2003-11-09 Business Meeting Agenda
ICIT Business Meeting Agenda at ISAC Fall School
ICIT Business Meeting Agenda
10:30 a.m. Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
Holiday Inn Airport, Des Moines, IA
1. Call the business meeting to order.

– By Wayne Chizek, President.
2. Financial report
– By Ray Willis, Secretary/Treasurer, current balance $16,059.11, which includes checks received for registration fees (Arc SDE Training in December $2,050/ person). Anticipated expenses: $1,000 for hospitality room, food and drinks.
3. Committee reports
A) Education and Schools Committee
Co-Chairpersons: Mark Castenson & Denise Kalbus, Warren County
By Denise Kalbus, the committee is working on the mid-year conference for next June. They are still open to suggestions for both the spring ISAC and the mid-year conference.
B) Legislative Committee
By Wayne Chizek, Scott Williams is resigning as chair because he is getting spread too thin on other committees. No new legislative activities to report, but the new session will get under way in January. Wayne is looking for new members to the legislative committee.
Discussion about the ISAC Steering Committee: Jim Rice advocates ICIT members being involved in the committee. There were two scheduled meetings this year, September 5th and November 11th. These meetings were great opportunities to meet with the ISAC lobbyists and other ISAC affiliate legislative committee members.

C) Membership and Nominating Committee
Chairperson – Bob Canney, MIS Director, Black Hawk County
By Bob Canney and Ray Willis, ICIT currently has 88 paid members. Comment by Ray that he will find a better way of letting both current members and prospective members know when the ICIT dues are due.
D) On-Line Services Committee
a) Chairperson – Scott Williams, IS Director, Marshall County
-By Scott Williams, the ICIT web site has been moved to a new server which is shared with the Marshall County web page. Scott is working on developing mailing list capabilities for each of the ICIT committees and groups.
E) Business Continuation Planning Committee
Chairperson – Jim Rice, MIS Director, Cerro Gordo County
By Jim Rice, Jim is proposing that the Business Continuation Planning Committee be consolidated with the HIPPA Ad Hoc Committee since there is such a strong overlap. There have been two meeting of the HIPPA security committee. The second one was on November 17th. They are starting to really get organized. Question by Ray Willis on the status of getting access to the ICN. Jim said they have met with Kingland Industries last night (11-18-03). Emergency management is applying for a grant to be used to set up several “seed” counties with access to the ICN.
F) Cadastral Committee
Chairperson – Ray Willis, MIS Director, Polk County
By Ray Willis, nothing new to report. The mid-year conference last July went over very well.
G) HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee
Chairperson – Randy Snyder, MIS Director, Warren County
By Randy Snyder, the committee is still very active and Randy agrees with Jim’s earlier comment about joining the Business Continuation committee into the HIPAA committee.
4. Finalize nomination list for state-wide positions and hold elections
By Bob Canney, two candidates for the Vice President position, Jason Siebrecht, Linn County and Micah Cutler, Harrison County. Bob noted that since both Jason and Micah are currently serving as district representatives on the ICIT board and neither of their terms are expiring this year, one of their districts will need to elect someone to fill out the new VP’s term as district representative. One candidate for Secretary/Treasurer, Ray Willis. Bob noted that he would be passing out paper ballots with a blank line if someone wanted to submit a “write in” candidate.
– Bob Canney and Jim Rice counted the ballots. Micah Cutler was elected to the Vice President position and Ray Willis was elected to the Secretary/Treasurer position.
5. Finalize nomination list for district positions and hold elections
By Bob Canney,
District 1 (for a 2 year position), Scott Williams, Marshall County and Sandra Hunter, Story County
District 3 (for a 2 year position), Theresa Wurth, Clay County
District 5 (for a 2 year position), Pete Buckingham, Washington County
District 4 (for a 1 year position to serve the remaining term of Micah Cutler), nomination and election to be held by members of District 4.
-Election by District
District 1 – Scott Williams, Marshall County
District 3 – Theresa Wurth, Clay County
District 4 – Jerry Lawson, Shelby County
District 5 – Pete Buckingham, Washington County

6. Introduction of the 2004 ICIT Board.
President – Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County
Vice President – Micah Cutler, Harrison County
Secretary/Treasurer – Ray Willis, Polk County
Past President – Wayne Chizek, Marshall County
Technology Advocate – Randy Snyder, Warren County
District 1 – Scott Williams, Marshall County
District 2 – Sara Zimmerman, Butler County
District 3 – Theresa Wurth, Clay County
District 4 – Jerry Lawson, Shelby County
District 5 – Pete Buckingham, Washington County
District 6 – Jason Siebrecht, Linn County
-Wayne Chizek presented Bob Canney, current Past President, a plaque in appreciation of his efforts in helping to establish the ICIT Organization and representing ICIT on the ISAC Board.

7. New Business
A) Report/Update from Alan D. Jensen, State GIS Coordinator, IGIC
Mr. Jensen gave everyone a copy of the outline of his presentation which included a discussion of IGIC (a twenty-five member council elected gy 500+ members from eight sectors; community colleges, county agencies, federal agencies, municipal agencies, private business, state agencies, regional organizations, university and private colleges). He gave the group a brief overview of their 2003-2004 major priorities, their top ten activities, and how to be involved in IGIC. He made a strong case that ICIT and IGIC should work cooperatively to develop and share GIS data and resources. Mr. Jensen urged the entire group to get involved in submitting metadata and, if possible, GIS data to the Map Iowa Metadata Server at www.gis.iastate.edu. He commended ICIT for the efforts in providing GIS training, specifically the upcoming Arc SDE training and noted that he would like to see IGIC and ICIT work cooperatively in continuing to provide educational opportunities.
B) Update on Arc SDE training, January, February & March 2004
Ray Willis reported that he has received five registrations and one committment for the January 5th training. Wayne asked everyone to pass along the information that the remaining six spots for the January session are now open to anyone interested (whether they are an ICIT member or not).
C) Need for other training sessions?
Pete Buckingham said that during their District 5 discussions, the suggestion was made that they would like to see some SQL Server training offered.
D) Suggestions for ISAC University, January, 2004
Wayne Chizek said that ICIT will have a full day of time available to cover suggested topics. Theresa Wurth suggested a joint session with County Board of Supervisors to impress on them the importance of Business Continuation planning. She is having difficulty getting some of the county offices to take the planning efforts seriously and feels that getting her board members motivated would help. Randy Snyder suggested a session to cover security solutions in detail.
E) Suggestions for the spring school, March, 2004
F) Suggestions for the ICIT Mid-Year meeting, June, 2004

G) Discuss vendor role in ICIT

8. Additional old business or new business
Dean Neal, Woodbury County, told the group about their GIS Day efforts. They held a SLUG Fest (Sioux Land Users Group) with over 150 people in attendance from three states. They had 60 to 70 GIS posters submitted for judging.
Jason Siebrecht, Linn County, told the group about the regional GIS Day event in Black Hawk County. They also had over 150 people turn out with 12 vendors sponsoring the lunch. They broke the day up into two main types of presentations, local interest presentations in the morning and vendor presentations in the afternoon.

Way Chisek suggested that peolpe post upcoming activities on the ICIT web site.

9. Next meeting date and Adjournment.
Wayne questioned whether there needed to be a board meeting before the January ISAC University. No date was set for the next meeting.