Minutes for first meeting of the Iowa County Information Technology (ICIT) group (proposed new ISAC Affiliate Group) on Monday, August 27th, in Des Moines.

In attendance:

Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
Dean Neal, Deputy Auditor/Recorder (Woodbury)
Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coordinator (Linn)
Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)

Wayne started the meeting with a discussion about the need for an extension for the group name; organization, group, association for example. Jim liked “.org” to go along with a future web site. Everyone agreed that “organization” seemed to be the best choice.

Wayne reminded of the timetable for the fall ISAC conference – deadline for sessions is next Friday, September 7th. The final write-up for the conference is October 22nd. The ISAC staff said that they would provide the conference breaks, 2-2:30 Wednesday with all registered getting a ticket for pop & the vendor area.

Bob reported that he had been in touch with Kay Arvidson, with Iowa Access, and she had met with the State IT group to put together a session program. Iowa Access wants to spread out into counties. The company that contracts with the State is looking to partner with counties and cities in this effort. Discussion about which session to fill with the State IT/Iowa Access presentation lead to picking the Wednesday afternoon spot.

Scott visited with Dan Combs in the State IT department who is interested in presenting on their online Return on Investment (ROI) program. He will be doing a 1 – hour presentation at GMIS on October 17th & 18th.

Jim’s roundtable discussion on the proposed ICIT bylaws will be Wednesday morning from 9 till 11:30 with a ¬†hour break.

Discussion about the issue of allowing vendors to become members of ICIT. CMS has expressed an interest in being a member of ICIT. By unanimous agreement, we decided that membership should be restricted to county employees only.

Micah presented a 1st draft version of the proposed ICIT bylaws. Entire group worked on modifications to the draft. Discussion about the term of the current board lead to the decision that this board should continue through December 31, 2002. The board will meet Wednesday November 14th between 4:00 and 8:00PM to review the results of the roundtable discussion and further refine the bylaws. We should expect to be ready to present to the ISAC Board whenever they give us the opportunity.

Wayne suggested that the board should consider buying polo shirts with our proposed ICIT logo so that other attendees easily identify our board members at the conference. Micah volunteered to develop some potential logos.

Discussion about how to staff an ICIT information booth; Ray suggested that new ICIT members might be willing to help with the booth as a way of getting involved.

After lunch break; continuing discussion on objectives. Also further discussion on whether the name of our group should be “Iowa County Information Technology” organization or “Iowa County Integrated Technology” organization. The board agreed that “Information” would be more universally recognized and understood, but also agreed that the issue should be one of the points of discussion during the roundtable session.

Reviewed sample articles of incorporation and discussed whether to establish “districts” so that representatives on the ICIT board could be chosen from each district. The idea was discussed of establishing a “jurisdiction size” formula so that smaller jurisdictions would have equal representation on the board. The board structure was discussed, in particular the number of executive board members our group should have. Examples of other organizations include president, past president, vice president, 2nd vice president, and secretary. The group agreed that the issue of incorporating and many other issues still need further discussion.

Next meeting 9:30am, Friday September 21st in the Polk County Administrative Building, Assessor’s office.