President: Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Vice President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
Past President: Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Tech. Advocate: Randy Snyder, DP Director, (Warren)
Guest: Alan Jensen, State GIS Coordinator
District 2 Rep: Sara Zimmerman, Network Admin.  (Butler)
District 3 Rep: Theresa Wurth, GIS/DP Coordinator (Clay)
District 4 Rep: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS  Coordinator (Washington)
District 6 Rep: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator  (Linn)

ICIT Executive Board Meeting Agenda
9:30 a.m. Friday, January 10th, 2003
Polk County Administrative Building at 2nd & Court Avenue
Assessor’s Office Conference Room

Financial report
By Ray Willis, current balance $949.97
Discussion of expected expenses for ICIT Luau ? Wayne is estimating about $40 per person for food and we are hoping to have about 100 attendees.

Committee reports – Wayne apologized for not getting the meeting reminder and agenda sent to the committee chairs.

Education & Schools – by Wayne; planning a general orientation for Supervisors at Spring ISAC
Legislative – by Wayne; Carl and Scott have been contacted by ISAC
Membership & Nominating – by Bob; nothing until fall ? the spring nominations will be for one year terms, districts 1, 3, & 5
Online Services – by Wayne; plone is out of beta now
Business Continuation – by Jim; nothing until meeting on the 23rd
Cadastral Committee (Where are we at?) – by Ray; nothing until meeting on the 23rd

Organization reports
IGIC update – by Micah; wondering if ICIT should have a booth at the IGIC Conference in Iowa City, possibly handouts to put inside of the IGIC conference packets?

GMIS update – by Bob; GMIS as a State organization is disbanding in June but will continue as an international organization

Meet with Alan Jensen State GIS Coordinator. Alan distributed handouts of the his priorities and time commitments which were established by the IGIC stake holders. He would like to establish a basis for collaboration between IGIC and ICIT. He asked what ICIT would like from Alan and IGIC. The board agreed that our primary concern is to open a channel of communications through Alan and IGIC on Iowa GIS activities. Alan will be sending out an e-mail newsletter on Monday on Iowa GIS Activities. Bob noted that he is putting ArcExplorer on the sheriff’s site and it is very popular in Black Hawk County. Alan said he has about 40 people in the state that are interested in ArcEplorer applications. Bob said he would like to see IGIC expanding on the DNR color infrared imagery project. Jason wondered if Alan could act as a point of contact for college interns seeking summer employment in GIS.

Update on “General Orientation to GIS” session for Supervisor?s affiliate at NCO Workshop. – by Wayne; the session is coming together well. Wayne has received several e-mails from non-supervisors about attending the session. ISAC will charge $5.00 registration.

Discussion on ICIT Legislative Liaisons. – Wayne suggested appointing Scott Williams and Carl Wilburn; bob moved to approve that appointment, Randy seconded, unanimous vote to approve Scott and Carl as the Legislative Liaisons.

Discussion on “Policies of the ISAC Board of Directors”. – Bob passed out a copy of the Board?s policy on ISAC registration fees and the election of ISAC board of directors. Wayne mentioned an interesting article in the “Counties” magazine.

Update on NASA Grant proposal – Bob said that a Mr. White (Johnston County Attorney) and Dr. Sugu are applying for the grant. They are asking ISAC for a letter of support. The grant is for remote sensing and setting up a regional education center.

Discussion regarding ICIT assisting counties in getting computers and GIS Software. – Jim suggested a committee of three to four. Bob said that they dispose of about 20 PC’s every three months. Wayne said that he would contact Bill Peterson (ISAC) about our plans. Randy said he would be willing to spearhead the efforts. Wayne established an ad hoc committee including Randy, Scott and Bob.

Discuss possibility of hosting a separate ICIT Mid-Year meeting.
Wayne suggested a two day format with an ICIT social the first night. He mentioned that it might work out for the committees to hold 1/2 day committee meetings. Jim suggested hands-on workshops. Bob thought we should set up the dates to allow for travel time on the first and last day. Wayne has had several counties express an interest in a whole-day “legal issues” session workshops. Suggestions for separate sessions on Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning and a whole day legal issues session on Wednesday. Randy suggested a “best practices” session for security.
Suggestions – 1 & 2nd weeks of either July or August; or June 3rd, 4th, & 5th
Adventureland in Altoona since it is a central location. Theresa volunteered to coordinate.

Discuss any possible by-law changes to be considered at Spring ISAC.
Wayne proposed that the ICIT representative on the ISAC board should be the Past President; Motion by Randy; second by Jim. Passed by a unanimous vote.

Discuss what role vendors should have in ICIT (Develop proposal for Business Meeting?)
The discussion centered around the concept of a sustaining associate membership using similar wording to ISAC’s Conservation by-laws. Motion by Randy; second by Theresa. Passed by a unanimous vote.

Quick review of possible ICIT Sessions for ISAC’s Spring School of Instruction.
Training session on how to use ICIT’s web site – Scott volunteered.
Wireless services/technologies that your county can use for remote sites
Auto-run of login scripts
Vendor Panel Discussion
Personal development session – should be a “fun” session.
Hosting an ICIT Social? – No, save for mid-year conference.
ICIT Business Meeting
Financial Report
Committee reports
Nomination of candidates
By-law changes
New Business
Need for other training sessions?
Discuss vendor role in ICIT
Suggestions for the Fall school

Additional old business or new business
Jason said that he is hosting a meeting of the Eastern Iowa GIS group next Tuesday with the intention of opening doors between GIS & private industries. They plan to meet quarterly.

Next meeting date and Adjournment.
March 7th.