2004-06-16 Business Meeting
ICIT BUSINESS MEETING Minutes, June 16, 2004
10:00 a.m. Wednesday, June 16, 2004
ICIT MidYear Conference

President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Vice President: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
Past President: Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Tech. Advocate: Randy Snyder, DP Director, (Warren)
District 1 Rep: Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
District 4 Rep: Jerry Lawson, GIS Coordinator (Shelby)
District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS Coord., (Washington)
District 6 Rep: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)

Education and Schools Co-Chairs Mark Castenson
Legislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
Membership and Nominating Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
On-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
Business Continuation Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo)
Cadastral Ray Willis (Polk)
HIPAA [AdHoc] Randy Snyder (Warren)
Mid-Year conference Mike Schonlau

ICIT Business Meeting Agenda
1. Call meeting to order – Jim Rice

2. Financial and Membership Report – by Ray
$ 14,315.73 current members 126
Motion to pay $100 for Carol Horner Synchronicity-
Micah Cutler, 2nd Scott Williams – passed unanimous

Motion to appoint Micah as historian to start an ICIT scrapbook up to
$100 – Jerry Lawson 2nd – passed unanimous

3. ICIT President FYI

4. ICIT Committee activities.
A) Education & Schools – by Wayne Chizek, NACO & ESRI putting
together a grant which requires the applicants to attend a 3 hour session in
order to get 1 free software license for ESRI products . Proposing to
include the 3 hour time slot for next fall’s ISAC conference that would
meet the requirement. We will be in the Savery Hotel. May need to work
with another affiliate to get a three hour spot. Pete Buckingham suggested
P&Z since they meet in the fall but not in the spring. Jim Rice suggested
Emergency Management – a small group which has not been coming to
ISAC in large numbers – they typically meet in Johnston just prior to
ISAC. Micah Cutler suggest possibly two joint sessions, Recorders and
Emergency Management.
a. MID-Year Conference – by Mike Schonlau
b. Any last minute panic items
B) Legislative
C) Membership & Nominating – by Wayne, No Changes
D) Online Services – by Scott, hoping to have an on-line registration renewal
E) Business Continuation (HIPAA Security) – by Jim, there is a lot on the
ISAC web site. Should have presentation at the fall school.
F) Cadastral Committee – by Ray, nothing to report

5. ICIT Committee updates
A) ISAC Executive Board – by Wayne, lots of appreciation for the ICIT
participation on the Board
B) HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee – nothing
C) E-Recording Committee – by Scott and Jeff, completed phase one for
project plan and schedule moving on to phase two – all the major vendors
are now on board – Fidlar has two counties and has not agreed to work
with the committee – phase 2 choosing hosting, completing and
implementing the local project plans – expect to be online January 2nd, 2005
D) County Electronic Services Comprehensive Plan Committee – by Wayne,
this committee is being wrapped into the recorders project. Scott, two
statewide meeting on public strategies, ICIT has not been involved in the
discussions yet

6. Organization reports
A) IGIC update – by Micah, trying to get ready for elections – questions about
what projects and activities are going on
B) CIAO update – by Jason, a rollout of ArcGIS in Blackhawk on the 15th,
then on the 29th, users group meeting in CR end with presentation by Alliant
C) Central Iowa is meeting in Ames –
D) EIGIS update

7. Nominations
1. District Representatives for District 2, 4, and 6
2. Technology Advocate
3. Secretary/Treasurer
4. VicePresident

8. Old business

9. New business – by Jim, Iowa League of Cities wanted to know how ICIT
had been formed they would like to do something similar for cities specific
for the IT focus. Wayne is looking for more coordinated efforts between
ILC and ISAC. Jason – next year’s Mid-Year currently looking at three
facilities for District 6 Cedar Rapids- convention center in Cedar Rapids,
Iowa City, or Davenport

10. Next meeting date and Adjournment.
August 9-13th ESRI the week of the 16th (Friday 20th)