ICIT Business Meeting Minutes including election of new board members

Special pre-meeting presentation –
Discussion of new DOT Vehicle Application
Deb Schafer IDOT network administrator – system going live at the
end of the year; Nancy Jaque – VR&T Network handout –
with network connection layout and suggested configuration;
Locking down the DOT’s configuration about mid December through
the “go live” on January 3rd. Need to partner together to solve
early issues – want to have county staff available about 3:00PM
on Sunday 2nd to verify connections.

Savory II, Savory Hotel, Des Moines Iowa
10:30 a.m. Monday, November 15, 2004

1. Call the business meeting to order. – Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County
2. Financial Report – Ray Willis, Polk County
$14,495.36 balance with few expenses expected from this conference
3. Committee Reports
A) Education and Schools Committee
Co-Chairpersons: Mark Castenson & Denise Kalbus, Warren County
This afternoon – meeting for group suggestions in hospitality room
Looking to all the affiliates to give ICIT suggestions for support activities
B) Legislative Committee
Chairperson – Jeff Rodda, Polk County
Looking for an active legislative session – recorders fees increase, property tax
bill will be a big issue, will be monitoring bills that are introduced to
the legislature and e-mailing
Micah Cutler – GIS data pricing – Iowa code changes to clarify data fees;
current wording seems to be that the county must charge only the cost
of reproduction – data that can be easily distributed is still valuable
C) Membership and Nominating Committee
Chairperson – Wayne Chizek, GIS Director, Marshall County
Talk about changing the structure of the committee by changing by-laws
D) On-Line Services Committee
Chairperson – Scott Williams, IS Director, Marshall County
Wireless internet available in the room. Nothing new or exciting about the
web site – the forums being under utilized. Biggest change is that the
membership information is changed and added to the mailing list. If you remove
yourself from the district mailing list or ICIT mailing list – go to the user
preferences and remove the mailing.
E) Business Continuation Planning Committee
Chairperson – Jim Rice, MIS Director, Cerro Gordo County
Combined this committee with the HIPPA security committee – go to
ISAC’s HIPPA security site. 4-21-2005 must have a tested HIPPA security
plan in place.
F) Cadastral Committee
Chairperson – Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist, Polk County
Looking for ideas or suggestions – one suggestion was to look at standards
G) HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee
Chairperson – Randy Snyder, MIS Director, Warren County
There was an ICN meeting with emergency staff Polk and Johnston counties
have developed a transaction site for automated rules-based transactions.
ETC membership will have an additional fee for ISAC received a grant for a
technical coordinator for all ISAC affiliates for statewide IT projects.
Randy is doing a presentation for Treasurers and Recorders on Windows ABC’s
which is on the ICIT web site if anyone wishes to use it for training.
Perhaps each county IT person could work with the web site for training.
H) ISAC Board Report – Wayne Chizek, GIS Director, Marshall County
Property tax proposal is included in the packets. This is an attempt to be
pro-active instead of defensive on the tax code modification. Everyone
should be aware of the law and be in support of ISAC’s #1 priority.
Steering committee changes for other legislative priorities. E-government
is still an important issue but not in the top four which ISAC will be pushing
the hardest. Grant for the new position is for 1 year and the ISAC board has
committed for an additional year of funding.
4. Discuss nomination process and finalize nomination list for state-wide positions
Jim Rice – nominations are still open today – state wide 1st – Technology Advocate
is the only state wide Ray for Sec and Jason for Vice President
Randy Snyder, motion to close nominations, Bob Canny 2nd, vote- unanimous
The nominations are for Vice President: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator,
Linn County
For Tecnology Advocate: Matt Boeck – GIS coordinator for Mahaska County and
Julie Harris – IT from Harrison County

For Treasurer: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist, Polk County
The only contested position was for Technology Advocate and Matt Boeck was
elected by ballot
5. Discuss nomination process and finalize nomination list for district positions
For District 2 representative: Sara Zimmerman, Information Technology Director,
Butler County
For District 4 representative: Mike Schonlau, GIS Director, Pottawattamie County
For District 6 representative: Kim Veeder, Systems Analyst, Black Hawk County
6. ELECTION – all candidates for uncontested board positions were elected
7. Discussion of the GIS Repository project by Wayne Chizek
Local government grant for distributing county data among adjoining/ participating
Counties. The group is still working on the details, but essentially it is a data
repository where counties can post data that is accessible to other adjoining counties
for emergencies and homeland security. Intranet site for counties that will not be
accessible to the public. Access will be limited to only those counties that participate
and will only be available to the State in case of and emergency. The system will
allow each county to set up their own data policies for access fees. Site will have
a payment engine for access fees. Down the line, the group wants to be able to notify
people across county lines of emergency. Each participant will agree to provide
about 10 sets of data if you join to the adjoining counties. Can post well beyond the
10 sets if a county wants to provide access to others. Some data may be restricted in
access to an individual. Data will not be redistributed. Grant is for two years – first
6 months for design and procedures and then 6 months for development and testing
for first “core” group. First part of 2006 for additional counties to join. Will be
trying to keep it simple with 3 servers around the state.
8. Bylaws discussion – Wayne Chizek
All changes are centered around the membership committee, developing some kind
of recognition for special efforts or outstanding work, and making it a standing
committee. The board proposes not having current board members on the committee
and trying to get more people involved.
Motion by Randy Snyder and 2nd by Bob Canney to “Add an “Awards Committee”
as a standing committee chaired by the past president with non- officer membership.”
Passed unanimously.
Sandra Hunter volunteered for Dist 1,
Jon Lubke for District 2,
Dean Neal for District 3,
Mike Schonlau for District 4 (not present because of the birth of his 3rd girl),
Pete Buckingham for District 5,
Kim Veeder for District 6,
Jerry Lawson for awards,
Luan Schmitt for awards, and
Eric Loecher for awards
9. Additional old business or new business
Micah Cutler appeal for using hard copy mailing to encourage membership
especially since there are several counties involved in GIS that are not
represented – maybe sending mailings to auditors, assessors, and other offices.
Randy Snyder moved and Wayne Chizek 2nd to cover mailing expenses for
membership drive. Passed unanimously.
Jason Siebrecht– report on Mid-year – still looking for suggestions – will be
June 14- June 16 at Crown Center in Cedars Rapids.
Room rate $83 and registration should include parking and all meals – trying
to pass some of the expense to the vendors so that no additional expenses.
Data pricing issues, 3:00 discussion groups cadastral committee

Meeting adjourned.