another section, including section 2A.5…” 
In determining these costs, issues such as bandwidth costs, maintenance costs, licensing fees media costs may be broken down to units that can be applied to an individual request for information. ICIT is being asked to provide the methods for establishing the proportionate share chargeable to these requests.  As each county’s systems is unique as are most information requests, development of generic formulas where a Recorder or other official could plug in a value such as bandwidth costs and divide it by file size times transmission rate would be beneficial to them.
I would suggest that the board solicit volunteers from membership to review this issue.  This group could review the information presented to the Recorder’s last year, investigate different information delivery methods and identify applicable and quantifiable technology costs.  With that information, the group could perhaps work with Recorder’s Association members to develop ways to calculate technology costs.
Let me know what you think.
Finally, I would like to note that the first legislative “funnel” date has been set for March 11.  For the most part, this first of two funnels marks the date that bills have to be reported out of committees to receive further consideration.  I say “for the most part” because we have all seen bills come out of nowhere in the final weeks of the session.
Should any of you or our members identify other bills of interest to ICIT, I ask that you send me a note.
Report respectively submitted.
Jeff Rodda
Iowa Counties Information Technology Organization (ICIT)/
Polk County Auditor’s Office
jroddaicit@msn.com [preferred]