November 20, 2002 – ICIT Business Meeting
Minutes for business meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Wednesday, November 20th, at the ISAC Fall School, Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines.
Meeting agenda by Wayne Chizek with minutes by Ray Willis
1. Call the business meeting to order

2. Financial report – by Ray Willis, Polk County
Balance on 11/20/02 $2,467.39
The ICIT Board approved the commitment of $1,000 toward the efforts by IGIC to fund the salary of Alan Jensen, State GIS Coordinator.
A check for $500 was sent on 11/04/02 with an additional $500 to be sent in March, 2003
Anticipated expenses for hospitality room and supplies shouldn’t exceed $2,000
3. Committee reports
A) Education and Schools Committee – by Mark Castenson, Warren County
The committee is working on the agenda for Spring School
B) On-Line Services Committee – by Scott Williams, Marshall County
The on-line committee has been very busy with enhancements to the ICIT web site.
C) Business Continuation Planning Committee – by Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County
The committee is still working on getting permission to access the ICN
D) Legislative Committee – by Carl Wilburn, Carroll County
The legislative committee has contacted other ISAC affiliates to coordinate efforts but have not had any response. Wayne Chizek said that he had offered ICIT’s assistance to both ISAC and ISAC affiliates on any legislative efforts.
E) Membership and Nominating Committee – by Micah Cutler, Harrison County
Efforts to increase membership are ongoing, using e-mail to contact both existing and potential members. There are 87 paid members as of 11/20/02.
4. Finalize nomination list for state-wide positions

5. Finalize nomination list for district positions

6. Meet and get to know the candidates

7. Elections
A) State-wide positions
Motion by Micah Cutler, Harrison County, to finalize the nominations; seconded by Wayne Chizek, Marshall County
By unanymous vote the following people were elected
Wayne Chizek, President
Jim Rice, Vice President
Robert Canney, Past President
Ray Willis, Secretary/Treasurer
Randy Snyder, Technology Advocate
B) District positions
Motion by Theresa Wurth, Clay County, to finalize the nominations; seconded by Shawn Olson, Plymouth County
By unanymous vote the following people were elected
Scott Williams, District 1 Representative
Sara Zimmermann, District 2 Representative
Theresa Wurth, District 3 Representative
Micah Cutler, District 4 Representative
Pete Buckingham, District 5 Representative
Jason Siebrecht, District 6 Representative

8. By-law changes – presented by Micah Cutler
0. Propose addition to Article XII. Voting

Section 2. In order for any issue brought to a vote at a general meeting be approved, there must be a simple majority of “aye” votes by the active members present at that meeting, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws.
1. Delete Section 2 in Article XIV. Meetings

Section 2. In order to have a passing vote, there must be a sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present during any general meeting. There must be at least twenty (20) “aye” votes.
2. Propose addition to Article XIII. Committees

Section 1. d. Online Services Committee It shall be the duty of the Online Services Committee to consider all content and services provided over the Internet, and to insure that all online services are properly developed and maintained.
Motion by Randy Snyder, second by Jim Rice for items 1 & 2
Passed by unanymous vote
Motion by Robert Canney, second by Dean Neal for item 3
Passed by unanymous vote

9. New Business
A) Discuss need for Cadastral Committee – presented by Ray Willis
General discussion was that there should be a Cadastral Committee established. Wayne Chizek pointed out that, as president,he could establish an ad hoc committee. The following people volunteered to be part of the ad hoc cadastral committee:
Ray Willis, Polk County – Chair
Melanie Ewalt, Marshall County
Micah Cutler, Harrison County
Dean Neal, Woodbury County
Kim Veeder, Black Hawk County
Jerry Lawson, Shelby County
B) Discuss surveys / Data needed from Iowa Counties
C) Discuss possible ArcSDE training
D) Need for other training sessions?
E) Discuss vendor role in ICIT
F) Suggestions for the spring school
G) Thoughts on hosting a separate ICIT Mid-Year meeting
The general discussion was that a mid-year technical session is a good idea.
Mike Schonlau, Pottawattamie County volunteered to host the first meeting

10. Additional old business or new business
11. Next meeting date and Adjournment.