2004-08-20 Board Meeting
ICIT BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES 08-20-2004, including committee reports and discussion of the 2005 Mid-Year Conference
10:00 a.m. Friday, August 20, 2004
Polk County Assessor’s office

President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Vice President: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
Past President: Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Tech. Advocate: Randy Snyder, DP Director, (Warren)
District 2 Rep: Sara Zimmerman, Network Admin., (Butler)
District 6 Rep: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)

Education and Schools Mark Castenson (Warren)
Legislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
Membership and Nominating Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
On-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
Business Continuation Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)
Cadastral Ray Willis (Polk)
HIPAA [AdHoc] Randy Snyder (Warren)
ICIT Business Meeting Agenda

1. Call meeting to order – by Jim
2. Financial and Membership Report – by Ray
Balance in ICIT checking account $13,195.36
As of today 138 paid members including 7 individuals representing Sustaining Associate vendors
Discussion of ways to encourage new membership: Jason is going to used the next Mid-Year conference as a way to get
new people involved from Eastern Iowa Technology group
Micah suggested using the ICIT promotional flyer that we put together for ISAC affiliate efforts – tri-fold
Wayne suggested personal calls to each county to find the correct contacts
Jeff suggested the contacts from CLARIS group
3. ICIT Committee activities.
A) Education & Schools – by Mark passed out agenda for fall school
Joint “What is GIS” session by ESRI, Dallas, Cerro Gordo on Sunday
Hospitality room for both Sunday and Monday nights but use Sunday for discussion group session
Let people know that we are going to have group discussions Monday afternoon 1:30 – 4:30 (possibly in hospitality room)
Cool projects and how you got them approved
Joint sessions with other affiliates
Assessors (Intro to GIS) Tuesday 1:00,
Recorders (ABC’s of Windows) Monday 2:30 – 3:30,
Treasurers (ABC’s of Windows) Monday 1:00 – 2:00
B) Legislative – by Jeff
Carl Wilburn is getting out of committee, Jamie Fitzgerald (deputy auditor – Polk County) helping Jeff set up a database for tracking
legislation, talked to Scott about having something posted on ICIT web site, possibly getting vital records also posted to CLIRS so that the
public can get access, Assessors involved in the property tax reform efforts along with ISAC, League of Cities, Farm Bureau
Wayne – Marshall County looking to charge Marshalltown for administering TIF ($100,000 or about 4%)
Jason – Elections – statewide voter registration system HAVA – Help America Vote Association
C) Membership & Nominating
Wayne – everything is ready for fall elections
Possible bylaws change – awards for Technology Person of the Year or Outstanding Service Award possibly at the Mid-Year conference –
look to the engineer’s bylaws for their language
D) Online Services – From Scott’ e-mail – There is little to report from the OLSC committee except that I have completed the user interface items that allow Ray to maintain the user information data. This should enable our paid membership to be more accurately reflected on the web site. In fact, you can see the list of paid members at http://www.icit.state.ia.us/Members. You will have to login to view the member list, since it contains full contact information, including unprotected e-mail addresses. If your name is missing from the list, check with Ray because this indicates that you are behind in your membership dues. You can access the renewal form at http://www.icit.state.ia.us/Organization/renew/.
E) Business Continuation (HIPAA Security) – by Jim – HIPPA security is in the process of posting the templates to the ISAC web site – the formats were finalized last week– meeting with the Supervisors at the fall school – schedule an ICN training session for October
F) Cadastral Committee – by Ray – nothing new
4. ICIT Committee updates
A) ISAC Executive Board – by Wayne and Randy – Local Innovation Fund application for funding to pay for person at ISAC to keep up on any technology efforts and coordinate between affiliates – Board approved on the stipulation that if they do get the grant that the Board will define the job responsibilities. Lots of initiatives going on (eg. CLARIS) that should be coordinated
B) HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee – by Randy – the ETC (electronic transaction clearinghouse) is now a permanent ISAC committee, second phase to include vendors, suggest the ICIT committee not just Ad HOC but a permanent committee
C) E-Recording Committee – by Jeff – building and interface for electronic submission of recording data for those counties that don’t have an electronic recording , COT has developed an agreement with NGO (electronic recording system for mortgages and releases) Phil is trying to negotiate with the Treasurer’s vendor (Iowa Interactive) to use their payment engine. The vendor has received permission to start selling the data to recoup costs. Other grants that may be applied for to help pay for the hosting of the Central Iowa GIS data depository (UNI has expressed an interest in helping with the hosting).
D) County Electronic Services Comprehensive Plan Committee – nothing
5. Organization reports
A) IGIC update – by Micah – new elections, Brad elected vice-chair – rewriting bylaws to more accurately describe the organization. October meeting in Ames to review the revisions. The Cadastral committee was eliminated and Micah elected to be the ICIT liaison. Alan Jenson position, what is going on? Modifying the bylaws to better define the State GIS coordinator position. Now a non-profit association. Wayne concerned about the makeup of the board. Change to local government and consolidate community colleges and universities into and education.
Motion by Wayne that 2nd by Jason to ICIT support IGIC proposal for remote sensing and that we will do all we can to help communicate the benefits of the project. – Unanimous.
Wayne motion Micah 2nd motion to fund the State GIS coordinator again this year on the condition that Alan Jenson give a IGIC status report at our Fall meeting. IGIC conference at the Scheaman Center in Ames the 3rd week of September 2005.
B) CIAO update – by Wayne and Ray – training at Blackhawk nothing since then
C) EIGIS update – by Jason – last meeting changed format to roundtable discussions, went very well. Fall event announced by e-mail.
D) Verified the Crowne Plaza dates 15th -17th vendors area will be all in one room with round tables, in addition to ballroom there are other rooms to accommodate 25-30 people for duration of conference for topic discussions/ vendor demonstrations (wireless internet connection available). Only “room” expense in addition to meals. Micah suggestion to purchase a small printer for use at the registration table at the Mid-Year Conference. Jim will donate one. Stay with the same type of format for IT and GIS tracks.
Wayne suggestion to solicit ideas from the membership for conference theme and decorations with the committee to choose a winner (possibly give a free registration to the winner). General session on Thursday morning to get the best attendance. For future, Wayne form a committee to pick a date for the conference each year (Micah and Wayne co-chair). Jim suggest a board meeting prior to the general session Monday 10:00 -10:30.
6. Nominations
A) District Representatives for District 2, 4, and 6
B) Technology Advocate
C) Secretary/Treasurer
D) VicePresident
7. Old business
8. New business
9. Next meeting date and Adjournment.