2004-01-16 Board Meeting
Committee Reports Presentation by Phil Dunshee on CLRIS system Proposed changes to bylaws

10:00 a.m. Friday, January 16, 2004

Polk County Administrative Building at 2nd & Court Avenue

Assessor’s Office Conference Room

President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)

Vice President: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)

Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

District 1 Rep: Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)

District 4 Rep: Jerry Lawson, GIS Coordinator (Shelby)

District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS Coord., (Washington)

District 6 Rep: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)

Education & Schools Co-Chair: Mark Castenson (Warren)

Education & Schools Co-Chair: Denise Kalbus (Warren)

Legislative: Carl Wilburn (Carroll)

Legislative: Jeff Rodda (Polk)

Mid Year Conference Coordinator: Mike Schanla

Guest: Phil Dunshee, Enterprise America
ICIT Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

1. Financial report – by Ray Willis $15,317.21 This includes registrations for the ArcSDE Training in Marshalltown. We have 12 registered and expect to make a small profit after paying ESRI and meal charges.

2. ICIT President FYI

· ISAC University

· Board meeting sites

o Discussed meeting in Ames, or continuing to meet in Des Moines.

· Laptop for Sec/Treas?

o Discussion and motion by Pete, second by Micah to purchase a laptop, for the use of the ICIT secretary/ Treasurer, not to exceed $2,000. Scott will place the order with Dell.

3. ICIT Committee activities.

A) Education & Schools

a. New Chair (Theresa Wurth)

b. Spring ISAC School Of Instruction

· Agenda – Report by Mark, agenda needs to be finalized by February 14th. He will confirm with Jerri Naboa that ICIT will be using the Ambassador Room. Still looking for additional presentations to fill the agenda.

Suggestions: Pete – introduction to SQL Server (Carl & Jerry agree)

Mark – joint meeting with Recorders

Micah – suggestion for Mid-Year Conference, Update on Arc 9

Ray – introduction to Access

Pete – good database design

Randy – computer operations/ networking

Jim – disaster recovery / security

Jason – GPS

Note: Mark & Denise would like to step down as co-chairs after the Spring School, Mike expressed an interest in the committee

· Hospitality Room – Discussion and decision by the board to only host a hospitality room at the Fall School.

B) Legislative

· New Chair (Carl Wilburn with Jeff Rodda as second)

o Carl received a call last Friday from ISAC Legislative Liaison committee, current issue fair pricing for County data – section 22.3A

o There is a short window to submit new legislation – next week for Senate and following week for House

o Jeff – there is a move to eliminate Ag Land Credit and replace it with Family Farm Credit

C) Membership & Nominating

· Districts 2, 4, 6, Technology Advocate, and Secretary/Treasurer terms are ending and open for nominations

D) Online Services

· Workshop for Board?

· Scott – improvements to the ICIT web site: more data on members; members can manage their own contact information; ability to disable access if members’ dues are not current; working on the on-line registration for Mid-Year Conference

E) Business Continuation (HIPAA Security) Committee will be meeting Tuesday 20th; this will be the second “real” meeting

F) Cadastral Committee

· Ray – nothing to report

4. ISAC Committee reports

A) ISAC Executive Board

By-law change to

· Motion by Randy to modify by-laws: Section 1 – Duties of Officers to have the ICIT President appoint a representative from ICIT to the ISAC Board annually

· Second by Jason and passed by unanimous vote

B) HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee

C) E-Recording Committee

· Jeff – meeting in February

· Phil Dunshee from Enterprise America distributed the “Project Specifications” portion of the RFP to develop the new Iowa Counties Land Records Information System (CLRIS) – pages 29 through 36

· The goal is to develop and maintain a web site (iowalocalgov.org)

· Phil thanked the ICIT representatives for participating in the process (Jeff, Scott, Jim and Mitch Tollerude)

· He is actively trying to create opportunities for participation by other ISAC affiliates

· They have been through the second round of Q&A with the service providers and are now ready for proposals

· The technical assistance component to the RFP is for image conversion, indexing and telecommunication needs (speed of access)

· Structuring the system so that individual County Recorders can maintain ownership of the local records and data

· CLRIS will provide state level queries for multi-county records in a “feature rich” environment

· Building in the capability to access any participating individual county records from each county web site

· Start-up funding is through additional recording fees collected for each document and pooled

· Since counties do not currently have uniform fees, the capability is being built in for system to allow individual county fee structure and separate maintenance fees for multi-county searches

· Respond to build web-portal to access other County services and build a “Universal Web Portal”

· In the vendor proposal review, open source platform is preferred and will be given extra points

· March 30th there will be a day-long workshop for County officials and ICIT representatives on information technology sharing

· Biggest technical issue right now is the standards

o Most vendors do not like the PDF standard

o Scott commented that open standard will accept TIF

o The users of the system are going to want one viewer interface

o In the RFP, the vendor is responsible for conversion to PDF format so that local recorders can stay on existing formats during the three year term of the project, then move toward PDF format

· Jim requested that Scott add a link on the ICIT web site to both ISAC and Phil Dunshee

D) County Electronic Services Comprehensive Plan Committee

5. Organization reports

A) IGIC update – by Micah and Ray

B) CIAO update – by Ray – nothing to report

C) EIGIS update

· Jason – next meeting on utilities; meeting in Cedar Rapids on Thursday 22nd 9 -11:30 and 1 – 4 with a presentation on GPS in the afternoon

6. Discuss preparations for 2004 Mid-Year Conference – by Mike

A) Dates – June 16th through 18th; starting Wednesday afternoon and ending Friday; Friday is alos the College Baseball World Series; the conference committee has decided to use a baseball theme

B) Facilities – Holiday Inn Hotel at the Ameristar Casino

C) Meals & Snacks – Mike wants the conference committee to meet in February or at Spring School

7. Discuss ARCSDE Training

By Wayne and Ray – we now have 12 registered so have a full class

8. Additional old business or new business

9. Next meeting date and Adjournment.

We will set the next Board meeting time during the ISAC Spring School