Minutes for meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) Organization on Wednesday, March 13th, at the Polk County Assessor’s office in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Ken Agey, GIS Manager (Polk)
Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Randy Snyder, Data Processing Director (Warren)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Ray reported that the bank account for the organization is established with a current balance of $ 84.25. Ray made a motion to name Wayne Chizek and Ray Willis as the members authorized to sign checks for the organization. Seconded by Jim Rice, passed unanimously. Wayne had an example of a registration form that he will modify for use as a membership form. We discussed the membership fee of $25 per person, per year and agreed that for the upcoming year any membership fees would be good from July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003. We also agreed that there would be no pro-rating the fees for portions of the year.

Wayne gave the group a summary of the presentation that was given to the ISAC Administrative Board at their meeting on Thursday, February 21st. The presenters were Wayne, Jim, Bob, Scott and Ray. We all agreed that Wayne’s presentation was well received. Patrick White, Johnston County Attorney, asked the presenters why our group was seeking affiliate status and asked us to give the Board reasons why they should act on our request. Wayne, Scott and Ray covered several of the reasons for our request and described the characteristics that make our group unique. We all felt that, other than Mr. White’s comments, the overall discussion went very well. The ISAC Board minutes for that meeting have not been posted as of March 15th.

Scott passed out copies of the ICIT flyer, titled “Everyone Needs Support Every Now And Then”, he had put together for us to distribute at the Spring School. Everyone agreed that Scott had done an excellent job and that the flyer looked very professional. Wayne and Scott were able to get 1,000 color flyers printed for something less than $ 30. General discussion by the group was about ideas for posters, setting up easels, and ways of drawing more people to our scheduled presentations. Wayne indicated that he had already contacted the Supervisors, Treasurers, Recorders, and Auditors associations about giving a short presentation on our group. The Supervisors felt that their schedule was too full for this session, but offered to have Wayne present at their meeting in November. Wayne said he will also be contacting the Engineers. Micah will contact the Conservation association, Jim the Emergency Management association, and Ray the Assessors association.

Wayne told us that Dean Neal had been having problems with office budgets getting cut and would not be able to travel to our board meetings. Apparently there is an effort to reorganize the mapping functions in Sioux County which will directly impact Dean.

Wayne had contacted two companies in Marshalltown to get prices on embroidered shirts using the ICIT logo. He had only gotten a quote back from one so far. $ 175 for the set-up of the logo and $ 15.50 per shirt. We all agreed that it wasn’t feasible to get shirts by next week. One suggestion was to print our logo on labels so that we could attach them to our ISAC name badges during the conference.

The nomination committee will take nominations from the ICIT Organization members during our business meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Nominations for the board positions currently stand at:

Past President (1 yr commitment) Robert Caney Black Hawk County
President (2 yr commitment) Wayne Chizek Marshall County
Vice President (3 yr commitment) Jim Rice Cerro Gordo County
Secretary/Treasurer (1 yr commitment) Ray Willis Polk County
Technology Advocate (2 yr commitment) Randy Snyder Warren County
District 1 (Central) (1 yr *commitment) Scott Williams Marshall County
District 2 (North East) (2 yr commitment) Leanne Satterthwaite Bremer County
District 3 (North West) (1 yr *commitment) Teresa Wurth Clay County
District 4 (South West) (2 yr commitment) Micah Cutler Harrison County
District 5 (South East) (1 yr *commitment) Pete Buckingham Washington County
District 6 (East) (2 yr commitment) Jason Siebrecht Linn County

*District Reps from the 1st, 3rd and 5th district will be elected for a two year term in November, 2003.

Discussion about standing and ad hoc committees; current standing committees are Legislative, Membership and Nominating, and Education and School. We will need to get volunteers at this Spring School for chairs of these committees. Also present the two new ad hoc committees Business Continuation and On Line Services to see if the membership wants to make these standing committees.