2003-03-19 Business Meeting
Committee Reports Nominations for state-wide board positions (Vice-President) Nominations for district board positions (Districts 1, 3, & 5) Changes to by-laws to create a “Sustaining Associate Membership”
ICIT Business Meeting
in conjuction with ISAC Spring School
11:00a.m. Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
Sheraton Four Points, Des Moines
Call to order
by Wayne Chizek, President
There were 36 members present during the course of the meeting.

Financial report
by Ray Willis, current balance $1,648.47
One upcoming obligation: $500 committed to ISU Extension to Communities in support of Alan Jensen, State GIS Coordinator.

Committee Reports
Education & Schools
Co-chairpersons: Mark Castenson & Denise Kalbus (Warren Co.)
Need a nomination to replace Denise
Looking for suggestions for an IT education track

Chairperson: Scott Williams (Marshall Co.)
Scott expects that he and the committee will be involved in the ISAC legislative priorities for the next year.
The current ISAC priorities as “fair pricing for county data by recorders” and “statewide parcel numbering”
(PIN numbers assigned by auditors).

Membership & Nominating
Chairperson: Bob Canney (Black Hawk Co.)
There are now 99 paid members of ICIT

Online Services
Chairperson: Scott Williams (Marshall Co.)
Scott will be showing some of the “new cool stuff” tomorrow on the ICIT web page including
district mailing lists.

Business Continuation
Chairperson: Jim Rice (Cerro Gordo Co.)
Jim noted that every county must develop a business continuation plan since it is required by HIPPA.

Cadastral Committee
Chairperson: Ray Willis (Polk Co.)
First committee meeting tomorrow.

HIPPA Ad Hoc Committee
Chairperson: Randy Snyder (Warren Co.)
ISAC has established a HIPPA Ad Hoc Committee also. Randy will represent ICIT on the ISAC committee.
There will be a committee meeting at 4:45 on the 28E clearinghouse.

Finalize Nominations for state-wide board positions
Vice President … two nominations
Micah Cutler (Harrison Co.)
Jason Siebrecht (Linn Co.)

Finalize Nominations for district board positions
Open positions (Originally a 1 year terms which are now being filled for 2 year terms)
District 1 Representative … two nominations
Sandra Hunter (Story Co.)
Scott Williams (Marshall Co.)

District 3 Representative … one nomination
Theresa Wurth (Clay Co.)

District 5 Representative … one nomination
Pete Buckingham (Washington Co.)

Secretary/Treasurer … one nomination
Ray Willis (Polk Co.)

Motion by Theresa Wurth to cease nominations, second by Randy Snyder, passed unanimously.

Discuss the role of vendors in ICIT
The concensus of opinions was that vendors should have a role in ICIT. The ICIT bylaws currently
state that “Membership is extended to any county employee and/or any employee of any board that
the County Board of Supervisors has appointed or is a member of, within the State of Iowa …”. Most
everyone agreed that the vendors should be allowed a non-voting type of membership.

Amendments to the ICIT Bylaws (changes indicated by underline)
Note: ICIT by-laws require that the general membership be notified of these possible changes at least 30 days prior to the general meeting vote. The proposed changes were sent to ICIT members by e-mail from Micah Cutler dated February 7, 2003.

1. Propose addition to Article VIII. Duties of Officers

Section 4. The Past-President shall chair the Membership and Nominating Committee, represent the organization on the Iowa Association of Counties (ISAC) Board of Directors, and perform any additional duties directed by the President.

2. Propose addition to Article VI. Membership

Section 1. Membership is extended to any county employee and/or any employee of any board that the County Board of Supervisors has appointed or is a member of, within the State of Iowa, and may include, but is not limited to, personnel with the following job responsibilities: Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems, Mapping, Internet Technology, Networking, Telecommunications, or anyone who has technological duties.

Section 2. Sustaining Associate membership is extended to any person, corporation, or association interested in promoting, advancing the cause of, or assisting the organization. Sustaining Associates will not have voting privileges and will not be able to hold elected or appointed positions.

Section 3. Active members must register annually by submitting a membership form to the Secretary/Treasurer and be current on any dues or fees established by the Executive Board. An active membership list will be submitted to the Executive Board at each general meeting.

Section 4. This organization shall not discriminate against any individual by virtue of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, handicap, sexual preference or veteran status.

Discussion and vote by show of hands on proposed change to Article VIII. Duties of Officers
Yes vote would result in the ICIT representative on the ISAC Board changing every year.
No vote would mean that the ICIT Board would appoint an ICIT representative to the ISAC Board.
(The No vote would allow the ICIT representative to serve multiple years on the ISAC Board and potentially provide more continuity.)
After discussion there was no motion to pass this change and it failed for lack of a motion.

Discussion and vote by show of hands on proposed change to Article VI. Membership
After discussion, Bob Canney made a motion to make the proposed change, seconded by Wayne Chizek, yes votes carried.
No additional chages to the ICIT bylaws were proposed.

Additional old business or new business
Need for other training sessions?
The discussion was that most members would like to see training session, hands-on if possible.
Jason Siebrecht told the group that he was coordinating a two day ESRI Land Records Management course in May to be located in Iowa City.

Suggestions for the Fall school
Training on Microsoft Access, Visual Basic
Training on ESRI’s products Arc SDE, SQL, Parcel Editor, Intro to Arc GIS, Arc Objects

Other possible operational policy changes or additions
None offered

Wayne Chizek reminded everyone of the proposed dates of June 10, 11 & 12 for the first ICIT summer conference.
Dean Neal brought up the question of whether ICIT membership was required to attend the summer conference.
The discussion was that we would like to allow anyone to attend, but we might increase the registration fees for non-members. The question was raised whether the membership wanted to include vendor displays at the conference. Dean suggested that we need the vendors at the conference to help with communication. Micah brought up a suggestion that ICIT might want to look at a “2nd tier” membership for corporate wide membership versus individuals. Randy suggested $800 per year as a good level for corporate wide membership.